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I am the super proud Mum of Georgia McIntosh.
Please allow us (as proud parents) to introduce you to her...
Georgia began her dance journey at the age of 3, dancing her way through summer shows, Christmas events and competitions around the country her experiences have helped grow Georgia's confidence, helped her fitness and given her lifelong friendships.
Now aged 14, an S3 student of Clyde Valley High School, Georgia has learned to prioritise her time and her workload - it hasn't been easy meeting homework deadlines and striving to achieve in school (in which she does amazingly well) while continuing the hobby that she loves.
Georgia has made sacrifices, she keeps her social circle small, and her dance lessons and competition practice are where she chooses to focus.

Georgia submitted a video application in July 2022 when she heard Team Scotland was looking for applicants - This was phase 1 of the audition process.
As parents, we were supportive and encouraged Georgia but I have to admit - I wasn't expecting much! I mean these athletes are fierce!

Then the email reply came, and Georgia was invited to a group audition!
Again, we're encouraging her to attend if she so chooses, explaining to her it's all experience. And off we went heading to Clydebank to attend Phase 2.
Then another email came.

On 17th September 2022, Georgia was invited to East Kilbride for Phase 3 of the audition tryouts - this girl has made the final cut!
Even if she didn't make the Team we were already incredibly proud of her.

EVERY SINGLE DAY from the final trials Georgia asked 'do we have an email?'

Almost a week later it arrives ...


We are delighted to invite you to be part of SportCheer Scotland's National Team for 2023'
'You have been selected to be part of our Youth HipHop Team'

She did it!!

She has been selected to attend the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS REPRESENTING SCOTLAND, IN ORLAND, FLORIDA in April 2023!!

Georgia is absolutely buzzing, and we are blown away by her achievement!! Not that we doubted her abilities just so pleased by her success. Except now we need to get her there. Dance is a sport that has no sponsorship, it is all self funded and we will really need the help and support of our families, our friends, our social circle far and wide and by all accounts anyone that can offer assistance.

Georgia's training starts on 1st October 2022 and this runs every week until March 2023. She has 6 months of sheer dedication on top of her school commitments, her upcoming dance shows that she is already preparing for and the fundraising events she will be taking part in to desperately raise funds to get her to Orlando.

To be open and clear about why the support is needed the costs involved cover but are not limited to -
  • members fees
  • uniforms
  • return flights x2, being under 18 Georgia must be chaperoned
  • transfers
  • accommodation for 2 for 9 days
  • insurances x2
  • Visas x2
  • Passports x 2 (Georgia hasn't travelled abroad before and It's been over 17 years for me)
  • spectator pass
  • Training fees
  • Team member package for music & licencing
Georgia's Dad already has a fundraiser in place to make a start on this mammoth hill we need to climb.
As working parents, we get by, but there is very little money that we can add to the pot of course we will absolutely do our best, but our best, on this occasion simply will not be good enough.

Georgia has pledged to ''WALK TO THE AIRPORT'' in a fundraising event that will see her sponsored to walk 24 miles. The distance from her home in Wishaw to Glasgow Airport - she is so determined.


If we are fortunate enough to receive monetary donations to help Georgia on her journey to realise her dream of dancing on the world's stage we would be absolutely blown away. We also ask that if you are unable to donate please take a moment to share this fundraiser far and wide with the settings changed to public.

Georgia's journey will be updated to allow everyone who believed in her to see just how amazing and deserving Georgia really is.

If you've read this far THANK YOU for taking the time x



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