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Citizen Diplomacy: The Medical Face Shields from Formosan

6/16 Updates

FAPA wants to thank everyone for the great support for this crowdfunding campaign in the past month -- We passed the second-phase goal! After deducting the transaction fee, we are able to purchase 93 cases, 9,300 pieces of face shields with the $21,346.88 donation from you ($20746.88 plus another $600 received by checks). Below is the invoice from Alpha ProTech for your review.

Next time, we will further inform you of the final recipients of these face shields, thanks!


謝謝大家過去一個月對我們群募活動的支持與鼓勵,讓我們募得超過二階段門檻的金額!在扣除手續費後,我們總共獲得約$21,346.88的善款(群募網站$20746.88,另外加上$600的支票捐款)。我們將以這筆金費購買93箱、共9300個防護面罩。以下是防護面罩公司Alpha ProTech的單據,僅供各位檢驗。



6/8 Updates: Thank you for all your support! We have achieved our second stage goal. We closed the fundraiser and are working on the administration side. A more detailed announcement will be released soon. 



This is a crowdfunding campaign for donating medical face shields to seven selected states in the United States. The goal is to fundraise $30,000 for a total of 13,000 pieces of face shields. An English introduction is in the second half of this page. 

大家好,我們是FAPA (台灣人公共事務會),一個由台美人在1982年所創立的草根性國會倡議組織。FAPA華府總部與全美45個分會,長期以台美關係正常化為方向,為我們的故鄉台灣盡一份心力。今天我們計劃透過群募方式,動員台灣公民社會與台美人社群的力量,共同執行「防護面罩公民建交」活動,以協助美國對抗武漢肺炎疫情,並促進台美合作與友誼。







考慮到捐贈物資的急迫性、並期望能更有效的利用善款,我們已向美國專門研發醫療防護設備的上市公司Alpha ProTech詢價,得到一個防護面罩2.25美元的報價。他們並將收取一次性由工廠至FAPA總部的運費$750。



本次募款目標:$2.25 * 13,000 + $750 = $30,000(請注意:捐款單位為美元)






Dear All,

We are the Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA). FAPA is a grassroots Congressional advocacy organization founded in 1982 by a group of Taiwanese Americans. Our DC Headquarters and the 45 Chapters have been dedicated to the normalization of US-Taiwan relations for nearly four decades.

Today, we want to further strengthen the US-Taiwan partnership by donating medical face shields to the United States of America. Believing in the power of grassroots mobilization, we count on you to join this crowdfunding campaign.

It has been a very difficult year for the United States. The Wuhan Virus has infected about 1.5 million Americans, causing over 80,000 deaths. We also learn the shortage of medical supplies around the country every once in a while. In contrast, due to Taiwan’s successful preventive measures, the “Taiwan Model” is now widely praised in the international community. Taiwan’s timely aid to countries hit hard by the pandemic has also won unprecedented international support for Taiwan.

The U.S. has contributed greatly to the peace, stability, and development of Taiwan. In return, Taiwanese Americans hope to work with the people of Taiwan to make a successful grassroots campaign to help the U.S. to fight the pandemic.

We are not doing this only for Taiwan’s international standing, but also to express gratitude to Members of the U.S. Congress. They have been in the frontline defending Taiwan and calling for positive changes in US-Taiwan relations. Two days ago, 205 Representatives issued a joint letter to WHO Director-General and calling for Taiwan’s unconditional participation as an observer. Earlier this month, the leadership of House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committee even wrote letters to nearly 60 embassies in Washington DC seeking their support for Taiwan’s observer status in the WHA. This coming Monday, there will be another surprise from the House of Representatives!

In the past year, several pieces of Taiwan-related legislation are introduced in Congress. In addition to Taiwan’s international participation, we also witness the support for the enhancement of Taiwan’s diplomatic relations and the signing of the US-Taiwan FTA.

If “Face Mask Diplomacy” is how the Taiwan Government shows its gratitude to U.S. support and friendship, then this crowdfunding campaign to donate face shields is how we — the people of Taiwan and the Taiwanese Americans — express our appreciation. 

We plan to donate 13,000 medical face shields to the hospitals or local governments of Arkansas, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and Iowa.

We have reached out to an American company specializing in medical equipment production, Alpha ProTech. They provided us a quote of $2.25 per piece with $750 transportation costs (from the factory to FAPA Headquarters).

Upon receiving, FAPA staff will tape Taiwan-related posters and the name of donors outside the boxes of face shields, followed by deliveries to the designated places in the seven states aforementioned. We will be responsible for this part of the transportation costs.

In other words, all of your donations will be solely used for face shield purchases and the $750 transportation costs.

Therefore, the goal of this campaign is : $2.25 x 13,000 + 750 = $30,000  

To carefully manage your contributions, we will make this a three-phase campaign. Each phase, with the sub-target of $9,000, will help these three groups of states respectively: (1) Arkansas and Florida; (2) Delaware and Maryland; and (3) Ohio, Virginia, and Iowa.

While the donation period is set for 10 days, we will stop receiving donations once we hit the ultimate target of $30,000. Moreover, after the campaign, the receipts will also be provided for public review. 

Thank you so much for your participation and your enthusiasm!

FAPA Official Website: https://fapa.org/wp/
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