Son who has been fighting to stay alive.

Hey there my name is Andrew and I'm from San Antonio Texas, seeking the help from other people around the world to help my wife and I pay off our bills and watch our son grow up while he's fighting every single day to get healthier and stronger. My story is below, I truly hope you read it and can pass it on to anyone else you know. 

06-23-2019 the day my first ever child was born, a Boy, he came as a surprise at just 6 months, my wife was rushed to the hospital as her health was very poor one night and after having multiple tests done it was determined they needed to do an emergency C-Section on her to get our child out otherwise they could both die.

He weighed under a pound, he was very tiny, deemed a preemie, we were very heartbroken by this because we were told his chances of survival at his weight and age were pretty low. But the hospital we were in did not give up they did all that they could to keep him alive that night and for the weeks to come. 

My wife never got to see our son after the C-Section since she was forced to stay in her hospital room for a week because she had lost a ton of blood during the operation and was very weak and fragile. So I was the one who was checking on him every moment I could while in the hospital. During this time of his birth I hadn't been going to work and mostly just staying in the hospital next to my son in his Incubator in the NICU, just staring at him and hoping he could overcome all of this, he had so many wires and tubes running off of him it was honestly so hard to look at him without wanting to just cry and feeling like you failed as a parent. 

After about 2 weeks of him being in the NICU with oxygen tubes in place to help him breathe, he was showing some signs of progression, things were looking up, till an xray was done on him and they noticed that air was getting trapped and pushing onto the side of his lungs and he needed a tube to be placed into his chest so it can pull the air out safely and not risk his lung collapsing. After a month or so he ended up with 3 chest tubes 2 on one side and 1 on the other to pull the air that kept getting trapped. 

Fast forward a couple of months later, both my wife and I have been at the hospital nearly every single day for pretty much 12+ hours by his side going home to eat, shower, and sleep for a bit and go right back to the hospital to be with him. We both weren't working, mostly surviving off anything we had saved up and our credit cards that we had. Our son was showing major progression, gaining weight, opening his eyes, moving his arms and legs, looking more and more healthier every single day. But there was still a ton of issues wrong with him that needed to be dealt with sadly. We were told he had pulmonary hypertension and would need oxygen longer than expected, and that his lungs were just awful and did not look good at all, and would need to be placed on a ventilator, Which involved him needing to get a Trachea placed. We were horrified by the thought of this but we had to have it be done to move forward with his progression and his chance of surviving and coming home to us.

Surgery was done to have the Trachea placed, and along with it a G-Tube, The G-Tube is placed in the stomach to be fed his formula as he could not take anything orally with the Trachea, since birth he was being fed by a tube anyways that was put through the mouth/down the throat. So we didn't mind the G-Tube because it looked a lot better than seeing a tube being pushed down his throat. But the Trachea being placed, that was a different story, we were so scared by it, we didn't know what to think of it, we felt so bad seeing him with it, we could tell he was uncomfortable with it, and in pain after the surgery. It was very intimidating at first, until we were properly trained on how to handle the Trachea and work with it involving cleaning it routinely and even swapping it out for a new one. 

Fast forward to 01-06-2020 HE'S FINALLY HOME! After about 6-7 months of being in the hospital, both my wife and I not working running off just what little money we have at this point selling things we had around the house, he's finally home with us and in his own crib. We spent holidays in the NICU with him, but now we can spend them at HOME with him. He came home with a ton of medical supplies and devices being needed to keep him alive, he's on a ventilator 24/7 and on oxygen to help as a secondary support. It was a bit scary at first thinking we were gonna have to deal with all this alone, but luckily given the situation he was in he qualified for Medicaid, which provided in home Nursing services 24/7 which was great, it meant I can get back to work and try to catch up on bills. 

I returned to work as soon as I can, luckily my Job was actually understanding of the situation and let me return back to work. My wife stayed unemployed to be with the baby, even though we had a nurse 24/7 it felt weird and VERY scary to leave him alone with this random person even though they were a nurse and had a clean background. We just couldn't do that, so I was the only one working, and honestly it didn't workout well we were in so much debt, both of us had multiple credit cards that were maxed out, ton of bills were behind, medical bills were flowing in for my wife (thankfully Medicaid covered my son's entire stay in the NICU and his surgeries), Car payments were behind. Everything you could imagine being a bill, was behind. I struggled to catch up on most things but got the important stuff taken care of first like rent for our apartment (super close to being evicted) but we made it happen. I kept paying on small things here and there just barely getting by but honestly it was hard.

Eventually COVID hit, this was probably the most frightening thing as I was working in a place that had over 200 people in the building at a time and everyone was super close to each other, there was no space for us to really work. Since my son was diagnosed with a Chronic Lung Disease he was more vulnerable to any type of sickness/virus. I quickly had to leave my job to reduce the risk of getting any type of virus and bringing it back home to my Son. Over the months we began falling behind on bills once more, we got the Stimulus check (yay lol) we were able to pay our rent and some more stuff but it just wasn't enough. 

Since the pandemic first hit till now, I've been doing small things here and there, I do UberEats a lot, my wife does commissions for paintings and sells them, I offer Computer repair services, I've sold a ton of my Collectible items but no matter what we just cannot keep up or even get by. 

I'm finally returning back to work part-time, I'm scared of what's  to come, but I'm gonna take a lot of precautions, of course washing my hands, sanitizing, 6 feet social distancing, showering as soon as I get home and wiping down anything that I touch on my way in. 

My son is doing well during these current times, he's progressed a lot he's fighting really hard to prove that he deserves to live in this world, he proved the doctors wrong who told us he may not survive, he's proving to us that we didn't fail as parents. He is still on a Ventilator, G-Tube, and requiring 24/7 assistance, He celebrated his 1st birthday with us at home and it was amazing. His lungs are still pretty bad but he's improving. 

I wanted to share my story about how my son had a low chance of surviving his premature birth to surviving it and coming home and still fighting to stay here. Both my wife and I are in debt horribly and have a ton of bills to be paid. We would love to have the help of others to pay these bills and to catch up on everything and move forward with our son. He may be fighting everyday to live and grow stronger and healthier, but he wont be able to do it with us his parents in debt and facing eviction, or losing our car, or not even having the money to put food on the table for ourselves. If you can help us out we would truly appreciate it honestly. Covid has truly ruined a ton of things for this world and for families. Anything helps out, stay safe y'all!
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