Surin Dog Sterilization Clinic

Surin Dog Project has been helping with the dog situation in the Taklang village (Thailand) for many months now; feeding dogs, doing vet runs, treating mange, fleas, worms, ticks and much more. And now we are doing our biggest fund raiser yet; to set up a dog sterilization clinic at the end of October 2017. With the help of Soi Dog Foundation and their partners in Thailand we have organized a vet team to come to the village and we aim to sterilize 200-300 dogs in the space of 4 days.

The funds raised will cover the following:

* Sterilization of 300 dogs
* Darting costs if needed
* Transportation for the vet team
* Food and accommodation for the vet team
* Translator (provided by Soi Dog) for organizing the sterilization clinic

(This is Bruno, his before photo is the campaign photo above, he was found bald not a hair on his head covered in scabs and sores. He was timid and in pain. And just look at him now  after a few months of treatment and TLC!)

This dog situation is a big one. At a guess, there are over 600 dogs in this small village. All wild and roaming free, however most are owned and have homes. The ever increasing dog population leads to many problems. As there are so many dogs together, it inevitably leads to dog fights. These dogs end up with wounds, infections and injuries that go untreated. Pain and ailments leads to aggression in the dogs, which causes people to become scared and act out. This leaves more and more dogs left out on their own, fighting for scraps and a place to lay and feel safe.

(This Monk cares for over 50 homeless dogs at a local temple)

While all of this is going on the female dogs are regularly becoming pregnant and giving birth to many puppies, some of them just puppies themselves. Due to a lack of nutrition, fleas, ticks, worms, heart worm, mange and more, these mothers are hardly able to give birth let alone healthy enough to look after their pups. The puppies are growing up with fleas, ticks and the above mentioned problems from day one. Sadly many puppies die within weeks from lack of nutrition and all of the before mentioned problems.

(This mother dog had 4 puppies and they were all riddled with lice, crawling in and out of their eyes and everywhere. We helped the owner to wash them and now after many washing treatments the lice are gone. The mother and pups still have a long way to go though.)

As you can imagine with 600 or more wild roaming dogs in one village, road accidents are a big problem. If the dogs do not die on impact, they are often left to suffer with broken limbs, wounds, infections and internal problems too.

(Poor Lady Grey was hit by a truck and was left untreated for a few weeks. She now has to live with a broken pelvis and broken hip, as it cannot be fixed as it started to heal on its own. She can still walk and run, but may be in pain and may have arthritis in the future.)

This sterilization clinic will help to change the future for these dogs and the local people. It will be free for all of the villagers to bring their dogs to. Since starting the Surin Dog Project (even though it has just been running part time) the local people have shown so much interest in gaining help with their dogs, it has been very uplifting for us to see. Most people do want to help care for their dogs, they just don't have the means or the education. That is where we come in!

Please help us to reach our target and change the future for the dogs and people in the Taklang village! Every Pound/Dollar/Euro raised, every like, every share, every little promotion for Surin Dog Sterilization Clinic helps one more dog to be sterilized and one more dog to have a better chance at life!

(Surin Dog Project founders: Loz Adams, Kirsty and Wills Sandilands with project dogs Bear, Whitey and Tup.)

Important note to help understand the situation these local people are in:
Taklang is a small village in the Surin Province of Thailand. It is overpopulated with dogs and puppies and the population is increasing at an alarming rate. These dogs are wild, roaming free even though most have owners and homes. There are no vet facilities nearby for the locals to utilize for sterilization or emergency treatment. There is also a lack of education when it comes to dog care in Thailand and most people do not know how to help if there dogs are sick or injured. Money and time are also issues for the local Thai people, they work very hard everyday with not many (or zero) days off or holidays and their money is spent on their family's welfare and education. We aim to provide assistance and education to help the future populations of dogs and their owners to live in healthy harmony.
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