Stand With Elijah As He Faces Racial Injustice

Elijah Buoi Majak, a former lost boy of South Sudan who came to United States with his young family with hardly something in hand to start life in America. Following his initial culture shock, being in an unfamiliar environment with everything completely new to him and his family, Elijah Buoi never complained or made any excuses but worked very hard as he juggled family needs, taking university/college classes, engineering assignments, and over 60 hours of work a week. With his uncompromised commitments in anything he sets his mind on, Elijah eventually finished his higher education, beating untold odds.

Elijah finished his degrees both bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Minor in Applied Mathematics, and Master of Science in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship with honors. He set a record as the first ever from his genealogy to graduate from university as well as first African American Immigrant generation in United States of America. After completion of his education, Elijah started his Engineering career as software developer and eventually excelled to Engineering manager position before starting his Engineering or IT company in May 2019. though Elijah and his wife were making roughly over a quarter millions of dollars a year, Elijah decided to create his own company in order to create a bigger value of proposition for a greater good and cause for jobs creation and employment opportunities to many Americans seeking jobs.

Moreover, for the love of both his country of origin; South Sudan and his new home; United States of America, Elijah chose to name his company as SOSUDA TECH (South Sudanese American Technologies). Elijah vision was to link both South Sudan and America in terms of IT services that his company renders. However, the creation of new challenge of life was never easy as funding became the hardest encounter. After many attempts to get a working capital loans from many financial lenders, Elijah was denied several times, something that wondered him beyond imagination.

However, he never let that derailed his vision and dreams of serving greater cause of global humanity, but he rather continued to run his company on his personal income/finance as the sole source of working capital. He opened Offshore branch in New Delhi, India in December 2019 as he also planned to do so in East Africa, particularly South Sudan. With such relentless drives and passions, I saw a value in Elijah's missions & his company, which can bring a huge impact to the lives of many people in South Sudan as well as here in United States of America. Therefore, I reached out to Elijah to meet with South Sudanese Ambassador in Washington DC in September 2019.

Fortunately, the meeting went well with South Sudanese Ambassador and Elijah was invited to meet with the South Sudanese government delegation headed by Vice President of South Sudan. Elijah and his partnering company owners came to New York in September 2019, and again, the meeting went well and got invited to go to South Sudan to conduct 3 months assessments before deciding where to start contracts with his new client, Government of South Sudan. However, Elijah and his partners decided to build team first before traveling to client site in Juba, South Sudan.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 Global Pandemic hit the whole world, causing economic shutdowns, global travel bans, lost of jobs, businesses & humans  lives. Elijah continued to run both branches of his company throughout COVID-19 global pandemic period, with hopes that things will eventually be alright. Fortunately enough, Government of United States of America signed COVID-19 Relief CARE Act in order to fund small businesses devastated by economic injury disaster posed by businesses shutdown due to COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

The likes of SOSUDA TECH and many other small businesses felt a sense of Relief and raced off to apply for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)  and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL). Unfortunately, this great program turned out to be a nightmare to minorities small business owners. As all Americans who are following the news of PPP programs are aware that 98 % of small businesses owned by minorities, and particularly  black/African American owned businesses were denied access to Paycheck Protection Program & Economic Injury Disaster Loans that were meant to save them for going out of business during this difficult time.
Those few small businesses which were lucky made it like Elijah's IT Start-up company got implicated and falsely accused of crimes that are none rational and illogical to justify and legally proven according to claim complaints against the PPP loan funded to his company in June 2020. Just a week after his company received PPP fund of 2 million US dollars, FBI agents stormed into his home and got him arrested through speculative and as sumptuous claims. None of PPP money (1.2 million US dollars) meant for employees’ payroll was touched. Elijah and his IT Startup company are being accused of wanting to take 13 million dollars for PPP money which is not true. Before accepting 2 million PPP loan in which his company qualified for, Elijah cancelled all other PPP loan applications. FBI and Bank of America failed to firstly investigate Elijah and his company, but instead concluded to stormed into his house just a week after receiving funding.

Luckily enough, nobody in the family was hurt despite the fact that incidence closer to Breonna Taylor’s & many other instances that had claimed many lives of Innocent African Americans, nearly happened as Elijah’s wife nearly got shot as she opened the door for FBI agents to enter the house. Elijah was released on bail on the same day and now seeking for competent legal counsel for a fair hearing.

As historically known in the United States of America and all over the world that racial disparities have long pervaded every step of the criminal justice process, from police stops, searches, arrests, shootings and other uses of force to charging decisions, wrongful convictions, and sentences, Elijah’s case and many other innocent minorities that are serving their lives behind bars are not exceptional in this case.

As a result, many of us in America are sensitized & well-informed now than ever before that a structural or institutional bias against people of color, shaped by long-standing racial, economic, and social inequities, infects the criminal justice system. These systemic inequities & racisms can also instill implicit biases, unconscious prejudices that favor in-groups and stigmatize out-groups. Efforts to address systemic and implicit biases in law enforcement & judicial chambers in America are unlikely to be effective in reducing the racial disparities in the criminal justice system as long as explicit racism in law enforcement continues to endure.  Due to the above experiences I would like us to stand up in support of Elijah's fair trial process through funding needs for competent legal counsel he is seeking for financial help. There is ample evidence to demonstrate that in today’s America. Therefore, I’m urging all great American citizens to join hands and stand with Elijah and his family as he seeks fair trial. Your generous  donations will serve a great cause for justice and equality for Elijah, his family and the vision to create a greater value via his Corporate Entity (SOSUDA TECH, LLC).


-The smartest & intelligent South Sudanese American Engineering Entrepreneur of our time who quickly converts innovative ideas to feasible solutions in short amount of times.

-Generous, honest, sincere, loving, faithful, friendly, God fearing and hardworking brother.

-Great Leader with fair judgement & treatment of all people regardless of their race & backgrounds or religions.

-Passionate about new technologies and innovations.

-A great visionary & a dreamer who aspires to serve at larger capacity that could cover demands of global humanities than his personal gains.


-Elijah willfully cancelled $9.4 million dollars approved to his company by SBA (Small Business Administration) in May 2020 through Bank of America due to business reason courtesy of PPP loan rules that were not good enough for the operation of his business during shutdown period. The rules were not favorable to his business plans as well as business operational hardships posed by economic shutdowns. 

-Secondly, he reapplied again in June when PPP rules were changed. However, he made a calculated business decisions in terms of number of employees to go with due to fear of economic uncertainties and employees’ retention after PPP exhaustion. None of his PPP loan moves are about the assumptions that were made in his case, but rather a pure entrepreneurial decisions.

-Elijah eventually proved that by taking only 2 million dollars PPP loan and cancelled other pending PPP loan applications. I know Elijah since he was a child till today, he is a man of high integrity and honesty. He is created as giver than a taker. Nothing can change him from that natural character that makes him unique since the time I have known him personally, intellectually and professionally.

Based on Forbes, The New York Times and other news and media sources, it has been reported that over 90 small businesses similar to Elijah's IT startup company have received much for PPP loan amount and none was ruled illegal. Elijah and his company as well as employees are seeking your supports as they gear up against racial injustice and business segregation/inequality in today's America.

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