They "BROKE" his Mind...

Hello my Name is Daniel Kilgore and I am starting this Fund Raiser to help my son
My son has been LIVING a TERRIBLE Nightmare since he was about 13 yrs old, he is now 39 and may face Life in Prison. due to Several Mental issues and been arrested and currently facing Life in Prison due to HIS "BROKEN MIND" at the hands of The California Dept. Corrections.

Your Donations will be used to establish a legal council, medical representation, and Future Housing support.

They Keep asking me WHY are you Doing This, Here’s my PARTIAL STORY…
They “BROKE” his MIND…
The Nightmares KEEP Continuing People don’t realize what parents Go Through over the LONG RUN… Below are some pictures of just ONE Incident.

A True Story about MY SON. Born on April fools day 1984.

The little boy was a very happy little boy. Not a prodigal child but a talented one. A little boy who by the age of 6 years old had learned to play the violin, saxophone and electronic key boards without ever having a lesson.

This little boy when he was in 8th grade in Lakewood, California. He would tutor the autistic kids math…

In 1998 the boy’s father a single parent moved the family to Corona California where he would soon attend Norco High School.

His very first year there we had an incident. Where this little boy now 13 years old was found to have tobacco on school campus. The teacher took the items from him. He foolishly reacted by taking them back. This turned into an Assault Charge. He was arrested and placed in to juvenile detention and expelled from school.

As part of the requirement of the Corona Norco Unified School Districts (1) year Expulsion and re-enter back into the School District, We found a fast track program that was except able through private hospitalization. He was admitted into CHARTER HOSPITAL of Corona, California. Where he was to complete and two-week juvenile program to get back into school.

On the third day of his inpatient program the parents were called to the facility for an emergency. When they arrived. The Administrators of Charter Hospital that this little boy was claiming he had been “RAPED” by an intern.

This little boy had been power washed in a shower was delivered to his parents soaking wet, naked and in a straight jacket screaming he raped me he raped me! The hospital destroyed the evidence by power washing him in a shower and denied accountability.

No one was ever prosecuted for these crimes against this little boy. There was a suspect locked in a storage room, they could see Him threw a window in the door.

As the City of Corona Police stood there and did nothing as the Doctor’s told there story of deniability, the Nurses stood there behind these Doctor’s shaking their heads “NO” to indicate what they were saying was “FALSE”, They were never interviewed by the officers.

They took our traumatized son home. Several hours later the involved officers came to their home. They where told that because of the lack of physical evidence, the statements of these Doctor’s and the reason’s he was there in the first place, that there would be no charges filed.

Soon after this little boy never played any instruments any more. He was never allowed to continue his education. He was basically dogged out of the school system. Later diagnosed with developing mental issues and violent attitude.

Which has lead to many admissions to mental institutions, jail, and prison.

In 2012 he was tried and again convicted through the Riverside County Superior Court System PUBLIC DEFENDERS office.. But this time he was sent to Wasco and then Solano State Prison for assault on his father.

During this sentence the father and son communicated as best as they could..90 days before the end of his 2year sentence some kind of confrontation happened between him and another inmate. He was again tried and convicted and sentenced to 2 more years

While in prison towards the middle of his 2nd sentence he was put in salutary confinement after 7 months and SNAPPED and was transferred to mental facilities.

He was paroled on 9/7/2016 is somewhere in Riverside County California and I’m not allowed to have contact with him as I was and have been the victim of his violence.

As the father of this little boy I should have taken the responsibility for this person for what they did to this little boy “MY SON” but I realized that would not help him in the long run.

This little boy has no identity anymore other than “Violent Felony Offender CDCR APXXXX” and is doomed to probably end up spending the rest of his life in prison. He is Homeless depends on SSD from my SS, doesn’t know half the time who he is and is always delusional, needs constant care. I can’t help him Legally, but I do…He has never hurt anyone but me, unless challenged.

I ask. What would you do or want for if this had happened to “YOUR CHILD”? He just wanted JUSTICE…

This DR.FORD is receiving MILLIONS of dollars from Go Fund me accounts for testifying to something that she can’t remember Where, What, When or How but remembers Judge Kavanaugh while smiling and being giddy through the whole process turning our SCOTUS interview system in to a JOKE!

This little boy is the VICTIM of the people of California who denied a little boy screaming for help and know one came.

I dare not to bring the original trauma to light as over the years delusions from other Trauma’s have taken over as his brain is stuck in a Loop over several different issues with this one being the most worrisome for his future.

I also had a Brother who suffered a similar experience and also became very mentally disabled by the same symptoms as I mentioned above. Who turned to drugs and alcohol to drown out the memories and delusions he became a Alcoholic and Heroin addict he was found dead in an alley in downtown Long Beach he was 42.

I see my son heading down the same trail he’s 33 now, someday I will get that CALL

I firmly believe from experience that the “ROOT CAUSE” of BiPolar and Schizophrenia is from some sort of childhood incident whether abuse sexually, physically or emotionally or Trauma from a death or relationship that leads to these psychosis, maybe the loss of a dear pet at a young age or something. I don’t know…Please leave a comment below.

I am not in no way a “SHRINK” or “Writer” so please don’t comment on my grammar and crap like that.

I’m just a PARENT living the True Story it has controlled our Daily Life ever since, over 20 years.

ADDED 10/24/20 Today would have been My Brother TIM’S 62 Birthday.

Also I Got That CALL My son is in a Hospital picked up from the Streets and may loose his arm to infection.

It just keeps getting worse and worse…. To Be Continued

7/26/21 Well it’s been Several months since I updated This..

My SON TRAVIS is still in a very sad state… Having been in the hospital for surgeries over the past months. They did SALVAGE his arm due to the STAFF INFECTIONS, This is only a part of the Nightmare. He is still Homeless and deteriorating even more. Unable to get proper help to deal with his Nightmares.

Today 1/04/22
Well it's happened The Police have picked him up again, I may never be able to touch him again

Please Donate if you can he does Not deserve to live such a Horrible life
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