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Siobhán and Clodagh Laffey are my cousin's, Eleanor’s, two beautiful daughters who are suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that the girls contracted after being bitten by infected ticks while working voluntarily in a summer camp for underprivileged children in Maine, USA.

In September 2014, Clodagh then 21, & Siobhan 25, were diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and multiple infections. They had to travel to Augsburg, Germany, to be tested as Ireland did not have the necessary tests to accurately diagnose this disease. The tests came back positive but the girls were still unable to receive treatment in Ireland so they had to rely on the clinic in Germany to treat their disease. Unfortunately, because it was not diagnosed in Ireland, their health insurance does not cover any costs for their treatment! They get NO support from the Government!

Their parents, Eleanor & Michael, work tirelessly to be able to afford their medical care - in a bid to get them cured. Their medication normally costs around €2,000 a month. But as no medical clinic in Ireland will treat their disease, some months, because they have to make trips to Germany for additional treatment & check-ups, this has meant their medical bills are €5,000.

Since Christmas (2016), due to a number of health complications they have been unable to continue with the medication plan they were on and therefore their symptoms and overall health has deteriorated. They travelled to Germany June 4, 2017, to receive critical IV antibiotic treatment for 2-3 months. They were unsuccessful at sourcing a provider in Ireland to administer the IV treatment so the only option was to go to the clinic in Germany. This will involve huge costs (for the treatment and medications in the clinic) with preliminary estimates coming in at €50,000! They really need to continue to receive this critical treatment so they are cured of this horrific disease.

The adventurous sisters were once the most active girls playing camogie, doing rock climbing etc. and now some days both are bed ridden & in so much pain they can barely speak.

Family, neighbours, friends, and friends of friends, are constantly trying to come up with new fundraising ideas for Siobhán & Clodagh.

Well, when my friend, the "one and only", brave, daring courageous, heroic, gutsy......Chris Fitzpatrick agreed to this challenge on Facebook, egged on by Claire Nolan Donohue, I was overwhelmed by the response of so many asking me to set up a Gofundme, so similar, so they could donate and share on their own pages.

The Challenge:

CHRIS FITZPATRICK will don a dress!

Honestly........How much would you give to see a photo of Chris Fitzpatrick in a dress?
If we get enough money together, we might be able to encourage her to wear heels, too!! So let the fun begin!

PLEASE start donating!

Thanks again Chris Fitzpatrick for agreeing to do this challenge. You never stop surprising me!


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Any donation to help cover the cost of their ongoing medical treatment is greatly appreciated!


You can read more about the girls, and their story, on:

Laffey Lyme Trust

Some facts/info about Chronic Lyme Disease: The bacteria attacks all of the organs and systems in the body and is called "The Great Imitator" as it often mimics symptoms of other diseases such as MS or Parkinson’s' leading to high levels of misdiagnosis. Some of the symptoms they have been suffering since include:

-Inflammation of the membrane surrounding their brains, which can cause severe headaches
-Problems affecting their nervous systems – such as numbness and pain in their limbs
-Pain and swelling in their joints (similar to inflammatory arthritis)
-Mental dysfunction
-Chronic pain
-Chronic exhaustion
-Insomnia, migraines, dizziness & cognitive dysfunction.
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