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Hi, my name is Joanna Hutchinson, and I have put my life on the line for the last four years to expose the truth (with evidence) about corruption, fraud, harassment, bullying, and much, much more by the UK establishment. This is the shocking truth about systemic corruption and my experience of being continually targeted and bullied by the establishment, for the last four years. My mobile, laptop, home phone, emails, texts, financial transactions, and all my movements are monitored 24/7. There has even been a mission to “terminate” my life quite literally.

Why? I was violently attacked by a “bored”(his words not mine) undercover MOD policeman at Swindon train station and as I was traveling on my own and then they said I attacked two men to cover up their appalling violence. Whilst fighting hard to prove my innocence I found top secret messages on the internet by following the links to the man who attacked me. I reported this to the Directors of the National Crime Agency (NCA) but was unaware at the time this man worked for the security services, so effectively I reported the NCA to the NCA!

I am reaching out to the public to financially support me, which will literally help me stay alive, prevent bankruptcy and stop my home from being repossessed. 
I am raising funds towards:
  • Legal funds to continue to fight this and protect my personal safety as much as possible.
  • Prevent bankruptcy.
  • Stop them destroying my home.
  • Living expenses, including mortgage, bills and food, whilst I am on zero income.
  • Pay debts that have been incurred due to false allegations.
  • Stop them accessing my phone and laptop (text messages, phone calls, emails) - require new equipment.
  • Stop them monitoring all of my financial transactions.
  • Clearing my name.
It is impossible to have a zero credit score...this has been another of their tactics against me.

My fundraising target is to raise 50% towards my losses to-date.
I am not currently safe in my own home. Government departments have joined forces and are now destroying my house, using the guise of 'council property development' on all three sides of my house, even though my house is private. All the details are contained in their secret messages I wasn't supposed to find.
Losses to-date:
£1.2 million losses
I still owe:
Mortgage Arrears:
I live in my late-parents bungalow and took out a mortgage to pay for end-of-life care for my parents. The bank has started legal proceedings to repossess my home.
Legal proceedings:
After 19 court dates, my case was finally thrown out, but to get to this point, it has led to £1.2 million in losses.
After the case was thrown out, I was awarded a payment of my financial costs. The system decided that the total amount awarded would be £10,000 to cover my £1.2 million losses.
To even get the £10,000, one must pay additional legal costs to make the complicated and lengthy application.
I have learned that when they are in the wrong, they will put roadblock after roadblock in place. This is not a system I want to be a part of.
Please support me, so we can create a fair and just system and a better world for all to live in.
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Joanna Hutchinson 
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