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ThreeThirty App

First Use In Commerce Date 2000-2020

USPTO Registered 01-28-2016

Who Benefits:
Creators will benefit from Supporting ThreeThirty App it will allow other Small Business Creators to be on our app platform. by keeping us in business in which ThreeThirty App can help independent small businesses have a business voice as we create and build development packages affordable for anyone to get started with a business idea. ThreeThirty App is a computer application software for mobile phones, portable media players, tablets, and handheld computers, namely software for streaming video content and display.

We develop, design, implement, and administer a series of informative media workshops with an advanced training curriculum. Every course is designed to prepare students for employment in the ThreeThirty Apps department of Video Feed, RSS, Podcast Radio, and Product Embeds Content for Business or Service Multimedia Industry. Creating App technology for the medium while building a strong relationship with the apps, Mobile, and Smart TV Businesses. While hiring from my community to build a stronger long-term existence.
Funds will be used for:
ThreeThirty App is a student’s design, employment opportunity development tested approved by Apple, iTunes, Android Google Play, and Amazon App Store. ThreeThirty App is an app software application for mobile devices that addresses several cross-cutting trends affecting the app technology learning curve. As a business app, we will become the first most important technology headed into the 21 century. ThreeThirty App has changed the way the current app trend by using mobile devices in the marketplace. As an app affiliate partnership to corporate businesses, our goal is to market it and to control product delivery to consumers.

ThreeThirty App is a globally used communication App for collaboration and professionalization. Also, learning while in the business through product app store sales, structures, platforms, delivery opportunities, and referrals. ThreeThirty App mobile application design development can be shared, personalized, custom build, and more. ThreeThirty App’s design and technologies involve business end-user tools that work imperatively throughout the app application as a means to process products using channels, podcast radio, product embeds and RSS feeds for app display to communicate their business service products. ThreeThirty App is to create jobs for California citizens and independent entrepreneurs to create iOS, OStv App throughout our vibrant mobile industry for currency digital exchange.

How soon you need the funds:
ThreeThirty App has already launched and is ready to move forward allocating funds to use will allow us to move faster with no retains, so the funds are needed as soon as possible to stay in business and continue to deliver our service to other business. As we intend to deliver a series of professionally tailored job descriptions by creating a digital streaming channels department, Podcast radio department, code product embeds department, an RSS feed department, and a marketing ad’s advertising department. ThreeThirty App will be offering citizens of California a business opportunity for employment pathways to entry-level jobs at the ThreeThirty App using our app design technology in the global and local industry. ThreeThirty App understands what it takes to create jobs that are related to mobile design and developments.

We are expecting to grow with an anticipating need using multiple development department tools that are designed for industrial mobile applications. ThreeThirty App anticipated growth in the app industry “The demand for program app developers design who can create and write for mobile platforms business consumer converting any business into app formation iOS for Apple's iPhone, Google's Android, Mobiles store set for tv and more. ThreeThirty App is committed to professionalism and excellence to create a dedicated relationship to build with California. By launching an information technology app. Bridging the community gap between future students and employers to hire employees to reach and compete with other business apps. Recruiting the best among themselves to drive up salaries and led employers to consider new talent through acquisitions” freelance contacting.

What this support will mean to ThreeThirty App:
This support would mean for us, that ThreeThirty App will be able to obtain our goal. Which is to be independent on our own with all the hard work put into our dream of someday working for yourself and others by serving others all over the world. It would mean to us at the same time we will be able to be in a position to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners that need a hand. This support will allow us to continue  development of what makes us happy and like to do for a living. Supporting ThreeThirty App will our company to give others a  tool to help them be successful in their path. We will be able to help  other Californians residents achieve entry advanced-level employment with ThreeThirty App Technology and digital design. By employing many job opportunities to teach app creation by teaching how to build a product using content embedding, podcasting radio feeds placement and show how to build, using these measurements like, RSS Media Feed and Profile display.

The Support will allow us to continue to do design code for other startup's  creating small or large businesses to create their own profile app Information into our app platforms. ThreeThirty App will provide citizens of California in the surrounding areas an opportunity for career development advance to focus on digital app iOS, OStv Smart TV to deliver product services. To create entry-level employment outlets for business by using Videos, Media, and goods or service in-app mobile TV streaming delivery service. ThreeThirty App will provide jobs to anyone with zero experience skill set for entry-level employment. We teach the process of uploading development projects in real-world marketplaces like iTunes Apple, Google Play & Amazon App Store, Kobi, and Roku TV using R-cast iWeb display channel broadcast to sell business services.  The Support will also, allow ThreeThirty App to delegate and facilitate the process by teaching the evaluating requirements process to sell it and get consumers to buy  into their products.  The Support will allow us to become Employers, that we will teach firsthand experience to employees by creating the necessary graphics and apk files directly to the featuring works mobile development. To assist employ-ability skills such as “real-world scenarios, teamwork, cumulative projects, and the sharing of design and technology skills for success.

ThreeThirty App will be grateful:

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