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Eight months ago today my life took an unexpected turn. This is my story...

On the 30th August 2020 I attended a gathering in Reading, Berkshire, UK and I fell into a large bonfire. I suffered severe 2nd degree burns to both my hands and 1st degree burns to my arms.

My right hand has healed really well, Im left with some scars and sensitivity but it doesnt really affect my ability to use my hand.

My left hand though, has been significantly affected. I am left handed so its been quite a challenge. At the moment I have very limited range of movement. My entire palm and fingers have such deep, contracted scars that my hand is bent and movement is very restricted. The burn scars are contracting so much that it is causing my hand to close in on itself. 
I wear tight gloves on both hands 24/7 to compress the scars and keep them to a minimum. I also wear a splint every night to reduce my left hand closing more.

The plastic surgeon proposes surgery as the only possibility in gaining more movement of my hand again. There are risks and its a complex procedure as it is the hand. The palm will be cut open to release the scars, then the thick scar tissue will be removed and replaced with synthentic material. 
This may be enough if my skin grows enough around it, otherwise I will need further surgery and a skin graft from a donor part of my body, maybe the groin or foot.
The rehab post surgery is intense and long as my hand will be immobile for some time in order for the skin to heal. Then the gradual process begins of introducing movement again.

I am having to temporarily move back to the UK (I live in Ibiza now) as I will need to have regular hospital visits, dressing changes and physiotherapy treatment etc. The medics tell me it may be around 5 months but depends if I need more surgery which would extend it even further.

The experience of falling in the fire and being burnt, the intense shock, pain and trauma followed by the extended rehabilitation process has been extremely challenging. Now after 8 months of healing, I am preparing myself for surgery on the 28th May and more rehab. I am slowly accepting this healing journey is not a short one.

I am finding my immense Strength and Courage, Resilience, Faith and Gratitude for this Life. 
It is miraculous that I didnt burn my face, hair or entire body.. as I landed face down with my body over the centre of the fire.
I hope to receive personal injury compensation, but I am told the legal process can take a long while.

I ask for support at this time for my loss of earnings. I have many expenses to cover and I am struggling to make ends meet. Teaching yoga and massage treatments is something I am no longer able to do with my injury.
After surgery I will be focusing on the Intuitive Coaching I offer and creating more Sound/ Music events. 
Ive been paying for costly journeys back to the UK to see the specialist burns surgeon/ team. The last visit included £500 just in Covid tests alone.
It would help me so much to receive various therapies as I continue on my healing journey, such as Trauma release therapies, Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicines, Breathwork, Homeopathy.
Whilst Im grounding my feet again in this great transformative process from the fire, It would also be so beneficial for me to receive some guidance and coaching as I feel into my next steps forward post surgery. My desire is to keep co-creating magic and sharing my passions alongside this path of recovery. 

I am asking for financial support from my dear family, friends and community. 
I feel my life has shifted from what I knew it to be, Im gently rising from the ashes and I accept the time it takes. I believe in my ability to heal and my body to become strong, powerful and fully functional once more.

As I heal, I give thanks from my heart to each of you, for every gift I receive of support.

My dream is to be able to bring my hands together into prayer again, oh, and do handstands :)

A whole load of Love & Gratitude

Jojo x
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