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To some of you this may seem like an odd gofundme…Our system is broken...there are very limited avenues to protect children when they haven’t been physically hurt to the point of bruises and broken bones.  I can’t afford to wait until this happens…knowing what they already go through, is too much for us already.  He hits these girls on the side of their head sometimes for no reason, to the point of knocking them off the recliner they are sitting on…this could have been way worse than the pain they felt but couldn’t express for fear of the screaming, cussing and name calling.    


You see, this gofundme has been created to help the maternal grandmothers of two (2) sisters continue paying for legal representation to protect the girls from their very abusive and controlling father. Both sisters are being raised by their maternal grandmothers (they share the same dad). Any funds received are solely for the purpose of enabling them to continue fighting to protect the girls from the physical, emotional, and mental abuse(both girls are showing extreme signs of anxiety and PTSD) thatthey have been enduring at the hands of their father.  These sisters are 8 years old and 11 years old.  Both girls have made outcries to CPS to no avail.  The outcome was that the father became even more angry because now they had told.  Here is some of the story leading up to the present court matter.


My name is Alix.  I am the mother of the 11 year old sister.  

This dad has been angry and violent basically his entire life.  But none of us were ready for what was to come.  These girls have been with their father when he drinks and drives, when he has been drunk and hitting his ex-girlfriends (I was one of those girls), when he threatened 2 different girlfriends that the only way they were leaving their relationship was with a bullet in her head.  The most recent girlfriend even testified in court.  Testified in great detail, yet the Judge ordered that he still be permitted to have visitation with the 8 year old.  


The grandmother of the 8 year old sister was contacted by a young lady on Facebook who sent page after page of hateful threats and actions of horrendous things he intended to do to her and her sister.  See, the father believed that the young lady’s sister had broken into his house and stole the gun that belonged to the 11 year old.  A couple of screenshots of these messages are attached to this. A few of the things threatened were that he would shoot battery acid in her veins, rape her and her sister and then put them in the hospital for the rest of their lives. He followed these threats by instructing her to put the barrel of the gun in her mouth and pull the trigger.  


The violence is not only to the girls (of course).  Part of the outcries by these precious girls is that he abuses the animals.  He left one animal dead, in the cage for almost a week while the other one ate parts of it, just so the girls could find it at visitation. He then made them clean it up.  When angry about the puppy they got digging holes in the back yard he would pick it up by its collar only and punch it over and over. The 8 year oldcame home upset because now the dog has a red eye with blood in it.  A couple of weeks later the same thing happened with the other eye.  He testified in court that it is because of the breed of dog.  On another occasion, one of the girls’ sugar gliders bit him while he was holding it, so he squeezed it (in front of the girls) while saying that is what it gets for biting him.  It went limp, the girls thought it was dead…it came to after a little bit.  He told them, “I bet it doesn’t bite anyone again.”


He constantly screams at the younger child for telling her grandma things that have happened at his house. They said he drinks so much on a regular basis and passes out on the couch,that that the 8 year old has said they have to fend for themselves. They say he drinks and drives drunk with them in the car.  They say he calls them the “F” and “B” words.  They say he smokes weed around them and my daughter said he sells weed.  She even told us where he kept it and that he told her, a 10-year-old child at the time, not to tell her little sister or anyone else.


As said before he has had several girlfriends over the years that are now afraid of him because he has threatened to kill them.  He threatened to put a bullet in his most recent girlfriends’ head.  He also threatened the girlfriend before her, that one had to get a restraining order because he was stalking her.  Not to mention the fact that when I left him after years of abuse, he held me down and threatened to kill my daughter when she was still in my womb, all while trying to hit me in the stomach.  His actions towards his children and his past girlfriends show that he is a violent, controlling, and manipulative person.  


Both children were told on a regular basis not to tell anyone about what happened at his house.  The younger child would sometimes slip and tell her grandma about things that happened, but he had my daughter so scared that she didn’t say a word to anyone.  That is until CPS got involved around February/March of this year.  Both grandparents told the children to be honest with the CPS worker and to tell them what they felt…and they did.  


The grandparent of my daughter’s sister was already at the end of a court case with the girls’ father and she asked to reopen evidence to include the CPS case.  This is where the girls were first let down by the system.  Even with the CPS worker’s testimony regarding the father’s heinous and atrocious treatment of the children, the judge said it wasn’t enough to reopen evidence.  By the time the judge made his ruling, CPS had closed the case because the grandparents were keeping the children safe and not allowing visitation with the father.  However, now that the judge has made his ruling, the girls’ father now wants to resume visitation with both girls.  The 8 year old is a little naïve and wants to see her dad if he is nice.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often and their father is unwilling to get any help for his anger issues, drinking problem or his violent tendencies. My daughter has maintained that she doesn’t want to see him, but now that he has visitation with her sister, she feels like she needs to go to help her stay out of trouble.  


Both grandparents tried to open a new CPS case to protect the children. This is when they found out that the children were let down again by the system.  They were told by the new caseworker assigned that several things should have happened during the first case that did not happen.  Because there was an outcry of physical abuse of the children, as well as animal abuse, the police and animal control should have been involved but they weren’t.  My mom was also told during the first case that they would help with counseling, but the case was closed without any type of referral or assistance.  They were also told that CPS could not investigate the case again because there have been no new allegations of recent events.  They also stated that because the court case for the younger child had just concluded, they could not override the judge’s ruling.  So, this means the children have to be abused and neglected again before CPS can be involved.


My mom is trying to save enough money to get an attorney to terminate his parental rights. We feel this is the only way to keep my daughter safe. In the meantime, the grandparent of the youngest child is forced to open a new case or appeal the old case.  She has already paid thousands of dollars on attorney fees and counseling to keep her granddaughter safe.  As it stands, she could face jail time for protecting her granddaughter and trying not to allow him to take her.


We need your help to protect these precious girls from their abusive father.  Any help would be greatly appreciated


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