The Malamute Quest

Christer Afséer goes Yukon Quest 2019 - The Malamute Quest
Since I finished the Finnmarkslopet 2017 in march, I have thought about if a purebred team of malamutes (mainly Noatak malamutes) should have a go for the Yukon Quest? And if so when should we try it out?
- we have the malamutes that can do it
- I have the malamute-, wilderness- and long distance experience and also the physical and mental capacity...
- there are already some people who is willing to practically support our challenge on the Yukon Quest!
What´s missing in reality is the economy (around 300´000 SEK) - and there´s where you all come in!
What we are hoping for is that enough people will support the Malamute Quest 2019 by donating [phone redacted] SEK (50 - 99 € / 70 - 115 $) to a "Malamute Quest account".
Support can also be given in form of dog food, equipement and services needed for the YQ.
Those money won´t be touched until july 2018, when the starting fee for YQ is going to be paid!
The money will exclusively be used during 2018-19, with the purpose of bringing a purebred Alaskan Malamute team to the finish line of Yukon Quest 2019.
By paying to the account (se below) you will be accepted as a member on the Fb side "Christer Afséer goes Yukon Quest 2019 - The Malamute Quest"
Should the "project" be put down before the 1st of July, the paid sum (equivalent in SEK) will be paid back to each paying supporter. If put down later, the remaining money will be given back in percentage of the given sum. Eventually the donated money can be given to dog rescue organisation, as decided by the supporters.
Of course we have the absolute intention of doing the Malamute Quest 2019 (MQ) to the finish line!
What do you get for economicaly supporting the MQ?
- Firsthand, you support the purebred Alaskan Malamute as an arctic working sleddog.
- You will become supporting member (see above), of the locked Facebook side "Christer Afséer goes Yukon Quest - The Malamute Quest 2019". As member you will have access to all info on preparations and training, but also problems and questions which will occur.
You will be able to put questions and comments on what you see and think!
As a member of the Malamute Quest group 2019, you will also get a print of the MQ team made from a photo or eventually from a drawing - this as a memory and big Thank you for your support of an all Alaskan malamute team on Yukon Quest 2019!
For those of you who is economically supporting the MQ, don´t forget to write your (Fb-)name, as a message on your payment - then I can make you a member on the Fb group "Christer Afséer goes Yukon Quest 2019 - The Malamute Quest"
  • Hans Rosemann 
    • kr500 
    • 56 mos
  • Magnus Nilsson 
    • kr1,000 
    • 56 mos
  • Gabriel Eckhart 
    • kr500 
    • 60 mos
  • Anci & Henrik Emanuelsson 
    • kr500 
    • 60 mos
  • Erich & Susanna Camastral 
    • kr1,000 
    • 60 mos
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