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David is the creator and editor at the

RoundSaturnsEye (RISE) YouTube channel

.  His channel has been a blessing to millions in exposing enemies to Christianity, and promoting the love of Jesus Christ.

Right now, David is facing homelessness and medical issues.  David is a humble Christian and does not like to ask for money.  Therefore, I am doing this on his behalf.  Below is a message from from David from his R$E facebook group regarding his current situation:


"Just need to explain some things, as I feel it's necessary. I didn't want to waste time going into it but it seems like I should at this point.

Things didn't go so well after coming back from Israel. Health wise and living wise. My health suffered a lot while travelling / filming for the last 2 years but managed to get on with it by faith and Christian support. Since YouTube had the advert scandal things got difficult to continue and I realised soon after that it was going to get tough. I lost all income for two months from YT and 75% of my income ever since.

So I figured it was time to head back to UK to get medical help and help to find somewhere to live as assured to me by the council on the phone in Jerusalem. However when I got back to UK things were very different.

Long story short the help wasn't there and I ended up sleeping in the car. My health problem also got worse. After some time they put me into a temporary council residence hostel as I was declared homeless. I am still currently in this institution. I am now receiving medical help but not properly until I can find a secure place to live as they would need to do blood tests. But I can't find a place as the support isn't there, private is too expensive and the system does not favour British/male/under 35/singles with no kids. The council are pretty dismissive as are private landlords.

What is the future? How long is a piece of string? The local authority are not keen to help me. I cannot rent privately, and it's slim to find any social housing any time soon. I am also not going to be admitted to the hospital - although I'd rather be. I have been put on medication and given a new provisional diagnosis. Glad these serious issues are finally being fully addressed.

So for now it is institutionalised living, day by day, with no foreseeable change in the near future. RSE videos are vaguely possible but not really. Have been adding to one every so often over the last month. It's a documentary at the Vatican filmed a year ago. However there is no internet here and only 1-2 bars of cell phone 3G signal. My desk is a cardboard box and I sit on the floor to edit, I could get a desk but I don't know. Not sure. Just want to update you on why there are no longer any videos. It's because there are brick walls at every turn to try and do something about it. I have tried over and over- but reaching end of trying. The enemy is also here, using the weak moments to steal, kill + destroy. Faith is strong, energy is not. But faith is all that matters. God is in the midst.



Your support for this brother in Christ is greatly appreciated.

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