Top Surgery for Yes!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Yes Segura, and I am a 1st Generation El Salvadoran American Trans Man. Right now I am preparing for top surgery, but am in need of funds for this surgery to happen. What i’m asking for will cover my recovery time, surgeon trips, and part of the surgery. Understanding that this support will help me by living my life without having to double-compress my chest (binding) everyday. I have been binding for the past 3-years and can no longer take the pain which has scarred my body and could potentially lead to spinal damage. Now I am reaching out to my friends, family, and others who are willing to help me reach my goal in order to literally get things off my chest.

Imagine growing up in a traditional Roman Catholic El Salvadoran household in the outer city limits / suburbs of Richmond, VA. Now imagine being the first in your family to be queer and not being allowed to talk about it because it brought shame to your family and friends. After keeping who I truly was secret for years, I decided to come out. Coming out wasn’t easy, but here is my short story.

I can remember the first time I recognized I was different was when I was in preschool. During preschool I would always play with the boys and never with the girls. It go to the point where my teacher had written in my report card that I needed to play with  girls instead of the boys.

I got a short haircut during 2nd grade and when I went to class the next day everyone didn’t know who I was. They thought I was a new student and wouldn’t talk to me. The takeaway from this was that they thought I was a new boy student.

“Is that a boy or a girl?”. I think I heard that phrase no matter where I went. I knew that when I heard people say girl I would cringe inside, and I knew when I heard people say “That’s a boy” I would be full of joy, but would be careful to not talk so I would still pass as a boy.

“Are you a lesbian? The word is around school that you are gay”. I knew not to come out because of all of the bullying and taunting that went around for my friends that were gay. I decided to stay in the closet and made it a plan to come out at age 24, because by then I would've graduated from college and no longer live in my parents house.

After graduating from H.S. I entered community college and that’s when I accidently came out as a lesbian. My mom found out that I was a lesbian, but didn’t know that I was trans because that would come later. She caught me and my 1st girlfriend cuddling in my room and said “You two young ladies sit properly, and keep this door open. I always knew!”. I called into work and had my first panic attack. Depression would kick in after my parents told me that they didn’t want “Those type of people” in their house. From there I would hear such things as:

“I never want to speak to you again”.

“I never want to see you again.”

“You are worthless.”

“You will never get anywhere with your life because of your lifestyle choice.”

I’ll never forget those words, and I use those words and any negativity that I face and turn it into positivity. I promised myself that I would be homeless for a bit, but I would never go back to that struggling life again. I promised myself that everything that I did would do my best, and be the best.

After being disowned from my family and living on friends couches for months at a time. I saved up enough money for an apartment, worked full time, started 3 organizations, won a Virginia American Planning Association Student Award, and graduated with my B.S. Around this time is when my parents and I made amends.

I knew that I needed my family’s support in order to make it through in my life. That’s why I sat my parents down and talked to each one of my sisters + mom and dad about me coming out as a Transgender Man. They accepted me and I knew that it was going to take time for them to adjust to my new name and gender that I identified as. I told them that I would be using Yes Segura, and using He/Him pronouns.

After so many years of not being true to myself, and being inspired by my transgender Richmond,VA friends, I knew I could do this. I started seeing a gender counselor and after 3-months of that I saw the doctor in order to be prescribed testosterone hormones (Vitamin T). This is when I started binding my chest.

3 years later and here I am! I got the call on 2.28.2018 that my surgery would be on 3.6.2018. I can't tell you how HAPPY I am to be finally going under the knife. 

Feel free to donate whatever you can and share this page. Thank you from the bottom of my corazon. 

Here are some pictures of me over the years. 


6-months on T

1 year and 6 months on T

2 years and 2 months on T
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Yes Segura 
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