The Herd Horsemanship Leadership Scholarship

The Herd Horsemanship Leadership Scholarship for Gifted and Talented Students.

Every now and then I come across a child who is unusually gifted and talented with horses. However sometimes the families of these children are unable to afford the fees for The Herd . Over the recent years a young man of 11 years has stood out, Deizel Ensor.

Deizel has dyslexia and has struggled in the mainstream education system but is very comfortable and confident with horses. Inspired by this boy’s natural ability I have decided to create a 12 month scholarship program to enable Deizel and other gifted children to benefit from The Herd through Horsemanship & Equine Experiential Learning (EEL).  Additional advantages within the scholarship is we offer their direct family members attendance to any of our 1-2 day leadership / personal development clinics to further support their family unit.

EEL provides our students with a range of emotional intelligence benefits, self-esteem, communication skills, self-awareness, emotional regulation, relaxation, empowerment, interpersonal relationships, self-control, focus, concentration, happiness, gratitude and leadership skills.   The EEL program is recognized by the Federal Government and students with learning difficulties can apply to the NDIS for funding. The NDIS application process however can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months and during this time the child continues to struggle in mainstream education. The Herd Scholarship will be used to support students like Diezel while their application for NDIS funding is being assessed and to fill any short fall in NDIS funding. To offer this Scholarship we are asking you to help us raise $5000 to get Deizel and his family, and next scholarships started immediately.

Deizel will have the opportunity to choose a 'project' horse to work with under my guidance; to commence the handling process and even start the horse under saddle. The majority of horses at The Herd have experienced some sort of trauma through their history and handling by humans, and are here to learn how to trust again. This challenge provides Deizel the opportunity to partner with the horse through developing his leadership skills. We will regularly document and post his progress with his chosen horse here. Stay tuned... thank you for your support.

love & hugs
Ingela Traynor (Troha)


Copy of FB Message from Deizel's mum Heidi ....

Hi to all my beautiful Facebook friends.

My son Deizel has recently received a Horsemanship Scholarship and I am beyond words to share how incredible this transformation has been for him and our family.

Deizel is extremely dyslexic. A teacher once explaining to me that she has never seen a child this dyslexic before in her 30 year career. His English and maths skills sit at a very basic kindergarten level. And after 6 long years of school, many hours of intense support, extra reading and writing with trained specialist, and yet we have seen very little progression.

It’s been very baffling for me to witness this.

For anyone who knows my son, he is incredibly intelligent, a wonderful conversationalist, has the emotional intelligence that are beyond his years, a very gifted child on any kind of board, surf or skate and has an incredible mind and memory for all things ... other than reading and writing!

For Deizel, sitting in a classroom is extremely humiliating. As he looks around the class to see everyones head down and writing ..and his page is almost always blank. Words and letters ‘move and wriggle ‘ making it almost impossible to understand.

The embarrassment of having to put his hand up again and again so the teacher can explain it once more.
He has difficulties spelling basic words like the’ or adding 2 plus 2. He really only knows only to spell his own name .. no more. He was left behind years ago.

I’ve witnessed so many tears, hundreds of tantrums, and complete emotional breakdowns as the compounding impact of having such an extreme learning disability can have on a child who “ just doesn’t fit in “
School has been like trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

He was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress late last year. I was told he should be medicated.

His learning disability has blown his confidence so severely, I have witnessed months of him not wanting to leave the house, total school refusal, hours hidden under doonas, feeling different, feeling stupid, feeling like he didn’t belong. The complete humiliation, isolated from his friends and peers.

What I have eventually learnt is this.

If a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

Deizel was given 10 free sessions to join ‘The Herd’ about a year ago.  Equine therapy ignited a flame in Deizel I hadn’t seen for a long time. His face, his smile, the singing out loud on the drive home, the pure joy I saw was absolutely moving. The 10 sessions came and went so quickly and we couldn’t afford to continue.

With the amazing work from my Aunty Sue - (who had a very similar journey with her dyslexia) and Ingela who runs ‘The Herd’ collaborating together with there passion and focus on mental health, Deizel was offered a 12 month scholarship and can attend up to 3 days per week. We’ve thrown out the school uniforms, (hugely liberating !! ) And now embracing this program and homeschooling, focusing and learning through his strength and his passions

A real focus on his mental health thus being far more important than his grades.

So instead of picking up a pencil, he’s grabbing the reigns of his new life and on these beautiful horses and riding together on a new journey of self respect, self confidence, learning new skills, forming new connections, new relationships, and looking around seeing other children around him that also didn’t fit in... and horses that never judge....
he’s finally found his own herd

We are raising money to help support this wonderful program for Deizel and to keep this scholarship happening for him and children in the future.

Equine therapy has proven to improve mental health in such a spiritual way. Connecting with such large powerful animals, using your body language to move them, using and controlling your thoughts as they read you, mirroring your emotions as you stay calm and focused.

Let’s tackle this mental health epidemic, our suicide epedemic, throw away the medication and let’s focus on what really works !

Our children are the seed for the future so let’s embrace them, love them and give them a sense of belonging and purpose in this world no matter how different and unique they are.

Please can all my beautiful friends support and share this post to help support this wonderful program and our mission to create a brighter, healthier and happier future for all.

Donations from as little as $20 would be wonderful. Sometimes it’s not the dollars that count but the moral support and the love it shows.

Love Heidi, Deizel and our herd


Overview of The Herd & Ingela Traynor 

Statistics of depression, suicide, substance abuse, domestic and sexual violence, self-harm etc are at all time highs. I believe these figures would dramatically reduce if the focus were to ensure every person had a strong foundation of Emotional Intelligence; the awareness of, responsibility for, and ability to regulate their own emotions.

Unfortunately society has always placed more emphasis on academic and competitive achievement.  Something has to be done and I need help to continue my endeavour – here is my story…

Almost 4 years ago I embarked upon my business vision, establishing The Herd to support the community and existing mental health organizations by combining my passion for natural horsemanship and human behaviour, where I provide unique Self Awareness and Life Skills experiential programs through Equine for both youth and adults, with my Herd of Horses.

Why Horses? And how can horses help humans develop Emotional Intelligence?
Horses teach us how to be more present, aware of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Reflecting back, they highlight what behaviors and thinking patterns are useful and those that may no longer serve us. Horses don’t judge or criticize. They provide authentic and instant feedback, useful for participants to reflect and change behaviors for more favorable results. They teach us great leadership qualities; confidence, trust, responsibility, respect, empathy, communication, consistency, relationship skills, etc.

I have over 40 years experience with horses. Competing across all types of disciplines (from bush racing, showjumping, barrel racing, endurance, showing, dressage, cross-country, training racehorses, western pleasure, stock horse challenges). Thankfully I was introduced to natural horsemanship over 20 years ago, which highlighted that the problems I was having with horses was entirely about ME, showing that I needed to take responsibility for my emotional state, choices and consequences in my life. Through my journey with Horsemanship and Horses they changed me to become a better person, a better mother, better partner, better friend.  

Check out our social media pages to see what we are regularly up to and read the reviews of our happy clients.


Thank you in advance for caring and investing in our vision so we can continue to support the community and beyond in educating people how to be the very best version of themselves and the most powerful positive influence in their own lives.

Wishing you great happiness & love

x Ingela

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Ingela Troha 
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