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My name is Angie, I am an entrepreneur, and I moved my family to Fort Mohave, Arizona, in March 2021 from Michigan. We bought a house in June and spent last summer learning to adjust to this heat. Life in the desert can get HOT, and that's an understatement. It reached 124 degrees one day in July and was frequently above 110. While the Colorado River is beautiful, it can't take the edge off on a day like that. When we would look for something to do indoors with kids, there wasn't much beyond going to the store.

While Bullhead City and the tri-state area are perfect for those looking to retire, they lack family fun. The summer is TOO HOT to be outdoors all the time, and the level of child-friendly activities and indoor children's places is almost nil. We felt the need for something just for kids, and from that was born: The Coolest Place.

It will mean SO MUCH to myself and my family to receive your support in creating The Coolest Place. Not only will it impact my family for the rest of our lives and for generations to come, but it will make the children in the entire tri-state area happy. These kids need this kind of place to go to.

You can see that I filed a trademark for The Coolest Place on Jan 4th after months of planning.

We knew our 5 children, aged five months to 17 years, NEEDED this from us. So we decided to dive in, after being online only business owners for years, and called up a realtor and found a commercial property for lease. It's a fantastic location in Fort Mohave, Arizona, on Camp Mohave Road off HW-95.

As it turns out, it needs a lot of work, and before the property management can lay the floor, we need to paint the walls. The walls were dirty and more work than we realized they would be. First, we had to remove the dust from years of this space not being used. Then, we needed to clean and patch the walls before priming to paint.

Even though we have two special needs children that require multiple medical and therapy appointments each week, we strongly felt the need to create The Coolest Place. Our children are so excited and can't wait to get in there and start watching movies, making crafts and enjoying snacks with each other and other community members. However, until we open our doors or receive investors, we are limited in hiring helping hands, so it's been taking a little bit of time to make progress. My Brother-in-Law flew in to help out, and my nephew joined in one afternoon because we want all of our family to be part of The Coolest Place. We envision one day opening The Coolest Place in Michigan too!

Our whole family is excited to bring this great business to Fort Mohave families. What exactly is The Coolest Place? It's a Craft & Party Suite for families and kids. When you come in during Walk-In Hours, you will receive a 'menu' featuring our crafts, snacks and drinks for purchase. You will be able to sit at a table or on a couch or chair. The kinds of do-it-yourself crafts we have to offer range from Make-a-Mug to Paint a Canvas. Some of our crafts come with guides to walk you through, whereas others are more about you just having the freedom to create what you want.

There will be a space available to watch a movie with comfy furniture, sensory safe space for those who need a break from the lights or noise of a party, tables for groups to gather, a GIANT chalkboard, toddler toys and games, games for teens and adults, and so much more!

We have plans for special and unique events and classes. Like, pregnancy paint & exchange! Come in and exchange baby items with other pregnant women, and have fun creating a baby-themed craft (or whatever craft you want) and eating snacks. YES! The Coolest Place is perfect for party rentals too. Come in for a Birthday Party Blast! We are also planning to be available for teachers and artists to book classes and events of their own in our space.

I have heard multiple enthusiastic responses from the locals of Fort Mohave and Bullhead City, Arizona. I have talked to grandparents and parents, and both groups are excited to have such a fun and unique place to go with their kids. We can't wait to fulfill this need and provide The Coolest Place to our neighbors and friends. We will create a fundraiser with mugs & t-shirts featuring The Coolest Place logo as another opportunity to show support. Let's make this happen for our kids. They deserve to have this!

This event that is being shared is the Cotton Candy Circus Craft Party! This exclusive ticket event will feature a circus and cotton candy theme with face painting and crafting. We're so grateful that the community of BHC and Fort Mohave are excited for and embracing our business.

We wanted to open by March 12th because that is my sister Jessie Ann's birthday, but I am willing to change the Grand Opening to March 26th if I need to. It depends on how much work we can get done, which is dependent on hiring help.

What We Have:

  • A Fantastic Location with a 3 Year Lease (Thank you to Fred Leeds Properties)
  • All the Paint & Supplies for Creating the WORLDS BIGGEST CHALK BOARD and painting the walls
  • We have Passion, Drive, Experience, Dedication, Motivation, Desire and Believe in Our Vision
  • Vending Machine (This will be a Magic Mystery Machine! You never know what you'll get, but it will be perfect for you.)
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Ice Maker
  • Professional Camera & Photography Experience & Equipment
  • Polaroid Camera
  • Sublimation Printer and Heat Press
  • An Abundant Supply of Craft Materials
  • Licenses to Multiple Graphics for Crafting
  • Toddler Kitchen and Toys
  • Games and Toys for Kids & Teens
  • A Business Plan
  • A Website Full of Features and Well Done SEO
  • Insurance
  • Health Insurance for Employee's
  • Payroll System

What We Need:

  • Funds to pay operation costs for February and March, including health insurance. ($10k+)
  • March rent on our commercial space ($1k)
  • Foto Master Tower Booth ($17K)
  • A Portable Sink ($3500)
  • A Shaved Ice Machine & Supplies for Business ($2700-$4500)
  • Tables & Chairs ($10K)
  • Furniture for Lounge/Movie Area ($10k)
  • Large Screen TV/Projector ($6k)
  • Supplies for Snacks/Drinks ($2k)
  • Kitchen Cabinets & Supplies ($2k)
  • Desk & Office Supplies ($500)
  • Click-In Walls (Need a Quote, for Sensory Safe Space)
  • Storage for Crafts ($2k)
  • Point of Sale System ($250)
  • Miscellaneous Supplies/Hiring Future Employee's ($5k+)
  • Help with Moving in/Setting-up The Coolest Place ($1k+)
  • Security System ($1k)
  • Taxes, Fee's and Subscriptions for Feb & March ($1k)

Why The Coolest Place is IMPERATIVE to The Area:
  • We have only two theaters, and both are in Casinos. Yes, you can take kids, but it's not as straightforward or fun when you have to drive to a massive facility filled with smoking adults!
  • We have only one bowling alley, which is also in Laughlin Casino. Again, it is not the best location for a family.
  • We have one Family Fun Center, and it's lovely. I threw my son's 3rd birthday party at it, but it is not enough for the area. It is a classic family fun center with mini-golf, go-karts and arcades. Families may enjoy visiting but still need more variety than that.
  • There are various paint with me artists in the area, but most rent out a space and do not have a permanent space to offer their classes in. The Coolest Place would be a fantastic location for these artists to host classes.
  • We have a local splash pad, some parks and a pool, but these are only accessible and practical some of the time.
  • The Summer is sweltering, and not all families will have access to a cool place. The Coolest Place has A/C, and we have snacks, toys, games and TV.
  • The Coolest Place will allow locals to gather with their children and enjoy a fun and exciting time together, creating unique art and making memories.

We want to make this happen and need all the support we can get. I have invested everything into making this happen and will continue to fight to create an excellent business for my family to grow with and serve the community with.

We look forward to offering an opportunity for careers and jobs with us. We have already found a health insurance provider and have generous benefits to provide our employees. We will be looking to fulfill a variety of positions.

While we are a family-owned business, we can't do it independently. We have space for Managers, Craft Guides, TCP Crew members, social media managers and more. We are also open to business partners and investors.

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