Swollen Prostate

Hi. My name is Paul Mann in Saint Marys, KS. I have a swollen prostate. I have a catheter in me. It has to be changed every three months (not fun). This has been going on for 8 months, since Jan 2022. The doctor says it is difficult to change it and I will need surgery.

I've been to the emergency room three times this year ($1500 total), so it's been less than fun.

The preferred surgery is HoLEP, which will cost $36,100 or more and travel expenses to Chicago. I do not have health insurance, because I am unemployed and cannot afford it.

The less preferred surgery is TURP, which will cost $11,300. If donations do not allow the HoLEP, I will get the TURP surgery.

I changed my diet in Jan 2022 to vegan, with the exception of fish. However, my prostate has not improved and is still swollen, after 8 months on this diet.

The medication for this is only a temporary fix (if it works), but has side effects which can be permanent and may eventually cause liver damage. I am very sensitive to most medications, so the only long term solution is surgery.

I am 74 and not well. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. I will pray for everyone who donates.