Justice4Hendrix TBI Survivor

$5-$25, anything helps! It ALL go towards monthly utilities & living expenses! Please help if you can! Thank you!!

June 18 2015 a true warrior was born as fierce and healthy as could be! Developing beautifully and right on track! She was a gentle, happy, curious, loving infant who loved music, dancing, snuggling, reading books and being out doors as she just started walking her mom and I were ecstatic and proud to say the least! We were excited to see what would she would do next. ♡

Until June 18 2016 when she spent the weekend away with 2 people she knew and we all trusted....
By late Saturday night she was on the verge of losing her life and stopped breathing, behind a horrific tragedy from an "unknown" cause of severe trauma to her head and multiple other injuries that sent her into a coma on life support for weeks.
68 days in the hospital, blood clots, 2 strokes, vision loss, left side paresis, multiple fractures, severe bleeding/swelling of the brain, multiple surgeries, blood transfusions, gtube, laceration of the liver,  the list goes on and on!
Her mom and I were beyond devistated and in shambles, as were the several family members and friends whom rushed to came immediately to be by our sides.  
My daughter has suffered multiple gut wrenching traumas over the last few years and is struggling a great deal with it all. My heart is so heavy and broken to pieces for my child and granddaughter to say the VERY least. I love them both so much!!!

Which now a year later she's permanently disabled with multiple disabilities in a wheelchair at the age of 2. Sad to know her life changed dramaticly in a blink of an eye on her very first birthday while in the care of 2 grown competent adults who were to protect and care for her. Mind you to this very day, justice has not been served... Yes you heard right, JUSTICE HAS NOT BEEN SERVED!

 As her grandmother I hadn't spent but one day away from her since she was born and I certainly havnt had one single day away from her in the last 13 and a half months. She's simply amazing and I will never leave her side, God help me.  As I care for her full time ALL on my OWN, her medical needs are high & demanding and I'm all she has, so times are pretty rough financially as I miss lots of unpaid time from work over the last year and currently hitting a rough patch.
Without much advocacy and support, I'm trying my best! I have a few amazing friends who've held me down during this storm lloyally and consistently whom I am ever so very much thankful for everything they've done for Heni and I! They're AMAZING!! ♡♡♡

I've created another fundraiser to humbly ask for help to raise money for our household daily living expencises like rent, electricity and groceries. As hard as this is to admit, I need help and ANYTHING is greatly appreciated! Including prayers for healing, recovery and justice for this beautiful innocent warrior princess who knows no stranger and spreads love like it's no other. After all she's endured she shows warmth and compassion for ALL who cross her path and has changed my life forever.

I know there's so many people struggling in the world today and I feel ashamed to ask but I'm doing it for her as in all I do is for her. So if your able to donate without hurting your self and family's needs I would be ever so greatful and know it will be used to continue to make ends meet on living expenses and utilities.  

As I had a donation a yr ago,  So many amazing, thoughtful, generous, kind people really helped us out alot and I will never be able to express my gratitude enough to all of them and so many who prayed for her as well. 
Please forgive me for asking again, but God knows I would if I didn't need. Thank you very much for taking time to review her story and we wish you all the best life has to offer. God bless

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