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Hank boarded up best as possible and stocked up knowing the power would go out and water could be contaminated. He was prepared. He kissed and saw off his beautiful bride Cindy, and though she would go stay with family further inland, he was going to hold his ground and care for the home he'd made and stick around for the potential mess to clean up at work at the Ingleside Kiewit yard. He was optimistic, but thank God: he prepared.

With our eyes glued to the news, we all watched reports of 130 mph winds and heavy devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Ingleside-on-the-Bay. It would be days before Hank could contact his wife and confirm he was safe. We rejoiced and were so grateful he made it through.

But less than two months later, still in the midst of recovering from Hurricane Harvey, Hank and Cindy find themselves in the eye of a new raging storm. Only this time there were no warnings or sirens or evacuation routes. There was no preparing and they didn't have time to board up.

On November 3, after several days of increasingly alarming symptoms and inconclusive ER visits, Hank Mann was taken by ambulance to Premier ER and then transferred to Doctor's Regional/Corpus Christi Medical Center. In serious condition, he was admitted to the ICU and given initial treatment for bacterial spinal meningitis, though the results wouldn't come back for a several days, waiting on confirmation can be too late.

CT scans of the brain, spinal fluid tests and blood work results all supported the diagnosis of  bacterial spinal meningitis. Continual lab work and testing eventually also resulted in a positive test for West Nile Virus.

 Over the course of the first week Hank developed issues breathing and was intubated and put on a ventilator. A central line IV was put in his neck to efficiently deliver the cocktail of antibiotics that fighting bacterial meningitis requires. He was vented and sedated off and on for over 3 weeks. He would eventually get a PEG tube for feeding and a tracheostomy that would create an opening in his neck to more easily deliver oxygen to his weakened lungs. After a month in the ICU at Corpus Christi Regional, Hank was transferred to PAM Specialty Hospital of Corpus Christi for long-term acute care and rehabilitation. 

His medical team worked with him on a rigorous treatment plan. His uphill battle  included fighting pneumonia, breathing on his own, swallowing , fighting more infections and regaining the strength for motor functions. After a month in PAM, Hank was transferred back to Corpus Christi Regional for extensive therapy and rehabilitation to prepare him to return home.

Now two months and two weeks since being admitted to the hospital, Hank is finally able to continue his long-term recovery at home with the aid of a walker and in-home nursing care and therapy.

This is a terrifying diagnosis for those of us who know and love him. All this bad news has been the reality surrounding especially Hank's precious wife Cindy, and their families and friends and community for the past 2+ months. They couldn’t have boarded up for this. How could they have prepared for this? 

People already want to be rallying around them asking, "what can we do to help?" The good news is there's a tangible way for all of us to contribute!

While Hank does have health insurance, there are many expenses that are going to be out-of-pocket.  With loss of income, weeks of rehab still ahead, and the inconceivable amount of medical bills that have started  rolling in, now is the time to rally around them.

We can't wait to see Hank “back to normal”, back tinkering in his garage, back sipping a Lone Star, back cheering his Cowboys, back making his rounds on the golf cart, back operating his crane, back making his weekly long-distance calls to his family.   

Have you ever heard the expression "No man is an island"? This expression is a quote from John Donne's Devotions (1624): “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main." Human beings necessarily depend on one another, as in, You can't manage this all by yourself; no man is an island.

Hank can beat this, but he can't do it alone. Hank and Cindy need us to stand by them now. No Mann is an island.

If you've ever met Hank Mann, then you already know that he's one of the most generous people you could ever hope to meet. He's a man who gives of himself to anyone and everyone he knows. He's a dedicated husband to his wife Cindy. A so very precious father to his children Hank III, Jennifer, Natasha, and Karen. He is the eldest and dear son of Margaret, and big brother to “John Boy” and “Liss”, as Hank would call them. He's been a valued member of the Kiewit team for over 25 years. He’s been a loved community member of Ingleside and Ingleside-on-the-Bay for many years. There's simply no way to calculate the number of lives that have been impacted for the better simply by having him in it. It’s a rare find when you know a man who appreciates the big AND the small things in life and is joyful and grateful for it all. Who hasn’t heard him proclaim, “IT’S ALL GOOD!”? If you've known Hank for even five minutes you've known you were in the company of a man with a HUGE heart and presence (and I don’t just mean his big bear hugs!) If you haven’t met him yet, we know you’d love him the way we do.

You know when you meet a person and they don't leave you after you've walked away from the conversation? You remember their laugh and wit and humility and heart? You remember their spirit?

That's our Hank.

Please help us help our Hank continue to be there for his wife, children, siblings and mother, his family and his many friends by contributing to his fund today. No donation is too small and everything will be greatly appreciated! Every dollar we raise will be used to offset the burden caused by this serious illness and his long-term recovery. This is what we can do.

No Mann Is An Island so let’s flood them with an ocean of support and help!


Hey y’all. I’m Shelby Mathis, niece of Hank Mann (and daughter of Hank’s sister, “Liss”/ Melissa (Mann) Wilson.)

A final word from me personally: I am so moved by my Uncle Hank’s life and love for the people he knows and loves. I’ve been impressed watching him for as long as I’ve known him (literally my whole life) bless meals and faithfully thank the Lord for his life, call his mother and siblings every Sunday, and be a tender-hearted man with deceptively hardcore tattoos. I admire the heck out of this man and just so strongly want for Hank and Cindy to feel our love and support in a big way through this fund. There’s truly no one else like him and if you know him, I know you’re shaking your head “yes.”

Thanks for coming here to GoFundMe to learn about how you can help Hank in this battle. You’re truly giving a hand up to a man so worthy of our help. Thank you so much.

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