Salt River Wild Horse Mngmt Group

Important *** This is the official funding site for the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, inc, an Arizona 501 (C) (3) non-profit horse welfare organization.

The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group has fought and continues to fight for the lasting protection for the iconic Salt River wild horses in their habitat in the Tonto National Forest.

(FYI currently there is also a SRWHMG Gofundme page specified for the increase in reward money for the Salt River wild horse killer.)

After the U.S. Forest Service published a July 31, 2015 notice of intent to roundup and annihalate this iconic wild horse herd, the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group organized effective public media campaigns and filed a lawsuit and sought an injunction to stop the roundup to save these beloved  horses from becoming history.  This Gofundme page was opened at that time as the need arose for help from the public.  

As a result of the publicity campaigns and public pressure as well as our negotiations, the US Forest Service announced a postponement of the roundup for 120 days on August 18th. The SRWHMG then dropped the lawsuit in order to work with the Forest Service. By the end of the 120 days, the Forest Service listened to the voice of the public and rescinded the notice to impound the Salt River wild horses.

Negotiations between the SRWHMG and the Forest Service and the Agriculture Department and legislators for their future management and protection are ongoing. 

We cannot let them become history. We need to be prepared for all we have to do and we need your help to do so!

Your contributions will help us: 

-Fight for the preservation and permanent  protection of the wild horses through education campaigns, media and promotional materials. 

-Fund the rescue and rehabilitation of fatally injured Salt River wild horses.

-Continue to improve the road safety by repairing, and replacing barbless fences and gates to keep the horses off the roads and working with the DOT.

-Pay for peer reviewed scientists to perform an environmental assesment, if donations allow.  ($15,000)

-Pay the high legal bills we have incurred fighting the annihilation of our Salt River horses. Our lawsuit can be refiled should the FS make the wrong decision in the future. ($17,000)

-Continue our DNA research and monotoring of the Salt River wild horses.

-Continue to improve safety hazards  for the horses and people alike, such as the removal  of miles of downed old barbed wire, cleaning the river of aluminum cans, fishing line etc.

-Fund our humane immuno-contraception program which is the basis of protection for the horses. If we can give some of the older mares a break from having babies as well as give the younger mares some years to mature before having babies then the herd will get to a 0% growthrate (which means birthrate equals deathrate) which might be acceptable to all stakeholders as well as the US Forest Service. 

Members of the Salt River Management Group have closely monitored and protected the Salt River wild horses for almost 20 years.  Our goals for the future include a Wild Worse Welcome Center and a Wild Horse Injury Center.  No member of the SRWHMG gets paid, so 100% of your donation goes towards the protection of the horses.

We cannot and will not let this historic and cherished herd be destroyed. Thank you for giving these horses the powerful voice of the public.  

Don't let them become history!

Gratefully yours, 
Simone Netherlands, President
Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

This is baby Diamond and his mom Sapphire.
Diamond would not have survived a roundup as he had just been born. Diamond is now learning the ins and outs of what it means to be a salt river wild horse. 
We fight so that they may live their lives wild and free.

Your donation is tax deductable. We are truly grateful for your support.
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