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The World As It Is.                   The World As It Could Be

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Are you concerned about the way your children and grandchildren speak to each other, to you, to other people?

Are you bothered by the conflicts and sniping at the office, at church, in most of the organizations you work with?

Are you really seriously worried about the way verbal attacks are turning into physical violence, and sometimes - death?

On top of that, are you frustrated that leaders on the local, state and national levels can’t seem to work together for a commonly understood ‘ common good’?

Contrary to what you may have heard, this is not a recent, post-election development, but something that has been building in our country for the last twenty years, since the first reality show would- be ‘survivor’ was voted off the island , and it became a cool, ‘in’ thing to copy the derogatory way of speaking that was used. Then along came the 24/7 ‘ news’ outlets, with their sensationalized ‘teasers’ that hype their particular show, even if they have no basis in fact. And, of course, the Internet, with its perceived anonymity to hide behind. After all of that came the most contentious of all contentious elections, with folks hunkering down in partisan silos, unwilling to let their guard down with simple civility to others.

1. The single most important thing we each can do in America today is learn how to listen to each other and speak with each other with respect.

2. The simple fact is that we have serious divisions among people, and are losing any ability to talk with anyone who is not in agreement with us.

3. We have to wait until someone, somewhere, in leadership makes it better. WRONG!

WE are the ones who can make it better— starting NOW!

4. If you will donate NOW to insure the publication of this first, and to this date, ONLY "how to" talk to each other ' book,  then we will provide the guide book to assist you…and everyone you can reach who knows the importance of changing the conversation In our world— and have it in your handsthis fall.

traditional publishing takes 1 1/2-2 years - and we cannot wait that long to take action to TEACH the  skills of respectful conversation, of civil dialogue; to PRACTICE these skills in every aspect of our lives, in order to save our country and our planet for the future.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all - but the good news is that help is on the way, with a little help from You.

DIALOGUE is a guide book - a ‘how to’ practice the skills of being together that are good for all of us .  Look at the pictures of the world as it is today, - severely segregated- and the world as it could be, with lots of blending of ideas and values, ANYONE can learn to help turn this conversation around from negative, wounding attacks to respectful listening and real dialogue.

*. Some people say that this mean- spiritedness is beyond our ability to make a difference. WRONG! We offer specific ways in which all can be included at dinner.

*. Do you know there are at least 50 new skills you can develop and practice to get a sense of real harmony.?

*. The  truth is that a part of this important work of returning respect and civility through civil dialogue is about making the change from ‘ I won ‘t to ‘I will.”

*. Give us your commitment to this work, in both your financial support NOW and your continuing spreading of the word to people in your circle of influence who feel passionate about having a different kind of respectful conversation, and we will give you an opportunity to be a part of one of the most significant things you will ever do -  Talking Together to save our world.

Thank you so much!
Kay Collier McLaughlin, PhD

Watch the video here! 
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