Support our Fading Dreams!

Aloha, to all you wonderful people. My name is Jordan, this is my family Chris, Penny, and Aura!
We have a vision for our future, and personally need you're support to achieve it! We dream of living a simple life. One where individually we can live off-grid, supplement our costs of living, minimize our consumption, and create an abundance to share with the community!

Chris and I have been together for 5 years this September 2020. On and off for the first 3 years together we traveled across the country, looking for the perfect place most suitable for a personal off-grid homestead and permaculture farm. We'd driven 60,000+ miles and experienced 30+ states, and were still torn. Until an unorthodox vacation to Maui in 2018, opened our eyes, we finally realized Hawaii had the most abundant potential of any state we'd seen yet. Food grows year round, green energy sources are a normal standard, and rain catchment customary. The most substantial disadvantage is Hawaii's the #1 state for highest cost of living. Together we spent 6-8 months in 2018 heavily researching every aspect of moving to Hawaii. Then in November/December of 2018 we faced our fears, and dove head first into our life changing dream! We knew in that moment we were ready for a big life change.

Safe to say it turned out much harder than we ever anticipated. Finding reliable transportation is next to impossible in Hawaii. We blew through thousands of dollars, and a handful of cars before finding anything reliable. Setting us back months financially.
We only brought literally what we could carry, 2-3 bags each. Meaning no heavy machinery and minimal tools. We have been hand clearing the raw jungle for almost 2 years. Out of 1 acre we barley have ¼ acre cleared. No winter means it never stops growing back. Our temporary housing isnt the most ideal living situation. We live under a 10'x20' tarp canopy. Weve have to replace the roof 2-3 times a year depending on the rain and wind. Where our land is located it rains more here than the Amazon Rainforest, 150-200 inches a year. It's also on the tradewinds side if the island, and is extremely remote. 45 minutes from any town or hospital.
Our neighbors in the community are a constant complication. 2 older gentleman in particular, both immediate properties to ours. They've been picking on us for over a year. The worst of which is they're constantly rearranging our property lines (illegal I know) for their own benefit. Specifically, trying to steal 20' of our top property line to bulldoze a road through, for another neighbor not affiliated with their cruel intentions. Who isnt even interested in using the road anyhow. Weve come home to our property vandalized on a few occasions. Theres also been vague threats and verbal abuse, primarily directed towards myself. In January 2020 was when things took a turn for the worse. These men only come around when Chris is gone, assuming I'm vulnerable that way. One man approached our property with his tractor with intent to destroy our personal belongings and property. I approached him and told him he was trespassing and had to leaving or I'd call the authorities. He vaguely admitted to willingly inflicting physically harm to me, then proceeded to attempt to run me over with his tractor because I refused to allow him to destroy my home for his own personal gain. I called the cops just as he was less than an inch from running over my bare toes with an industrial mower. We live so remotely I had to walk almost 3 miles to find the cops to bring them to my home. Unfortunately I dont have the resources to file for a restraining order or take legal action. He's far from done trying to get his way though.
Then immediately after that, got smacked down hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Chris worked for a booming tour guide company. Servicing passengers of cruise ships primarily. Unfortunately the first ship to bring passengers carrying the Corona Virus, he had worked that week. Thankfully him and his colleagues hadn't contracted it, he was let go shortly after. We'd both been out of work for 6-8 months by the time we found employment. The job market has ultimately crashed in Hawaii. Since we are a 75% tourism dependent economy.
Weve depleted all of our finances and then some. The only reason we are able to eat is because we had food stamps (which I hope will renew). Our jobs are barley keeping us afloat. Theres no end in sight for this pandemic. The likelyhood that we will be able to save enough money necessary to fence our land and build our tiny house living paycheck to paycheck part time on minimum wage ($10) is slim to none. Were struggling to maintain the structure and life we have now, let alone attempt to thrive.

All dreams take sacrifices. Some more than others. This dream has taken everything we have to offer. Its fading before our eyes. It breaks our heart to think theres a chance that we might have to abandon something we are so passionate about! This is all weve ever wanted, a place to call our own, a safe space to thrive, a home! We would appreciate any help we can get more than words! We are forever grateful for this opportunity! We'd love to share this space with everyone we can!
Bless all of you for taking the time to read about our situation! Help us build our forever home!! Mahalo from the bottom of my heart!

If youd like to see more pictures an updates about our off grid homestead please check out our Instagram @hiseajays ☀️❤
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