Timaree's Panda Birthday

A list of relevant facts:
- This is a secret. DO NOT TELL TIMAREE.
- Timaree likes pandas.
- Timaree's birthday is on July 13.
- The Smithsonian Zoo has giant pandas.
- You can "adopt" a giant panda for some monies.
- If you "adopt" a panda with a donation of $1,000, you can meet the keepers and spend some private time with the panda exhibit.
- The people at the zoo told me if we donate $10k we can basically pet the pandas but I said "nah fuq that I'm good with the $1k goal thx"
- We're going to try to do that for Timaree's birthday because we love her.

The goal is $1,000 by July 7. On that date, every last cent of the money we raise together is donated to the Smithsonian Zoo Giant Panda Conservation. The donation will be made in Timaree's name so she'll be mailed some updates about how the pandas are doing (probably pretty good, thx for asking), and then she'll be invited to visit the exhibit for a private sesh with the keepers.

If we each pitch in a small sum, we can do this in no time at all. Whatever you want to toss in, I'm going to make sure that Timaree knows that YOU made this happen. That is is a birthday gift from all of the people who love her dearly.

I'm going to figure out some party stuff in the secret Facebook group soon. Let's celebrate our girl, the Valkyrie of Philadelphia Burlesque.

Read more about the Panda Conservation: https://nationalzoo.si.edu/support/adopt/adopt-giant-panda

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