Soul Flame: Therapy Support Program


TO BE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED this September 10th, on World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

TO SUMMARIZE: The coming of Emma Paunil's debut vocal release, Soul Flame, marks the start of a worldwide movement. Releasing on World Suicide Prevention Day 2021, the song and music video's message reminds us that even in our darkest hour, there exists hope and purpose to re-ignite our “Soul Flame.” In addition to sharing empowering energy through her musical work, Emma has made it a mission to demystify and de-stigmatize the plethora of available therapy techniques available for all those who need help, alongside the creation and release of Soul Flame.

This program is the fund to help those who hesitate to seek out therapy due to a fear of financial burden from therapy, and who may feel that paying for therapy cannot be balanced with other vital expenses such as housing and food. The funding begins now, so that the launch date of this program on September 10th, 2021 for World Suicide Prevention Day will have the greatest inaugural impact possible.

An estimate published in the APA averaging data from various therapy techniques (which... there are a lot of them!) found that, through self-reported findings, 50% of patients recover from an average of 15-20 sessions. Alongside that finding, the average session costs $20-$50 with insurance, if covered, and $60-$120 per session without.

How This Funding Program Will Work:

  • Applicants send in submission request (a video or essay, financial statement, preferred therapist & contact info, as well as if their insurance will help with coverage or not)
  • Therapist choice of approved applicants will be contacted for coordinating the first appointment (Trial Appointment)
  • If client feels that the therapist is a right fit, up to 20 (total) sessions will be funded, or a maximum of $2400 per person.

Ways You Can Contribute

  • If you are a therapist interested in becoming a recognized partner of the program, please contact me through this campaign, or through my personal website
  • If you donate anything to this campaign, you are contributing... even if it is $5!
  • 50% of all profit from any purchase of Emma Paunil's SOUL FLAME Merchandise , featuring the Phoenix Emblem and World Suicide Prevention Ribbon, is a direct contribution to this fund.
  • If you are a brand or company looking to become an official sponsor, please contact me through this campaign, or through my personal website

With this fund, if we raise $11,111,111 and pay for the maximum average sessions per person (20) at the maximum price per session, without insurance ($120), nearly 5,000 individuals in need could receive full care. That is 5,000 more healthy, happy people on this planet... and my guess is that we can help even more than that!

Find even more info about this mission below :) And thank you for your support!

Mental & Emotional health matters...

let me say that again louder so the people in the back can hear...


It is a topic that is far under-valued in our society. It is an unfortunate truth that we place such a great deal of (sometimes vital) emphasis on, "...make money to pay the bills, survive, and hopefully get rich," that we steal the vital energy away from our genuine sense of well-being. An estimate from the World Health Organization revealed that there are over 300 million people in the world who experience depression...

... and that is just what has been statistically recorded of depression alone. There are a plethora of other mental health conditions from which people suffer.

Moreover, let me emphasize this, you DO NOT need to have a diagnosed mental health condition to benefit from therapy. You can be any human being on this planet and benefit from understanding yourself more thoroughly. I, Emma Paunil, am one of those individuals: I do not have a diagnosed mental health condition, yet I benefit a great deal from therapy – and enjoy it! There are many people who experience undiagnosed anxiety, depression, or mood disorders that could greatly benefit from the enlightening properties of the plethora of therapy techniques that exist out there.

However, it took me a long time to let myself ask for help. I went back and forth thinking, "Oh, I just need to get over stuff on my own... so many people physiologically need this more than I do!" and even experienced, "Oh my goodness, it would be $120 per session and my insurance doesn't even cover it?!"

The purpose behind this fund is to help eliminate or ease that inner conflict when one considers seeking therapy. With the Soul Flame Therapy Support Program, my goal is to help applicants of the program who are in financial need receive the help they need, from the therapist of their choice.


While it is important for all of us to find this igniting purpose, sometimes reaching out for help is a critical step for our well-being. It can me daunting for some to think of seeking therapy for a few pertinent reasons:

1) Fear of judgement by our family and friends due to societal pressures and associated stigma.

2) Fear of the unknown, and not fully understanding the plethora of therapy options available.

3) Fear of financial burden, and not feeling that paying for therapy can be balanced with other vital expenses.

I plan to address and tend to all three of these concerns in order to encourage more people to seek help. In the process of creating this release, I have been researching therapy techniques, interviewing therapists, and even have been seeking therapy myself. I plan to share this information to my audience so that the thought of seeking therapy becomes de-stigmatized and demystified.

Here's a link for a bit more information about Soul Flame!

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