She was right - She is still right

Hillary was right! She is still right! I was with her! I am still with her!

Because tRump is a vile unhinged narcissistic egomaniacal power hungry hate
filled and massively divisive lunatic! A wannabe dictator in every sense. It is just
that there is that pesky Constitution that gets in his way. 

Just think of where we would be today with Madame President Hillary Clinton.  I will never get over it. Especially with the unimaginable beyond atrocious
alternative we have. Which is of course pure evil!

Click on the link and read the article below.

Hillary Clinton was right all along about tRump 

Could you please help out this massively struggling lifelong liberal activist asap
today. All donations can be done anonymously if needed. Please support me and
share this everywhere and anywhere. 

I am in the fight of my life on many accounts with attention needed urgently.
I have a myriad of major problems. As well as pressing health issues that I can't
tend to. For I lost my health insurance with the ACA over 2 years ago because of evil tRump. I have preexisting conditions. Of which tRump and his evil cronies
will take the ACA to the Supreme Court yet again to scrap it
entirely this time
with tRump's 3rd appointment to the court. One of which was
STOLEN!  I am a massive victim of the tRump regime on many levels.


Please support my feminist progressive empowerment art.

Virtually all GoFundMe pages are asking for a straight up donation. I am not. I
am kindly asking you to support my massive project of countless years of work.
This is basically a Kickstarter campaign with illness and healing.
Just on GoFundMe avoiding all of the hoops to jump through  and goal
limitations that Kickstarter has.

I handcrafted one of a kind Forever Hillary/Love trumps Hate/Unity/LGBTQ
Pride frames of honor years ago. Of which I want to gift to young women all
over America to
empower them against the evils of the likes of what currently
occupies the White House. To gift to men and women all the same. To empower them to always be
involved with the great fight with being on the right side of
history, the liberal and progressive left.

If everyone on the left votes in historic numbers, we have a lot to be excited about with VP Biden and Senator Harris. But let’s not ever forget about Hillary Clinton. She was right all along about tRump.

Hillary calling the MAGA cult a basket of deplorables is a massive
understatement! Especially after what we have seen these past 4 years. tRump
has brought out endless evil from under rocks and the woodwork where they
needed to stay. He has given them a voice. And that is not right in America or anywhere for that matter.

Hillary has decades of brilliance and service to our country. She was very
instrumental in influencing her husband President Clinton to nominate the
absolutely amazing Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court. The Notorious

Almost 66 million votes proves that Hillary was right. 3 million more than tRump. Let's not forget that. If not for the electoral college, she would be president and
America would not have been destroyed. Or the laughing stock of the world.

Don’t ever forget about Hillary. Democrats far too often eat their own. Far too
many did in 2016. As noted, she might have won the popular vote by 3 million. But endless Democrats turned on her all the same. And now look what we have.

Women like Hillary and Justice Ginsburg paved the way for women like Senator
Kamala Harris to be our first female Vice President.

Forever Hillary with my frames means NEVER tRump. They are impeachment
frames. Especially due to the rigged election with Russian collusion,
disinformation with Putin behind it all, Wikileaks hacks, Comey and so much
more. Take all that aside, and the orange cretin wouldn't be president. Hillary
would be. We all knew from the get go that tRump would do something
impeachable. Sadly, he has committed countless impeachable offenses on a daily basis for years. So Forever Hillary it is.

My frames stand for - I'm With Her! And I'm Still With Her! And so much more
empowerment for women at the one of the darkest times in American history.

Forever Hillary means she will forever be right about tRump!
The design of my frames have deep meaning. 

The frame is painted in pink for the obvious color associated with the female
gender, the pink pussyhats associated with the Women’s Marches, etc.

Forever Hillary is painted in white because white is the color that is associated
with the women’s suffrage movement. White is a symbol of sisterhood and
solidarity. So I added the word unity to the frame as a sign of solidarity. And
because it was an obvious theme of Hillary’s Stronger Together campaign theme. Unity is painted in baby blue which was a color used by the campaign.

Crazy to believe that division is literally tRump’s entire campaign message and
how he has performed as that “president” thing.

The blue star is a Democratic blue star that Hillary will forever be.

The obvious sentiment that love trumps hate. And nobody in American history
has embodied more hate than tRump on endless levels!

tRump’s name is painted in LGBTQ colors simply because he has been atrocious
to the LGBTQ community. His name is always in lower case. Because he is a very
very small man child. These are LGBTQ pride frames attacking the hate that
tRump embodies. He would hate his name painted in pride colors. 

And of course hate is always very dark. So I painted it in black. But it is also
symbolic of the fact that tRump is an openly and brazenly proud racist towards
anyone that isn’t white or in the 1%. It represents all of the hate towards BLM,
build the wall and anyone else that tRump thinks doesn't look like him. Thank God for all of those people. Looking like tRump is not something anyone should have
to endure!

The diamond is a common theme in the design. The word diamond comes from
the ancient Greek word adamas, meaning unbreakable, unchangeable or

Over the centuries diamonds have also told a story of empowerment, strength,
and solidarity. They are a symbol of light and brilliance, unconquerable and
intellectual knowledge. That is the ultimate description for powerful women like Hillary. And women all the same just like her. 

Remember how this massive sexist and misogynist followed, stalked and prowled around behind Hillary at the debate in 2016.

I have a large amount of Forever Hillary frames of honor to bestow on worthy
progressive activists present and future. This is very small fraction of what I have handcrafted.

I want to ship them all over the country to Democratic party headquarters and
progressive organizations that promote, support and empower women. Just like Hillary has for decades. 

It costs $15 per frame to ship in the boxes I have to use to protect them. For they are fragile.

Recipients can proudly display their activism in these one of kind frames of
empowerment in honor of the amazing Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Have you ever had a dream, put your entire life into it, but have struggled
greatly to find the support you need? All the while just trying to honor worthy
people while spreading love, honor and goodwill. This is my story.

We all have our passions. I have many. Besides my massive love for history and
politics,  one of my passions is music,  specifically country music. 

I am a former CMA – Country Music Association voting member. I used to be
proud to be one until I found out how beyond vile the music industry is. I am also
an artisan handcrafter of premium one of a kind country music themed hero
frames of honor. I want them all to be gifted to our most worthy veteran heroes.
I have hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory. Just a mere fraction in the
photo below.

I have a trillion stories equal to the amount of tRump lies I will gladly tell you in
the comments. In regard to how absolutely vile vile vile the very conservative
business side of the music industry is. As well as conservative business leaders.
You will be very interested.

I have tried for endless years to spread love, honor and goodwill through and for
country music to no avail. All the while up against all of my health problems and
personal struggles. I had to quit FedEx in 2014 due to health problems.

To put it in perspective, billionaire Mark Cuban on the Shark tank has said on 3
separate episode that he avoids pitches to the music industry like the plague. If he can’t make stuff happen, however could I? But I don’t know how to give up. And by not doing so, with all of my other problems at the same time, my life has literally
been destroyed!

Of the endless horrible and beyond vile things tRump has said over the years, his
constant denigration and mockery of our most worthy veteran heroes and our
military has to be the worst.  When he said Americans that died in war are losers
and suckers. And that he didn't want wounded soldiers attending his military
parade because no one wants to see that. It is all just unconscionable!

I have a large history of proud military service with my family. My dad, grandpa,
great uncle, numerous uncles, friends and family friends. 

And of course my cousin who was killed in Vietnam the year before I was born. I
traced his name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in 2013 in Washington, D.C. It
was a very powerful moment indeed!

Country music is the most patriotic music genre there is. So it should have been a slam dunk to do what I have tried for so many years. But it has been anything but
the sort with the music industry. The music industry is a multi-billion dollar
industry. But they would never ever work with the little guy in a million years to
do many things they have never done or couldn’t. And I was even a CMA member!

I have always believed supporting our military should always be apolitical. I would never try to help the Republicans politically. But I reached out to endless
conservatives to help me with my massive project of love, honor and goodwill.
The sheer volume of conservative billionaires, corporations, country music artists and so many more that I have contacted over the many years is almost equal to
the amount of lies that come out of tRump! They just do not care to honor our 
veteran heroes! Among the endless other things I have tried to do in a honorable and charitable fashion.

My stated goal is just the Forever Hillary frames and shipping costs around the
country to send each frame. 

$25-$50-$100 or whatever you can do is greatly appreciated.

Send any progressive business owners my way who can maybe donate a lot more. Because I can guarantee I will never get any support
for my country music frames of honor from anyone that is conservative. That is all phony lip service from them until it is time to put their constant patriot wrapping themselves in the flag into action. I have endless stories of where they won't. There is no bang for their buck working with the little guy without the fancy name or title or brand. But they win by just being a part of my honoring our most worthy
veteran heroes in a classy fun country music fashion. But they never look at it that way unless they come out ahead. Just like tRump.

PLEASE support my massive mission at hand. Please make this go viral. Be it
supporting the Forever Hillary frames of
honor, or my country music hero
frames of honor. I will ship them all over the country to our worthy veteran
heroes all the same.

Share this everywhere you can please.

Please help me to get Hillary to fund my huge project of feminist progressive
empowerment art in honor of her. T
hat would be a dream come true for me! But more importantly in the short term, it would save my life in the process.

This is my entire life's massive body of work over the past almost 7 years. 


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