Murders happen too often. Many of them occur as the result of an emotionally charged situation. What if we could stop people before they act? What if we could get people to see that there are other alternatives to their situation? That’s when comes in the book called Life Target: Free and Heal Yourself from Your Enemy- By Catrine Bo’ Griffith - read the synopsis and an advanced excerpt at the end of this page.

I got to the point of holding a knife to kill my father. I do not wish anyone to find themselves in that same extreme situation. The lack of healthy support during my crisis played a big role in my choice to become a vigilante.

I believe that many people do not wish to use violence.

Your participation is welcome and important.

Distributing my book to as many people as possible will give them the following impacts:

• self-reflection on the intention of becoming violent

• the consequences that come with it

• more importantly, a way out of it.

- Violence can be prevented by teaching people how to get ahead of it or away from it and substituted with positive information, tools, and support, such as Life Target: Free and Heal Yourself from Your Enemy.

The book will get into the hands of:

Struggling vulnerable individuals contemplating a lethal act:

-People contemplating violence will be able to relate to my testimonial. The book will encourage and inspire people towards having a different mindset for a better and healthier decision when it comes to their conflict – regardless of age, race, or gender.

-Reading about the reality of the disastrous consequences if they choose violence will hopefully get them to reconsider. Readers will find in the book the reason and how to get the help they need in order to welcome the leaders they are and not the vigilantes they have become.

Community members: We can strengthen our communities by promoting self-reflection, consideration, and open-mindedness in helping others during such a crisis. This can unify and help communities live a more serene, daily life by reducing the number of victims of violence.

WHY sponsor my book Life Target: Heal and Free Yourself from Your Enemy?

When I decided to kill my father, I thought I had no other way out. Yet, luckily one of my brothers stopped me a few seconds before I was about to act. But unfortunately, not everyone has the same outcome. This is why I need your help! It is urgent for individuals to obtain positive options when dealing with conflicts. Otherwise, they may use violence.

Sponsor as many books as possible. You will provide support emergency resources and promote positive effects in the hands of struggling individuals who are contemplating an act of violence.

-Purchase 1 or multiple books.

- Life Target organization-www.lifetarget.org- will be responsible for distributing the books to individuals and community centers based on requests and events.


My name is Catrine Bo’ Griffith, Founder and President of Life Target nonprofit organization. It is essential to share my own experience of defusing the vigilante we become when we think deadly violence is the only solution.

Among its purpose, Life Target has developed Life Target Emergency Proxy (L.T.E.P.), a national search engine to help prevent violence in our society.

L.T.E.P. is a successful anonymous free user-friendly 24/7 referral crisis service, with close to 500 violence prevention services at one’s fingertips: divided into four categories -Hotlines -Texts- Chats- Online counseling.

As my book explains, I was in the process of committing a most violent and lethal transgression before being stopped a few minutes from the potential tragedy.

By reading my book, people will grasp the opportunity not to feel vulnerable or disrespected if they don’t eliminate their opponent. In addition, it will inform about self-destruction when choosing violence.

It also demonstrates the dangerous mindset we have become towards:

o our opponent

o our close relatives

o our community

It is possible to come to terms with our anger during confrontations when we seek help from people not involved in the conflict. We need to provide a support system for the healing process to occur.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. We will collectively generate a support system that will give individuals an informative book in hand, showing with concrete options the way out of isolation and violence. Again, it’s an asset I didn’t have at the time of my conflict.

I can’t thank you enough for supporting my mission for our community.

Based on Catrine Bo’ Griffith’s experience of deciding to kill a family member, her book, Life Target: Heal and Free Yourself from Your Enemy helps us to understand the personal consequences that arise from the moment of planning a lethal act, whether you follow through with it or not.
This book also demonstrates that we can learn to distance ourselves from violence without feeling weak or defeated. Anyone who finds him/herself in this situation must seek emotional support and begin the process of healing the emotions that may have been ignored or damaged for decades.
The “ticking time bomb.”
...Whether you consider yourself a victim or a vigilante, resorting to violence will bring you to the same empty conclusion: any intention to hurt or kill only provides a false and self-destructive sense of being in control. Thinking that everything will be perfect once the opponent has been eliminated will not work.
For my part, this personal experience happened to me during my childhood. Unfortunately, I was feeling overwhelmed in a situation that needed immediate attention with a proxy.
I did not speak up about my burden to anyone; therefore, I could not receive objective advice. I let my negative emotions silently get the better of me. As a result, I met with failure by seeking my own potential solutions while not being in the right state of mind. To me, at that moment, deciding to kill my opponent seemed to be the last and only option.
Having been stopped by my brother shouting at me multiple times to drop the knife when I was just a moment away from killing my father, I truly understand what you are going through.
That is why I am here extending a hand to you. I am here to share my experience as a humble supporter. I witnessed that it is necessary to defuse the “ticking time bomb” that we can become in those situations. However, I did not initially understand this when it happened to me.
This book is not here to judge or lecture you. Take it as your first proxy, a resource to inspire you not to live in silence or only vent your issue to people who approve of your intention.
It is time to face who you are becoming since you made the decision to harm another person. Only then can you heal and free yourself with sincere heart-searching about the origin of those violent thoughts and behavior, whether the conflict was started by your actions or someone else’s...
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