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During COVID I enjoyed the chance to just really sit and figure out how I wanted to live out the second part of my life. Kids are grown and gone. Where could I take my career? Now that it has become an industry I can make opportunities I couldnt have before. Well, they will be alot easier to obtain now :-)  I remembered I always wanted to be a wellness wanderer traveling around spreading love joy and wholistic wellness building communities .... a Guru Globetrotter guiding people in how to live a Tri Fit Life™️, one balanced in Mind, Body & SOOOOOUL! NOW I'M FREE TO ROOOOLL OUT!!! I will be able to provide the same Socio-Emotional Arts & Wellness Programming that has coined me the T.H.U.G Hippie. The Trauma Healing Urban Guru. Providing Everyday Wellness For Everyday People. The bus is only step #1...STEP #2 is the purchase of land in Englewood to house the bus and prepare for STEP #3 the opening of what I really envision SPACE Englewood to be a SPACE for delivering healing through the arts & wellness on it own green healing campus. We will start here...continue to FOLLOW & SHARE to see the rest of the journey unfold, to be inspired to donate as often as you can to make ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE :-) IMMEDIATE GOAL $10,000 FOR THE BUS, TITLES, CONVERSION CHANGE BUS - RV etc. The Plan The Bus -- Cost $8000 - $4000 My preference is to buy a newish bus from Las Vegas Bus Sales, who I have been in conversation with about the bus you see in the pictures. I have also seen great finds through public auction and Facebook Market but that takes a little more work and im willing to do it to  SAVE thousands. Either way I have to secure my own funding. You can DONATE TOO MUCH it will lall be put into the bus and programming for the community. Parking is $450 for the 3 months it will be needed until land is purchased. $422 to transfer to an RV title. Renovation -- Cost $2,700 This will not be my first renovation and I will be investing plenty sweat equity on a great portion myself. However,  the great thing about being a community player is I have built relationships with people and organizations who have volunteered to pitch in and assist in the build. The main expense will be the electrician and installation of the awning that allows for a screened in outdoor space. We will use repurposed materials to save where we can. Its a Hippie Bus so things like recycled rain water, solar panels & composting toilet will help keep costs down. Supplies -- Cost $1,500 Dedicated Massage equipment & accessories will be the only necessary supply purchase as all the other needed equipment will be transferred from the current location as needed. Why invest in THUG Hippie This bus will help go against the exploitative narrative of Englewood by providing an answer to the violence, being a place of healing in Englewood and bridging the distances between communities across Chicago. Truly meeting people where they’re at to bring them where they need to be! By supporting this mission you are contributing to the physical, mental, and spiritual wellness of black youth, families and communities within Chicago and one day across the country. A vehicle of love, healing, and wellness that is not just in the community but IS a community. The goal of making physical/mental/spiritual wellness accessible to all gives and YOU can help make this magical vision a reality!  The bus has been designed to withstand the COVID pandemic and beyond. The outdoor awning convertible to a screen room will allow socially distant activities to be well facilitated. That’s a major plus! Massage & Personal Care Services (Personal Yoga/ Personal Training) can all be done on the well ventilated bus within all guidelines, as well as the interior community space for small group gatherings. About E'a The Wholistic Artist What is a Wholistic Artist?  it means I turned my natural & carefully curated gifts into my career...providing everyday wellness/ mindfulness for everyday people which means make it applicable to their lives, convenient & affordable. My service to and collaboration with the community and other organizations earned me RAGE-Resident Association of Greater Englewood member of the year 2019. My constant presence and satisfaction rating has my talents highly demanded and has afforded me the opportunities to share Massage, Yoga & various forms of wellness and healing with the community provided for by the community organizations I partner with. Most recently being brought in as a Lifestyle Wellness Coach for our local alternative HS CYDI-Community Youth Development Institute. I have created and led programs for Old Town School of Folk Music, After School Matters, Growing Home, Gilda’s House, I Grow Chicago, Imagine Englewood IF, Montessori  School of Englewood, B.U.I.L.D Chicago, JCFS-Jewish Child & Family Services, IMAN-Inner City Musli Network, Chicago Park Districts these are relationships that continue to grow. These organizations have largely afforded me the ability to be successful working within my community and around the Greater Chicago area. My experience as a massage therapist & previous career in TV/ Film has opened doors for me to provide massage for many productions and notables visiting Chicago including the cast from of Chiraq, cast from Chicago Fire, Derek Rose & Jennifer Hudson and too many concerts i.e. Roy Ayers, George Clinton, KEM, Flori & music videos i.e. R. Kelly, Alicia Keyes, Weezer, Parammore, Transatlantic Orchestra, even the WWE- World Wrestling Entertainment.  So what’s a THUG Hippie The name has so many meanings but for now we will go with it is a salute to the old adage “dont poke a sleeping bear” mixed with a little Tupac who’s music got me through alot of struggles in life. People assume I’ve never had a fight or never had a hard life because Im such a ball of Sunshine but its the complete opposite. I prefer to be love & peace and if you dont let me well you meet THUG Hippie but as an acronym it stands for Trauma Healing Urban Guru/ The Healing U Give. Working in underestimated communities dealing with the daily systematic traumas & socio-emotional disparages that plague our communities will allow me to spread the healing our communities need to overcome. Be a thread to unite the various communities. Provide a safe environment to provide racial equity training. What do we need the money for? - Bus purchase & renovation - Travel expenses - Supplies for programs & services - Purchase Land Throughout our journey we will: - Host workshops & classes for mindfulness living - Activate Green Spaces - Initiate programming for community building - Guiding Yoga classes for everybody - Facilitating Healing & Community Drum Circles - Address the socio-emotional responses of trauma in underestimated communities. - Provide Racial equity training All Donations get a Social Media Shout Out $25: The Official THUG Hippie Sticker $35: The Official THUG Hippie Bandana $50: The Official THUG Hippie T-Shirt + All the Above $100: The Official THUG Hippie Water Bottle + All the Above $200: - The Official THUG Hippie Upcycled Coffee Hobo Bag Duffle + All the Above SPONSORSHIP LEVEL DONATIONS Super Transfer (4) - $500 6 week program for up 8 participants 1 60min class per week or 3 2hr Workshops or Power Weekend Name/ Logo on commemorative plaque on bus step   Wheels On The Bus (4) - $1000 8 week program for up 8 participants. 2hr Workshop or  1 4hr Power Weekend Name/ Logo in Road Ready Ink on the wheel   Get On The Bus (3) - $3000 12 week program (classes) for up 12 participants 1 60min class per week or 4 2hr Workshops or Power Weekend Name/ Logo in Road Ready Ink on a window THUG Passion Pack   Move That Bus (1) - $5000 40 classes to be used 2 per quarter Name/ Logo in Road Ready Ink on the wheel  2hr Workshops or Power Weekend Name/ Logo FULL Advertisement in Road Ready Ink on full back of bus THUG Passion Pack
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