World Record Jet - A Positive Project For All

Professionals of tomorrow, revive technology of yesterday. 

NextGen STEM leads the process of improving a military jet that is over a half-century old, and break records that have stood for over a half a century.  

As the aviation and aerospace industry prepares to launch into a new age of technological advancements, a potentially massive roadblock also comes into view. Aviation & Aerospace skilled labor shortages are nearing “crisis” level, with Forbes, and many other accredited sources, pointing to the year 2022 as “the year of reckoning”.

We have an ever-aging population and younger generations that either do not receive proper education or fail to show interest in aviation and aerospace. This holds especially true for the skilled labor jobs found within the aviation market.

With your support, we are going to help change this.  We will inspire a team of young adults to take a leadership role in several aerospace world records!  This will be filmed and documented every step of the way as an inspiration to many more you people.  

There are plenty of skilled people in aerospace and aviation that would welcome the opportunity to coach and mentor the next generation of professionals.  The problem has been putting these two groups together on a project that is exciting and meaningful.  We have the solution, right here, right now.  

Great things happen when the proven, old way of doing things is combined with the vision, enthusiasm, and new technology of today.  When experience is combined with unbridled enthusiasm through our young people. 

The process of learning all that is required to improve military jet aircraft and exceed their earlier design limits can take decades of trial and error.  For young professionals in Aerospace, they often must wait their turn, working side by side with mentors who tell them, “We always did it this way.” 

STEM education and modern aerospace science, provide the next generation of aerospace professionals tools that have never been available before.  Today’s young professionals think, act, and implement differently than the status quo.  RenegadeAV8R will give them the opportunity to take charge and produce verifiable results. 

We ask you to help support a project that provides an exclusive opportunity for our future STEM leaders to be responsible for the concept, design, fabrication, and testing of modifications to a former military jet with over 50 years of active military service and improve it to exceed the limits of the aircraft in order to achieve multiple world records in its category.  This project will build confidence and give real-world experience to these future leaders.  Their achievements here will provide all of the great rewards in the future.

RenegadeAV8R is developing unique partnerships with universities and technical schools.  We are asking for corporate sponsorship and grassroots involvement. These young people will benefit and become leaders before they even enter the aerospace industry.  

Tried and true aircraft and pilot, with over a half a century of excellence, meet NextGen STEM professionals, to take us even higher!

How is the money raised going to be used?

Jets are expensive. Modifying jets correctly is expensive. Safety must not be compromised.  In order for these young adults to participate at no cost to them, we must ensure that the budget supports the process.  It is not just about the jets but the educational experience that we are giving these young adults, and we want it to be a hands-on experience in the real world.

Your support will be used efficiently and effectively.  It is vital that we receive both grassroots funding and major corporate sponsorships. There is a positive result for all involved and we are counting on a massive result in funding in order to guarantee a massive result in the achievement of our record attempts. 

This is a lean budget designed to accomplish the mission of breaking world records and creating the opportunity for these young adults.  

These are the initial phases of the project:


Public Relations and Media Release, establish a relationship with the video documentary crew  (Using university interns in the appropriate degree programs)

Initial meetings with top universities and trade schools across the country.

Work with local aircraft maintenance trade schools in preparation for the initial benchmark test flights.  

An initial selection of aerospace engineering students for the data collection of the initial benchmark test flights.  

Phase 1:

Phase 1 consists of an in-depth inspection and project to remove weight, reduce drag, improve thrust, and improve efficiency within the essentially stock configuration of the aircraft.  

Phase 1 projects will be limited to the removal of non-essential systems and equipment and improving the safety of the aircraft for the completion of this series of flights.  

Phase 1 is complete when our aircraft is able to meet or exceed the initial world records held by the TS-11 Iskra in 1962-1964.  This establishes our core team and provides these young professionals to map out the plans for the next steps.  

Phase 2:

One of the three airframes will be evaluated for advanced modifications and improvements, all directed by this team of young STEM professionals.  

Project milestones established, budgets approved, and work begins.  

The second airframe can be used for testing.  

The milestones for Phase 2 are established by the world records that were established in 1967-1972 and remain unbroken.  

Phase 3:

Full configuration flight testing on Jet 1.

Implement successful items on Jet 2. So that we have a back-up aircraft ready at all times to help ensure our success.  

Completion of the mission.  

Completion of the documentary video that will be used to inspire other young people to get into aerospace engineering and support.  

The Timing is Right, We Are Ready To Act Now!

2020 started off in the wrong direction, but we believe that despite COVID-19 and the hit to the world economy that the timing for what we are doing is perfect.  

The opportunities for our young adults are not going away, COVID-19 or not.  Technology is on the brink of breakthroughs all the time.  Our young adults in school right now have been in Zoom classrooms, doing virtual projects, but now is the time to get into some real-world projects that will thrill and inspire a whole new generation.  

We will use technology to bring our teams and experts together remotely, but still have the opportunity for hands-on and in-person activities when it makes sense.  

2020 saw our airshows go dark.  This is a big reason why RenegadeAV8R decided to move forward right here, right now with this project.  If you can act quickly in supporting us, we will be flying quickly and our initial milestones can be reached before the end of 2020!  To do this we ask for your contribution today.  

The same jets that these young professionals are involved with will be front and center at airshows, where we can tell the story to millions of people and inspire them to investigate STEM and Aerospace careers for themselves.  Our Corporate Sponsors will receive positive attention and brand recognition for these efforts and everyone who participates with support will be commemorated in our public activities.  

The Organization we put together and RenegadeAV8R.

We are looking for young adults with all kinds of backgrounds and major fields of study.  

Math (applications, statistics, data analysis)

Sciences (Biology, Medicine, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science)

Engineering (Aerospace, Electrical, Structural, Materials)

Public Relations and Marketing

Film making and copyrighting

Technical writing

Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics


Composite structure

3D design and CAD


….and anything else that can support the kind of effort we are creating. 

We are especially interested in our former military personnel that is recently separated and wish to join these efforts. Your willingness to serve our nation is sincerely appreciated and we want to give you the opportunity to jump-start your civilian career in aerospace! 

Our team is composed of YOU and people that you know.  Our supporters are anyone at the top of their area of expertise and the new aviation or aerospace professional. Students of trade schools, universities, or other programs are all encouraged to apply to our team.  

Apply?  Yes, apply.  

We are not a charity, but we are here to serve. We have discovered through years of doing this that in order to create the best possible outcome, everyone involved gets something of value in return.  Anyone willing to help can be a part of our community.  

Please visit our website, click “World Record” and join our mailing list.  You will receive an application for inclusion in this program.  

There are several levels of participation.  

Sponsors and supporters. 
This is open to anyone who wants to be kept informed of our progress and involved in what we are doing.  Please support this effort with whatever you can afford.  Every little bit helps.  Even if you can’t be a supporter at some level, we encourage you to join our mailing list and share what we are doing with everyone that you know.  That is valuable to helping these young people as well!

The NEW Generation. 
This is where it starts to get fun.  Anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 who are currently involved in any skill set that might be useful to our mission is encouraged to apply.  You will receive invitations to our virtual planning sessions, be a part of the team that can help guide the process of our World Record Efforts!  

Project Teams. 
Anyone accepted into our “NEW Generation” group will have the ability to compete for inclusion on these project teams.  Those selected will work with a hand-picked group of mentors and consultants that are at the top of their fields on these projects.  The NEW Generation will run the show, but you will have the best leaders there to help you if you need it!  Anyone selected to participate on a project team will have expenses covered and provided a stipend, based on the scope of the project.  

Mentors and Consultants. 
Do you have skills and proven abilities that you wish to share with the NEW Generation?  We are contacting people just like you, right now.  But if you are reading this and are interested in being a resource to the NEW Generation, contact me immediately through the website.  Most of what you will do will be able to be done remotely, but should the team require your help in person, we will make sure that your time is compensated at a fair rate that we agree upon in advance and your expenses covered.  

Local core group. 
There is a limited opportunity for a core team of support personnel at our hangar location in Minden, NV.  Full, part-time and intern opportunities exist.  All applicants must be over 18.  

Anyone who provides funding though this page will automatically be added to our Sponsors and Supporters Group.  For consideration of any other category, please visit and complete the contact form. 

The Aircraft.  

Well, actually three aircraft.  RenegadeAV8R has already made the investment in three identical jets.  The PZL TS-11 Iskra “Spark”.  These aircraft are all former military jet aircraft from the 1970s that were designed and produced in Poland and have flown in continuous military service for over 50 years!  

The TS-11 Iskra was used as an advanced jet trainer for pilots prior to moving into aircraft like the Russian-built, supersonic, MIG-21.  Few people realize that the TS-11 Iskra broke several world records when it was introduced.  It was a groundbreaking achievement.  These records were short-lived when they were surpassed by an Italian jet as the decade ended.  Those records have stood since then and with an American team, we will break those records using American young adults who are ready to turn their education into their careers.  

The TS-11 Iskra was selected specifically for this role.  Its long history of success lends itself to a stable flight platform as a start and a known set of variables for us to improve upon.  

RenegadeAV8R flies the TS-11 at airshows and will continue to bring these jets to airshows to promote what we are doing and promote those who have stepped forward to sponsor these efforts.  

Special insider access to our GoFundMe supporters, sponsors, and benefactors:

Stay in contact with our progress every step of the way.  We will be doing a lot of updates on public social media, but our GoFundMe supporters, sponsors, and other partners will get a lot of insider information that nobody else will have access to.  It is so secret and so “inside” that anyone of your extended CREW that wants this level of access must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement!  

We will host other “behind the scenes” elements, ahead of our public social media to you regardless of a signed NDA or not!  

Examples of support:

There is plenty of public relations, goodwill, and marketing opportunities returned to our sponsors and benefactors.  RenegadeAV8R will combine the full force of its branding and marketing opportunities through our RenegadeAV8R Radio Show and Jet Airshow Demonstrations to these New Generation World Record events.  We are able to get up close and personal with millions of people all over North America and to the rest of the world with our video and other media elements. These are annual sponsor opportunities.

For the right partner, there is an EXCLUSIVE Partner Opportunity.  $600,000 gives all placement and branding for the program, the jets, and the ground support equipment to the EXCLUSIVE Partner.  Affiliate sponsors and in-kind relationships are still available, but our PR, our marketing, our media efforts will be focused exclusively on our EXCLUSIVE Partner.  We believe that even at this level, that our grassroots supporters through this page and our affiliate partners will still be valuable to the effort and our EXCLUSIVE Partner, so these levels will still receive recognition on our website and at our events.  

We have ONE Title Sponsor position available for $300,000.  This sponsor will have top placement and branding on all three jets and all of our PR, marketing, and other materials.  Our project will be identified with this Title Sponsor in all of our communications.  The project will be named with the mutual consent of both parties. For instance, The (insert name) Jet World Record Team, The (insert name) Airshow Demo, The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show brought to you by (insert name). 

I mentioned our three jets.  We are offering three Jet Sponsor positions for $100,000 each.  Your name or the name of your company/school or organization will be on one of our three jets and our PR, marketing and other materials will also give you Jet Sponsor recognition.  For instance, The (title sponsor) Jet World Record Team flying the (insert YOUR name/brand) jet.  Other references can include The Title Sponsor brings the RenegadeAV8R to your airshow today, flying the (insert YOUR name/brand) jet.  

Ground support sponsor.  Jets like this need ground support equipment, for towing, starting, gas delivery for Nitrogen/Oxygen, and more.  The Ground support sponsor is $80,000 and this will include branding on our ground support vehicles. Vehicles will be branded with our Title Sponsor and YOUR brand is shown in the premier locations on the equipment.

Affiliate Sponsors include all other named sponsors. These are only $20,000 and provide high-value advertising and promotion of you, your business or your organization for this effort.  Affiliate sponsors do have a limited opportunity to get their branding on our aircraft and/or ground support vehicles.

We are always thankful for product sponsorships.  The list of products and materials that we need to reach our goal is a long one.  Please contact us directly to discuss these product sponsorships.  You will receive recognition in relation to the value of the sponsorships, of course!

Contact David Costa directly for any of the above options.  [email redacted]

Grassroots sponsorship:

Our GoFundMe Page is the ideal way for anyone who believes in what we are doing and wants to be a part of it.  

No amount of support is too small.  This page encourages your support of any amount.  Everyone involved at every level receives our sincere gratitude. In order for a project like this to be successful, grassroots support is equally vital to the organizational support that we receive.  This is a community effort!   

$10,000 is what we require to get the project started.  So only a small amount of support from the community is all the recognition that we need to push up the throttles and get going.  $2000 can cover the cost of a test flight, but even $200 can help cover the cost of an airline ticket to bring a student studying aerospace engineering to our hangar site.  

Grassroots supporters help us reach larger corporate supporters.  Let’s not hold back the NEW Generation of Aerospace Professionals.  This is a great opportunity for you to help and for them to show us what they can do!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there opportunities for students, apprentices, and enthusiasts under 18?  Yes!  Anyone can sign up for our newsletter and updates to find out more.  Any event for people under 18 will require parent or guardian supervision.  RenegadeAV8R makes it part of what we do to visit schools and be involved with community events to promote aviation and aerospace to everyone.  

Will I get to fly one of the jets? No. These are experimental aircraft that do not sell or offer rides of any kind.  You can see these jets fly at an airshow near you or follow our social media for all of our videos.  There will be opportunities for young adults to be closely involved in all flight activities, except for pilot opportunities.  Any flight operations with members of our team, if any, will be in certified aircraft.  

Are there opportunities for people over 30?  Yes!  We are very clear that our mission is to provide young adult, aerospace professionals the opportunity to make these world records happen.  But I am almost 60 and I know the level of experience, expertise, and enthusiasm of people for all age groups, all walks of life.  I encourage you to contribute funds to our efforts and apply to be one of our experts/mentors.  These young people are counting on you and will appreciate your contributions!

How do I get my university, college, or trade school involved?  This is a great question.  There are a few ways.  A school can become a sponsor at the Title, Aircraft or Ground Support Level and gain the ability to take a leadership role in all or part of the project. Many times, these educational institutions will be able to get alumni or other benefactors to provide the funds for this level of support.  We won’t exclude all others, but certainly, this provides a particular school unparalleled influence over the effort.  Another way is for a school group to join us as a part of the NEW Generation Group and submit a team level proposal for a project within our program. We are looking for the best ideas, not just money.  Even more so, we are looking for people who can deliver on the ideas that they support, just like in the real world, we will let you run with the ball, but you will need to deliver.  This is why we enlist all kinds of support to stack the cards in YOUR favor!

Thank You!
David Costa

Host, The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show

Test Pilot and Airshow Demo Pilot

PS - Anyone who is able to contribute over $100 to our efforts will be included in our RenegadeAV8R CREW and receive the benefits of our Jet CREW level through Patreon for nothing extra. Anyone able to contribute in excess of $300 toward this effort will be added to our VIP CREW for no extra cost!  Please check out the benefits of these programs, HERE.  


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