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Hello all,

My name is Nikolai Markov and I am the Public Relations Officer for Europe , Content Writer and Editor of Motivate India- Rural . Primarily I am a student at the University of Amsterdam, currently finishing my Bachelor in European Studies, Editor in Chief of the magazine “eurovisie”, Martial Arts Instructor and musician. Within European Studies I studied the cultural, ideological, philosophical and historical currents of Europe, which gave me an entrance to understand same-said currents as to their implications elsewhere - in this case India. 

I have been living together with Mangleshwar Srivastava , the founder of Motivate India-Rural , for about three years now and have had ample opportunity to learn and understand his personal perceptions of culture, philosophy, and history. Understanding this was by no means the easiest effort, if one were to really take in the entire picture he is presenting. Feeling that not enough people are listening due to the lack of clear communication for both perceptions, European as well as Indian, I had the desire to contribute to Motivate India in terms of Content Writing and Editing. Mangleshwar added the position of Public Relations Officer for Europe due to his trust in my abilities. 

What for? 
It is very difficult for Europeans to understand the predicament of concentrated development in metropolitan areas vs. the cutting off development in the rural areas of India. Through living with Mangleshwar, I understood that he had come from a village and first studied, then worked his way up into the Nobel-prize winning institute Nikhef in Amsterdam. The path he had been put on was one of hard work to achieve - however with no clear end. Achievement for achievement’s sake; that is what had been passed down as a dream in the metropoles. Is not the greatest achievement to find the opportunity to realise oneself, not to conditionalise same-said opportunity? 
Unfortunately, the lanes are very split. In India we got to a crossroads of senseless and endless absorption of human resources in the metropoles and stopping of development in the rural areas that are almost entirely self-sustainable. Self-sustainability should stand at the root of self-actualisation, otherwise it is doomed to erode in changing conditions. 
In order to enable a path of independence for the rural population that was left out by mass capitalization of development, Motivate India is opening its first own school in the rural area of Northern India. We are raising money to have this school live up to the standard appropriate for the rural students' potential. Being a limited foundation, we have to start here: A first school done right. We rely on your donation to take this step towards a network of state of the art education possibilities in rural India.


Why this Fundraiser? 
70 % of India's population still lives in rural areas, where finding affordable quality education is still a distant dream. The lack of proper infrastructure, the poor methodology of education, and unawareness among the parents of the reality outside the village, meaning the absorptive development in the metropoles sold as a dream, bring significant obstacles to the pursuit of basic education for any rural student. This creates a fundamental problem, due to which rural students internalise discouragement from the start and later loose track of their life as they grow up. By not addressing this fundamental issue their potential as such is being stopped at its root, rather than encouraged to flourish. 

Having witnessed these struggles first hand Mangleshwar Srivastava has always felt compelled to do something towards bringing about change in the range of opportunities for rural education. Hence, he started an initiative: "Motivate India Rural" in 2017, supported by the non-profit organization "Premanand Motivate India Foundation", with a vision  to bring about changes in the lives of young bright rural students.

So far, on the ground level, various seminars and motivational lectures  were held in the past two years to create awareness about our mission in different parts of Northern India. This was the door-opener for our next concrete step: to make a school. This fundraiser aims at raising the funds for the first phase of our planned Gurukul (school), for a batch of 40 students. 

We already have rented classrooms with facilities. 

In the first phase, we want to raise funds for the following.
- setting up of a digital infrastructure (computers, projectors etc.)
- setting up proper schooling facilities (benches, boards, books etc.) 
- to spread awareness in more villages and small towns by means of local advertisement
- running costs for the school

You can see the current status of the classrooms below.


Why Motivate India- Rural  exists:
1. Around 70% of the rural population is poor, low or lower middle class, which cannot afford quality education due to exorbitant private schooling fees. 
2. More than 80 % of students do not have reliable sources of information for their schooling and careers.
3. Coaching classes, at this point, are very costly for they are profit-oriented. 
4. To spread scientific, artistic and other kinds of knowledge among the young people of rural India without any fees.

In order to pursue the above-mentioned objective,  we need your support!

Our work 
- teaching the English language and scientific/mathematical education to rural children 
- moral and philosophical education 
- the empowerment of women 
- seminars on science and technology 
- online and offline counseling on psychological, professional and financial wellbeing


Why we need your support
- to bring rural young talent into the mainstream of development in India
- to educate young talents in both sciences and arts, with the help of technology
- to build a digital infrastructure for educational purposes
- to diminish the impact of socio-economic factors on the possibility of obtaining quality education 

Please visit our website/social media platforms below to get more information about our volunteers, the team members and activities.

- @motivativateinidia_rural (


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Nikolai Markov 
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