The Race Cards (by 904ward)

An inclusive community begins with understanding each other better. The Race Cards are a tool to help us get there.

Too often, discussions about race either stay at surface-level or happen only among audiences steeped in knowledge about sociology, history, systemic racism and privilege. The goal of the Race Cards is to facilitate honest, authentic discussion around race in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Each deck of 52 cards contains questions such as “When did you first become aware of your race?” and “What do the hashtags #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter mean to you?” Questions span participants’ personal experiences, the current state of justice and race relations in our communities, and participants’ take on concepts such as privilege and equity.

Each deck also includes guidance on how to facilitate a meaningful conversation, as well as respecting and challenging participants without invalidating anyone’s experiences.

The Race Cards are designed for use with any small group -- family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, faith groups, or even fellow community members that have never met.

The Race Cards are a project of 904ward, an all-volunteer group made up of people from Jacksonville’s private, public, and nonprofits sectors committed to creating a community of inclusion for all of Jacksonville’s residents.

Our Goal:

Reaching our fundraising goal of $1,500 will enable printing of the cards.

904ward will host a launch event on Thursday, January 11, 2018, where people from across Jacksonville will, in small groups with experienced facilitators, play the Race Cards. Participants will be given a deck of cards and challenged to host a conversation using the cards within their own networks. Any funds raised in excess of our fundraising goal will go toward the launch event.

If you are interested in attending the event, or in using the Race Cards to hold your own conversation, contact us at [email redacted].

About Us:

904ward began in 2015 with a small group of professionals who came together to talk openly, challenge each other, support each other, and take action together to build a more inclusive Jacksonville.

904’s membership includes:

Kimberly Allen
Monique Brown
Erin Colledge
Deirdre Conner
Rena Coughlin
Trey Csar
Dan Foley
Sunny Gettinger
Candace Hodgkins
Imani Hope
Matt Kane
Ronnie King
Rory Garcia Marcus
Maira Martelo
Phyllis Martin
Hope McMath
Renee McQueen
Marsha Oliver
Melanie Patz
Mary Lai Rose
Lynn Sherman
Alicia Somers
Sabeen Perwaiz Syed
Crystal Rountree
Tracy Tousey
Ale'ta Turner
Kara Williams
Darryl Willie
Tina Wirth
Dan Yoder

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