Taycan's Life Battle After Accident

I’m 57 years old. I have one cild, a son. I have worked 31 years as a professional ballerina at Istanbul State Symphony and Ballet. In Turkey classical music is owned by the state therefhttps://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/taycans-life-battle-after-accident/media/picker?type=funddescription
ore as a developing country neither our salaries nor our retirement has been a sufficient amount. Our monthly retirement is $ 833 per month.  My husband has also been a ballet and retired 2 years ago. 

In 1988, my son was born and he got his bachelors degree on sports management and coaching and started working as a soccer to teach young students at semi-pro leagues right after graduating. 

Taycan, my son, was always, a truly compassionate, thoughtful, merciful, empathetic, person who was loyal to the end to his loved ones and was always very connected to us, his family. Our last project was to open up a studio, the three of us, where I give ballet lessons, and Taycan would be giving gymnastic lessons. 

In June of 2016, I got approved to take out a loan for the studio we found. I wanted to support them as well in the cost of it. We were all feeling butterflies that day from the excitement of our soon to be opening studio.

That day, June 28th, I was at a community pool, I called him to come over so we can talk some more. I gave him some money so that they can buy some of the things we needed for the studio. I waved him goodbye. He got on his motorcycle and waved back at me. I watched until they faded away. 

About 2 hours later, I received a phone call from Taycan's best friend. He said, “Gul, I need you to be calm please”, my immediate response was  “what? was there an accident?”. Then he said, “yes, the ambulance came to scene and picked him up to the hospital. He is in surgery.” After that I don’t remember how I got into the cab, how I arrived there, not knowing what the extend of the accident would be. 

When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor just left the surgery room, the doctor explained to me that he had to place some of my son’s bones from his skull to his stomach, that his left lung defalted, that he had broken bones in his waistline and his neck, he also broke his ribs and that he was in ICU unit and his condition was very serious. I in a nightmare. I was in between shocks and was having nervous break downs, I wanted to tear my hair and skin apart. I then immediately asked the doctor about his girlfriend, and the doctor again said, there’s nothing good to say unfortunately. 

 I later learned that there was a white car squeezed him to the barriers on highway and when he realised that he wasn’t going to make it. Then the witness behind him explained that Taycan  flipped severeal times with his motorcycle while crushing the barriers. And the driver behind him stopped and called the ambulance immediately. 

We then proceeded our son’s ICU, what we saw was a scene that meant our lives will never be the same again. Our hearts ripped apart. I couldn’t look at this face, it was all purple. So much blood still on his head, all his body was covered with gauze, there were tubes going in and out of his body everywhere. His dad’s blood sugar dropped, they removed him from the room. I was choked up, not able to breath. I was on the floor, screaming, yelling and begging “ God, god, please hear me, make my son live” . They removed me too off course and gave us sedatives. 

I spent 17 days at that ICU , night and day. My son had health insurance which I paid ever since he was born, with the ambulance I transferred him to a better hospital and he remained in ICU for 3 months. He got a bacteria from the hospital and got infected badly. Every night I started praying, without no sleep, until dawn hours, begging God to help my son. I didn’t know where or who else to turn. He was being tube fed but when he got the infection and his fever got so high they started to feed him through his nose. He wasn’t awake but I talked to him all the time, told him stories, random things, just about everything, I talked to him constantly and watched for a glimpse of life in him. There was nothing. I was playing him his favourite songs, new songs, videos, films as if we were both actively doing it. I wrote on board with fun colors and big letters and showed him, he was looking but blank, I still believed that he could see or feel something.

After 11 months later my son was out of coma, with doctors’ guidance we put him to rehab, physical therapy hospital. He slowly started eating from his tummy. In the mean time, therapists were working on his legs and arms. He still wasn’t able to talk, the speech therapists started working on it. Very slowly he started to learn how to chew and swallow. They removed the breathing tube and so he started to breath on his own. All his doctors couldn’t believe this improvement on my son. None of them expected it. They all said they my son really owes his life to my dedication to him. But who cares if I’m the one or not, I just wanted him to live almost a normal life and there is so much more to do and so little finances left. 

Now we have finally left the other hospital too, we moved to another apartment and redecorated it into almost a small clinic for my son. I found 2 nurses with night and day shit to do the necessary things that my son needs. The physical therapist comes home everyday to give a shot to his nerves. 

We have a long and winding road ahead but I know in my heart, that my son can do this. He can get better. Maybe he will never join a marathon or be able to coach again as he loves to do, but I can bring him to lead almost a normal life and do the basic things we all do. I can revive him. But we are completely out of money by now. And to reach my dreams which is now I know possible, can only be reached with financial support. We need about $5000 every month for about a year and a half where I can pay the nurses, drugs, the physical therapist. I only have my retirement moneyed that’s barely enough to pay my rent and our food and transportation. Whatever we saved we paid to the hospitals and actually left a debt when left them. But I only want financial support to take care of my son. So ANY amount is good, there is NO such thing as little money as every single dollar will go to the care of my son. I will write every improvement, supporting with pictures and even payments go to his medical needs. I thank you gracefully in advance and if you don’t want to donate. At least small prayer for my son Taycan would go a long way for us!

This is my Saturday evening routine. I'm teaching pre-k kids ballet and trying to contribute to my son even its a small amount. It dignifies my stand against life and most importantly fighting against my son's battle. I'm exhausted most days, emotionally, physically but I just tell my self, I have to keep going, I have to be in circle of life. Thank you everyone for giving me that encouragement, that power everyday!I'm greatful for the reporter that published our story with my son on Sozcu Newspaper which is one of the most prestigious newspapers in Turkey. I'm forever greatful to everybody who spread the word and supported us during these very hard times. Thank you all a billion times.

In the next few videos, you will see my son in physical therapy. I hired a Neurologic Physical Therapist 3 times a week to work with him. It is extremely helpful for my son and I wish I can hire him everyday but I'm afraid we'll run out of funds and that would be devastating to us. So I have to be frugal and let the fund money go for several months. I just wanted share how your support is being used and what it means to us! And what it means is just PRICELESS! 

I made some changes in my decision, and decided to set my fear of running out of money a side and totally dive in with everything I've collected from you guys. So I decided to hire the Neurologic Physical Therapist for 7 days. Yes , it is true, that the money wont be there after a month and a half but the days my son is not getting his physical therapy, he just lies there whereas now his healing has gone through the roof, he is showing tremendous improvement. Please watch all these videos and you'll see. 

Today, after 2 months of physical therapy EVERYDAY, my son STOOD UP! Today is the FIRST DAY I truly felt happy, tears running down my cheeks and thinking all of you that if it wasnt your support, my son Taycan wouldn't be at this point! 

From every department of this hospital, staff members, doctors, nurses are stopping by to see him. They're calling him a miracle. It is unbeliavable of what's going on here. This therapist has done wonders and this was the best decision I've ever made. 

I hope you know that you made me a very happy mother today! May heaven's doors be open to all of you. 

I also want to say, I took a risky decision by hiring our therapist everyday and I now need your support more than ever because before I didnt know I could bring him to this point. Nobody knew and nobody gave us hope. And now everythind is different. We have hopes and dreams now, my son has a chance now. Please spread the word so I can keep getting m son his treatments and post you guys every step of the way! Thank you soo much everyone and God truly Bless You!

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