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We are Sarah and Devin Farlie. We call each other "Adventure Partner" as we always try to look for new experiences to try, even if we are scared or unsure. We know life is short and that while we are here, we need to live life to the fullest and leave a mark on this Earth. If people were to describe us we think they would say that we are a fun-loving couple, who always tries to help our loved ones. We can be silly or serious, depending on the occasion. We always try to enjoy each moment.

One of the things that people often tell us is that we would make great parents. However, that may not be a part of our adventure. We love children. Between the two of us we have four nephews and a niece and while we love them with all we have, we would like to grow our own family. 

Devin, who has become known as Uncle DBo, loves to get on the floor with our family and friends kids and play. Being an Eagle Scout, he knows all the good secrets!

Sarah enjoys playtime as well but she also loves the not so fun parts. She loves to calm a crying baby, bonus points if the baby falls asleep. She calls it her superpower.

We got married in 2015 and thought that we would wait a few months to enjoy each other before we started actively trying to have a baby. Sadly, in early 2016 we found out that we would have to overcome some infertility issues. We attempted to try less invasive methods of treatment but recently found out that we need to begin to be more aggressive, costing more money than we have. We both work, Devin is in the green construction business and Sarah works part-time for local non-profit helping victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. She also has her own social media business.

We went into this with little saved. We were not expecting to have to start something like this so soon. However, it was stressed to us that if we didn't start immediately the chances of conceiving would be very slim. Sarah's insurance does not cover any fertility treatments so we have been paying out of pocket for everything. We have reached the end of our savings and are faced with sticking with our current treatment plan, which we have been told will probably not be effective, or come up with some extra funds.

We would like to continue with treatment for the next four months. If we are unable to conceive then we plan to start the adoption process. The money that we are asking for is to cover the injectables and other treatment options. We do not have a solid number for what it will cost, however, whatever funds are left over will go towards the adoption funds, which could cost up to $30,000. 

We have discussed how scared we are to go public with our troubles. It is scary to admit to the world that everything is not always perfect. The devastation of infertility comes with more problems and adjustments than just the lack of having a family. It brings with it depression, grief, frustration, and fear. These feelings can be so isolating at times, on a journey that feels hopeless. We know that staying positive and having faith is what will get us through this. We know that infertility affects 1 in 8 people, reminding us we are not alone. Raising this money means that we have a chance to create our new family. If making our family is not possible then we would feel lucky to be able to build one through adoption.

Your donation would be received with a gratitude that cannot be expressed in words. We know that everyone, every couple, every family has their own struggles. By no means are ours the worst but for us, it's our whole world. We know that time is precious and appreciate you spending some of yours reading our story.

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