Shaun Humphreys Occipital Neuralgia

I'm hoping to raise the money my good friend needs to have some treatments he desperately needs. He has a condition called Occipital Neuralgia. He has had this chronically ever since I met him about 8 years ago. He has tried every other treatment possible that can be offered on the nhs and had private treatments too, unfortunately to no avail. He has tried to commit suicide numerous times now as the pain is so consistently disabling and awful. He is a kind and honest man and has avoided asking for money to help afford the next treatments but he cant afford them at all and has no family to fall back on. Recently he's been so desperate he has spoken of trying yo euthanise himself legally to end it all... thats why I am setting this page up and hoping for kindness and help from friends and strangers. Hes still so young and has his whole life ahead of him. Any small donation will help as it all adds up.

What he is hoping to try:

Treatment 1

Pulsed radiofrequency to the occipital nerves.

Hospital Fee £1200

Consultant fee £450

Sedation £250

Total £1900

Treatment 2 

Local Botox treatment (200 units) that can be done in clinic.

Consultants fee £300

Botox 200 units £250

Total £650

Treatment 3 

PENS therapy

Hospital Fee £1250

Consultant fee £450

Sedation £250

Total £1950

The main symptom of occipital neuralgia is chronic headache. The pain is commonly localized in the back and around or over the top of the head, sometimes up to the eyebrow or behind the eye. Because chronic headaches are a common symptom of numerous conditions, occipital neuralgia is often misdiagnosed at first, most commonly as tension headaches or migraines, leading to unsuccessful treatment attempts. Another symptom is sensitivity to light, especially when headaches occur.

Occipital neuralgia is characterized by severe pain that begins in the upper neck and back of the head. This pain is typically one-sided, although it can be on both sides if both occipital nerves have been affected. Additionally, the pain may radiate forward toward the eye as it follows the path of the occipital nerve(s). Individuals may notice blurred vision as the pain radiates near or behind the eye. The pain is commonly described as sharp, shooting, zapping, an electric shock, or stabbing. The bouts of pain are rarely consistent, but can occur frequently depending on the damage to the nerves. The amount of time the pain lasts typically varies each time the symptom appears; it may last a few seconds or be almost continuous. Occipital neuralgia can last for hours or for several days. For Shaun it has relentlessly lasted years.

Other symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia that Shaun experiences:

Aching, burning, and throbbing pain that typically starts at the base of the head and radiates to the scalp
Pain on one or both sides of the head
Pain behind the eye
Sensitivity to light
Sensitivity to sound
Slurred speech
Pain when moving the neck
Difficulty with balance and coordination
Tender scalp
Nausea and/or vomiting

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Shaun Humphreys