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This crowdfunder is to fund the work of KMT (Ian Solomon Kawall) so he can make a bigger impact on society. 

KMT (Ian Solomon Kawall) is a pioneer of Eco Activism, creating a Grass Roots Eco System with May Project Gardens actively making change within the community for 14yrs (2006-2021), set up - and still operating - from the garden of his council house in South London.  

Ian also facilitates Hip-Hop Gardens - a transformative environmental youth program reworking the most economically disadvantaged areas of London.

As well as this he puts on the regular night Come We Grow, an outreach and fundraising event that looks at Identity and Sustainability through music and performance.

Bee Rooted Consultancy

and finally KMT Freedom Teacher (Ian) is a pioneering multi-disciplined DJ, speaker and performer, educating people in the principles of Permaculture and sustainability through solution-focused music and speaking - both of which he has done all over the world for the past 13 years

All of this he has achieved despite being diagnosed with DYSLEXIA  only 4 Years ago, which has ultimately led to him not being able to gain full time employment or secure funding for May Project Gardens for 9yrs (2006-2015). 

Although 5-10% of the population are Dyslexic, around 20% of British self-starter business owners have the condition, with little in the way of resources or support from the Government - especially within the charity sector.

The emotional labour and impact from Dyslexia has been vast and he is now asking for support so that he can have the head space and resource his growth to support the various branches of the community eco system set up. 


An analysis of 17 million Coronavirus cases has shown that people from Black and South Asian ethnicities have twice the risk of death when compared to white ethnicities. It is thought that this is not genetic but a combined social and racial issue, and one that means non-white people - especially in urban areas - are in need of support in as many forms as possible. Supporting Ian and May Project Gardens helps facilitate this, through the nutritional, physical and mental empowerment that permaculture brings.

More than 83% of the general UK population resides in urban areas, and nearly all of the UK’s BME population, with an average of 2.6 million Britons without access to a green space within a ten-minute walk.  

Beth Collier, a Nature Allied Psychotherapist and Director of Wild in the City outlines why green spaces and time in natural settings have always been vital to our mental and physical health, and how having less access to them has a significant impact on black and minority ethnic (BME) people in the UK:

"Environmental health and proximity to nature also play a key role in marking differences in experiences between ethnic groups during the Covid-19 pandemic.  People of colour are more likely to live in urban areas with a ‘deficiency of access' to green spaces, defined by the London Plan in terms of how far households need to travel to access a space, but also its quality and size.

Without this natural buffer to the stresses of urban life, black and minority ethnic people are disproportionately affected by environmental conditions which evoke stress and harm our health. In a time of global crisis and government measures limiting people’s time outside their homes, these disparities are both illuminated and exacerbated."


KMT is an astute, knowledgeable and experienced D.J and workshop facilitator with a solid background specialising in fusing Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance Hall, Neo Soul, Soul, Broken Beats, World, Grime and Pop.

As an M.C KMT has a 12 year history of live performances, tours, festivals, TV and radio appearances and continues to command audiences of all sizes with his infectious energy, knowledge and skill set; engaging, inspiring and motivating others to empower their futures independently.


lan is a teacher and compelling public speaker. Passionate about sustainable living, he speaks from the heart on various social issues. KMT delivers interactive lectures to diverse audiences across the UK, encouraging people from different backgrounds to understand their role an value within a local and global landscape. As a lecturer he uses the culture of Hip-Hop for social cohesion and to raise awareness of social issues and engages his audience with his knowledge and skills to affect and empower the lives of participants. 

With experience in performing shows appealing to all people on radio and stages throughout the world for 12 years, KMT is proven in motivating any sized audience in a variety of venues.

Evaluations / Testimonials

100% of Hip Hop Garden participants said the course improved their teamwork skills, as well as skills in fitness and meditation... and almost 90% of people said they learned new, important skills - many of whom classed these as ones that would boost their employability.

Here is what people are saying about what they learned from May Project Gardens - 

“I learnt how to be self-reliant, to ask questions and to always be critical in order to find the best way to do something.” 

“I gained the confidence to be myself and not be afraid to shine”

“How to better connect with nature and my true Inner Self”

“It taught me how change can start in a really small step”

“It provided me with the self-confidence required from the support from others at the Garden”

“Emotional vulnerability and resilience. Patience.”
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Ian Solomon-Kawall 
Morden, Greater London, United Kingdom