The Emen's Liberation


Thank you very much for taking the time to be here...taking the time to read our war story.
*cw, my real life experiences may be unsettling to some*
If you do not know, My name is Tae Emen (they/fae/xe), dead name Natasha Williams. I am a 31 year old, physically disabled, single parent of 3. Who is also Transgender, Autistic, Non-binary and Black.Also, I am a Social Justice Worker, who has 1 year (give/take) to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. However, I do not believe a piece of paper equates to education! 
 I have been my own social worker my entire life (and apparently still am) and I have experience through traditional higher education. Alongside, a lifetime of experience.

Lastly, I am also a Photography Blogger (@blacktransparency on IG BlackTransParent on fb).
My Disabled  LGBTQIA+ Family has endured repeated trauma via harrassment and descrimination by the local public school system, AND the low income housing authority, all at once over the last few months.
From day 1 of this school year my 2 transgender children endured racism and transphobia at the hands of our current local public school; Which lead to me eventually pulling them from school and scrambling to find another.
We (Me, Tae, and my 3 children; Ages 13, 11, and 9) have been stuck in the public housing system since my oldest was a baby, and I was fresh out of a teenage pregnancy/parent shelter. 
Despite me earning my associates degree, and working my body to it's core for years; in mostly factory work; leaving me currently disabled, waiting on social security benefits, in a home I can't truly live in, I have been unable to escape the public housing system due to the fact that they can charge more than what you'd pay to rent a home for rent each month if you make over a certain amount of money.
We have been unable to escape homophobia within our local public school system, drug/gang activity, transphobia and racism within our local public housing system, CONSTANT police surveillance of the property, as someone who is perceived as a black male, limited access to adequate healthcare and education for an LGBTQIA+, Disabled, Family of 4 who is black, and currently poor.
The funds raised in this fundraiser will be touched by me and me only and I will (transparently) show and tell along the way. And anything in excess will be poured back into community, as always!
✨These funds will be used on:
-Moving expenses etc.
-Completion of my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work
-Name Change completion for the LGBT+ members of my family.
-Medical expenses as a disabled family of four.
Currently, we make it off $400 a month, outside of donations. While waiting for disability cash bennefits to begin. I've been waiting since August of 2021.
Currently we have been waiting A YEAR for disability accommodating housing as of January 28th 2022! With no sign of us receiving it anytime soon unless we battle the system further.

After an able bodied, cis, white neighbor was moved into a house with the option of another that would accommodate my physical disabilities; 1 week after she applied for a transfer.
On top of that, maintenance is not coming to repair things like sinking spots in the floor that feel like you could fall through, chipping paint etc.
These living conditions recently landed me in the ER all day with an infection & dehydration etc. 
2 days later we were in our very first car accident. To which, I now owe $125 by the end of November, 2021 for an accident ticket (update: paid & handled thanks to y'all ). Because technically I was at fault. And being that I have been scraping by I didn't have insurance at the time. Now that has come with another host of fees.
-see IG posts/pics/vids @BlackTransParency for more info/ post about accident, hospital stay, and the police at my door from the school system etc. I've documented heavily through it all!
 We have endured so much trauma in our current apartments at the hands of many. Including the local Metropolitan Housing Authority! We currently live in an area that is populated by my childhood abusers, and my point is we need to get out!
To give directly, which avoids fees and wait times on my end, you can do so here 
CashApp: $TaeAse
Venmo: BlackTransParent
PayPal: [email redacted]
I have dreams (and local connections) to one day facilitate spaces for trans and gender non conforming humans/family's. Where we will come together in unity while celebrating one another through life. A tribe; if you will. My children have dreams too, and are so loving, talented and brilliant.
Please, help my family thrive!

This is a Fundraiser of peace and liberation; of home, safety... of life, and liberty...Oh yeah, and the pursuit of happiness. That's the American Dream, right? That is claimed to be available to all Americans; as per the constitution...or something like that, eh?
Those things are now going to be available to us through this fundraiser! That's exciting! The kids and I are filled with gratitude, knowing that our dreams are being made a reality through a whole ass community, that we used to think was unavailable to us, holistically.

We know y'all got our backs now, right?! 
We know there is an amazing tribe of people here for us. Who wish to help provide safety, peace, resources, reciprocity, genuine care and true peace to my family!

We know there are still good folx out there with intentions to protect and provide for folx in need, like us; regardless to religion, gender, race, appearance etc. We know folx with intentions for the greater good are  here to help us in our time of need.
We are so grateful that our community, friends, chosen fam, and our professional care team has gathered around us in unity during these extremely challenging times.

We appreciate all the donations, continuous shares, and love that has been shown to us throughout our many recent battles. T
hankful for those who see our humanity, respect us and help provide us with what we need, when we need it! Despite a society that says you should do otherwise!
These funds will aid in me making it to 32 (update *turned 32 in Dec of 2021)  and beyond on this planet!

These funds will give my children the future they deserve and desire! As when you help me, you help them! Therefore; we can continue to help community through our talents/passions!
 As a family of four who include labels/stigmas like Fat, Queer, Black, Autistic, Physically Disabled, Single Parent (to 3 kids who are disabled) who has been displaced from their family and social groups due to the ramaficatios of American Chatel Slavery, late diagnosed autism,racism/transphobia/ fat phobia etc we need you; to continue to survive.
Thank you so much for taking the time to be here; in this moment with me!

I appreciate you!
Tae Asé Emen. 
(They, Xe, Fae. BaBa, MaPa, Dad, Son)
#freedom #liberation #life #liberty #happiness #TheEmens

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Tae Emen
Akron, OH

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