Todd and Paula's Medical & Car Problems

*NOTE* The picture of the car is the type of car my mom and I had.  Our car is being held at Firestone and will be sent to a junkyard soon.

On December 18th when my mom who is sixty nine, was driving me to work on the freeway smoke shot out of our engine and the car died. We were stuck in the middle of the freeway. I pushed the car to the side and called 911. They towed our car off the ramp and we then called our insurance company. I called my job to let them know what had happened and had to miss a day. Our insurance towing package only allowed to tow up to 7 miles. We had no idea what to do so we had it towed to Firestone near my job. We sat for a few hours and were told they had to tow it to their other location to inspect it.

Prior to this our car had been giving us problems. We had issues smogging the car and replaced several parts including the battery, oil pan, starter,  catalytic converter, all four tires. The transmission is also giving us issues having to wait for it to go into reverse after turning it on for five to ten minutes. We were in the situation many are.  We didn't have the money to get another car so we would fix what needed to be fixed so that I could get back and forth to work. These charges would go on credit cards due to we had no cash to pay them. The place that did all the work on our car finally got it to pass smog and told us good luck on getting it to pass the next time. 

On top of this I have large medical bills I'm paying off.  I have lymphedema in my right leg that expanded so much wounds opened up. I had to go to the wound center and be treated for almost a year. The wounds have healed up thankfully. The cost of the treatment, medicine, medical supplies grew on our credit cards. I also needed to go to physical therapy.  I would have to pay a separate copay to see my primary doctor, the wound car doctor, and my lymphedema physical therapist every time I saw them. This would amount to $130 each time, not including the cost of the treatments.  I also had to purchase a compression machine for $800 to compress my leg to get the fluid to exit my body. I continue to work forty hours a week and have a job despite fighting with this incurable disability.  When I come home I elevate my legs. We can't survive on my moms social security and what the government would pay me a month for disability so I fight through and work. I have been able to make payments on our credit cards.  I have been working and making my payments little by little taking care of business.

I'm guilty of wanting to actually have fun in life and I do go to conventions where I mostly work obtaining autographs for others which pays off most of my trips. It's the only fun thing I actually do in life to excape the crap reality.  Meeting celebrities and wrestlers is my hobby and you may have seen my photos with them all over the internet.

If our car was still running we would be fine living check to check paying off our bills. We finally got a call from Firestone who wants $4000 to rebuild the engine and this is not even including a transmission. If we had this type of money we would be investing in another car. Even having a local shop would cost too much.

The bus route from my home to my job is four buses and requires a lot of walking. It takes 3 hours to get to my work on a bus route and 23 minutes in a car on the freeway. My health doesn't permit this.

An Uber to and back each day is about $45. That's $225 a week, and $900 a month. We can't afford that. I don't drive due to my leg problem. My mom drives me to work, drives home, drives to pick me up, and drive home. That's about 80 miles a day.  

We need help getting a car to replace our old one so that I can get to work to continue making money to pay our cost of living, rent, and bills. We need reliable transportation that I can fit inside with my leg, that doesn't bend too well due to swollen with lymph fluid. On average we drive 80 miles a day just for my job. 

I never thought I would be creating a GoFundMe asking for help. I have had many people suggest that I start one in the last week but just felt odd asking for help. I have donated to many fundraisers in the past including for Professional Wrestler Perry Saturns medical cost help, Medical Cost help for Professional Wrestler Konnan, Medical Cost for Professional Wrestler Scott Hall, and many others over the years. I have always tried to help those who need it every day of my life. 

Some of you might know me for being a huge professional wrestling fan and seeing the fun improvised video promo's I've done with them over the years.  If I've ever made you smile please consider helping my mom and me out. If you have ever been in a situation like this and have been helped please consider helping us. If you have never been in a situation like this and never think you would, that is how I was. I would donate and help others out and never think I would be a person asking for help.

Every dollar counts to helping me get back and forth to work. I need a permanent solution.  I've had bad luck with third party used cars in the past. I hope to get a certified used car in great shape so that my mom and I don't have to worry about me getting to work and focus on paying off our other debt.  If we could raise enough money for a brand new car that would really take a lot of the stress off us.  Any money raised over of obtaining a car will be going towards credit card debt from medical issues.

We need these funds as soon as possible.  I'm in a catch 22. I have a great job but if I can't get there I can't make money to pay the rent. As explained above I can't afford taking an Uber back and forth to work. It's wasted money that can be put towards a car.

Please help my mom and me out. We will be forever grateful.
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