Help Courtney Ride Out the Storm

I are so humbled by the outpouring of support from our friends and family.
From those of you that are helping me and the kids to make it day to day and those praying for us to still rise each morning with a hopeful heart that we are going to be ok.

Anyone who has ever filed for disability knows it can be a grueling process.

Every dollar that has been so generously given to us is going to what you’d call basic needs.
Those being:
-Gas to get Kylie & Revan for
Their appointments
-For my many doctors appointments, testing , procedures and whatever else they want me to do & now the doctors have added in physical therapy
-For diapers and wipes
-Because of the of the way I walk, I only have one type of shoe that I can uwear and they have now ripped open and am going to duck tape them
-Funds are used for some of my medications as well as personal needs items.
-I also need some help with a few basic utilities until things get on their way with disability.

Aside from my needs I have to worry about my children’s needs and it’s because of my own disability that they have had to rely on charity , mercy & good will of others to be ok for a while now. I know we will over come
But this is where I ( we ) are for right now.

I’ve made it this far this year on what I got back income taxes but that Is now deleted.

Please don’t think this only avenue I are pursuing, as I am contacting the local assistance programs that my therapist has put me in touch with.

As my health allows we are going to be having a large fundraising yard sale , but that may have to be a few months away as I am having more procedures done in early June.
I also have a PayPal too.

May God Bless everyone you who takes the time to read this , who prays for us and who can contribute to the campaign. Everything is appreciated more than you know.

- Here’s how it all began-

Funny, how an antibody being "turned on" in our bodies could have such a detrimental effect on our lives. 

Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) is one of the rarest autoimmune neurological disorders, which is mostly reported in women. It is characterised by fluctuating muscle rigidity and spasms.

I have always been very independent and determined to achieve, accomplish and BE whatever I wanted or needed to be. I was raised to work hard and spend my other available time enjoying family and just loving my babies.   

In 2012 my health drastically changed. First beginning with severe muscle spasms and horrible pain but I kept on working through it.
In July of 2014 I woke unable to walk, and couldn’t feel my legs. It’s now 2018 and the physicians are still working on me.

I have been unable to work to help support my  family for a couple years now and aside from the mental & physical toll this has brought on myself, this  illness has impacted the entire family. 
I built my career working for physicians and I loved it.   For many years I operated my own Physician Consulting company.  Due to the progression of my Disease I cannot do what I love or anything else for that matter.  

First they told me I  had Multiple Sclerosis  with a lesion on the brain and they have now ruled that out.

Since moving to Texas in 2016 I have  found out much more about my health.  In 2017 I had yet another set of full spine & brain mri scans.   Also,  in 2017 I  had 2 Lumbar Punctures performed and multiple other Neuro muscular tests & have now been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome.
My Neurologist has now diagnosed me with Stiff Person Syndrome. This disease is not curable and we are just now beginning the phases of trying to manage it.   
Click here for information about Stiff Person Syndrome

Many days i require assistance for general daily living of myself and assistance with my 2 children.  It’s like having 2 children
In the home Another person needs help to clothe, Another person who cannot get out of the bath by themselves at times, amongst other things.  Sometimes my symptoms come and go and I may have a couple good days.   I never know how I am going to wake up feeling or how much assistance  I may need that day.   

Due to the medications my doctors have me on so that my pain and spasms are somewhat controlled I'm left with a dizzy/heavy sleepy feeling most of the time.  At least 50% (id say more) someone has to be available to help with transportation to and from school for my daughter, grocery trips, doctors appointments and etc.   

I currently living in Texas with Jimmy's mother and financially she cannot contribute anything to my bills or financial needs. She was trying to pay a couple bills of mine along with hers too and there is just not enough funds.     I filed for disability with an Attorney in 2016 and I have to go before a judge towards the end of this year.   Currently I am just waiting to hear back on a court date.  

Ive been in touch with a few of the local crisis centers in my area and they are going to put me in touch with a Therapist to cope with everything thats been going on as well as all the different churches that set up food pantries.      I'm still trying to be as proactive as I can be with getting some additional resources for us

Our family is so completely burdened with many things and I have been extremely hesitant about even allowing a GoFundMe to be set up.   So many people have tried or asked and I just felt like setting this account up is like admitting to the world that I just cannot do soooo many things anymore.     I know that everything we go through in life is just a season, that God will bring them through this. Sometimes we just need to help each other. If you cannot contribute financially please pray for us ALOT  and for my disability to be approved. 

PS  Thank you for taking the time to read this very long story.    I didn't know how to explain what has been going on any shorter.

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