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My Dearest Sgt Al Readers, Friends and Generous Donors:

A Call to Action

It was time for action when I realized the moment that something had to be done. It was when I saw all those YouTube videos of the polar ice caps melting that mobilized me into action. They’re almost gone, and many scientists predict within 30 years there will be no more mountainous glacier and polar ice left on the planet.

You can’t ignore the fact that with 7.6 billion people, and about 1.1 billion gas vehicles (Source: Green Car Reports 7/29/2014, based on 1.2 billion vehicles total) on the planet, that’s 1.1 billion little smokestacks chugging about each and every day.

You can’t ignore the fact that we are in some way contributing to the problem of not keeping proper conservancy and balance with our environment. There are too many people, and way too many smokestacks. Even if we’re not hurting, we’re certainly not helping. If we had a problem with aerosol cans 40 years ago, what makes exhaust smoke any different or less destructive?

This is where I believe I can make a difference and I can help. Since I have a law enforcement background, and now after retirement I’m a car journalist, I can get the message out by informing the public about new products coming to the market from the auto industry that can help. We can help shape opinion about how we travel and move commerce and industry. And do so to the point that we may or may not necessarily improve the environment, but certainly we will not make it worse than it already is.
The Problem: The Environment and the Myths

Seven years ago I started Sgt  Al’s Traffic Ticket Blog, which is still a platform where I discuss public questions from readers, about how the police do things and why. But nearly two years ago after graduating from college (yes, finally, whew!), I took the blog in the direction of autonomobility and electromobility. And the blog took off. Today I have a large social media presence and one of the largest Facebook car and auto pages in the country. And this is all needed when it comes to electric cars.

Already there are myths, rumors, untruths and outright lies about electric cars that we need to get the facts out honestly and straight and forward. It comes from the “They”: the naysayers, doubters, pessimists and quite frankly, those shortsighted people afraid of electric cars and progress. “They” say their primary source of electric energy comes from fossil fuels. WRONG. They say their batteries are not useful after their lifespan and are not recyclable. WRONG.

40097248_156113360066300_r.jpegThey also say that electric car assembly uses carbon emissions that make it not worth having them. So, what’s the alternative? Keep making gas cars? That they’re greener? Hardly. After two years of use, electric cars pay back the emissions use caused from industrial assembly. If some are that concerned, then they can buy a late used model, since this makes a better car bargain anyway!

Thus, do you see the dragons I have to slay?

They worry, too, because this new technology may create a few new problems we haven’t seen before in the course of using them. Like when we encounter the police at an accident using autonomous technology. But this is where my law enforcement background (20 years with the NYPD) can help in the national conversation.

I want to help people as we benefit and adapt to this new amazing technology. Who gets the traffic ticket in a robot car? Who’s at fault when your robot car is in an accident or damaged? How do I tell my robot car I appreciate it? Yes, why not tell your robot car you appreciate the work it does! For we all like to be appreciated. They think! Therefore, they are!

The Coming Tsunami

Within the next five years the auto industry is going to saturate the North American car market with over 200 new electric vehicle models not quite seen ever before. The conversion and transformation will become so massive and overwhelming--if not impressive at such a grand scale--that we will never see such another massive change in our lifetime.

Nor previously, since the advent of the Industrial Revolution that began in 1760, and then the invention of the gas car, a (Daimler) Benz, in 1885. And our lives are about to change because of this in many fundamental ways. Add to this the robotization of these vehicles. For it looks like our first robots will not be in our homes and offices, but on the streets, roads and highways in our cars!

My Soon Coming Show

We are about to soon undergo massive changes in our choices of transportation and thus, in our lifestyles, and someone has to tell you what’s going on with the latest news in electromobility and autonomobility, what progress and obstacles await us, what’s the best choices for purchases or acquisition out there, and how this will effect the economy, our children and even our older parents. Some of my reader base are still waiting for the Holy Grail of the camping industry: that true long range BEV camper that has passenger car range to take you far away to a campsite, then can pitch at an off-grid camp site to not recharge for days! Are we still asking for too much? Jeez.

This requires leadership that few or none are willing to do with the true consumer advocacy that such a task requires. Since no one else seems willing to do it in the way I have, I promise to lead you and take you all to the Electric Car Promised Land, wherever and whatever that is. My audio and video podcast will be similar with the same flavor and at times irony and light-hearted sense of humor as my blog on my website and my Facebook page. That’s me, actually!

We will start with a weekly 20-minute program discussing mostly electromobility, but as a transportation reporter, I want people to start thinking about transportation, and how the latest technology can and will effect them, if we are not careful with our choices and aware of the consequences of our decisions. We will report the latest electric car, autonomy, boats and planes, trains and automobile news we already do. We will also discuss newsworthy or controversial items from the transportation industry. Occasionally we will do product reviews including vehicles and both OEM and aftermarket parts ad accessories, and we will have guests, whether they’re experts or just my readers, or not, to share their feelings and hopes with electric and robot cars.

And of course, many of you know me. Sgt Al, who reports for duty to answer your questions about police procedure. And with these new electric and autonomous cars, if we get into an accident with them, who can we now blame and place at fault if the car has some kind of autonomy? Who pays for the ticket if they’re driving themselves? See how immensely useful I will be to you? ;)

Also remember that one of the nice tings about podcasts is that it’s easier to do special requests than a traditional broadcast show. Have a topic you want us to cover? Don’t be bashful, let us know!

My Call for Help and Your Reward for Your Generosity

Please help me with this, as I try to help us all through this process of change. I am ready to take Sgt Al’s Traffic Ticket Blog to the next level. I recently signed a contract with public television station, to do a syndicated weekly video and audio podcast that will get me 99% percent media market saturation. I’m ready to launch a weekly podcast on electric and autonomous cars but I need $14,680 to cover the $1,000/month it will cost me to pay the television studio to cover their production costs of my show.

This is an expense usually handled by sponsors, but I haven’t any yet, as I’m in the process of looking (if you know of any person or entity willing to do this on a regular basis, please let me know). I also need some audio/video equipment to record the podcast, like a SLR digital camera that switches back and forth between still and motion picture modes, Go! cameras for product reviews and especially vehicle road tests, and for the initial production costs until I can find permanent sponsors. I’m anticipating this process will take weeks or months before a string of sponsors will make the program self-sustaining. The studio will do the editing. I need to find sponsors who will defray at least some of the studio costs. And the more generously you give, the more precious, memorable thank you gift I can honor you with for your contribution.

Also, if anyone needs an alternate method of donating to my campaign, send me a note/message here. And I will answer you asap and facilitate an alternate payment method for you. 

The Donor Perk/Gift Prizes

Over the years while living in New York I collected diecast replica models and some valuable rare toys representing fire, rescue, taxi and mostly law enforcement vehicles. I also have replicas of famous landmarks and police stations from across the country from either the Danbury or Franklin Mints. The collection grew so large! All of the items are collectible, and some are of great value. I can think of no other or better way with what I have, to say thank you for your contribution.
Grand Prize: The Twin Towers World Trade Center Commemorative

To the largest donor over $1,000 or the first largest donor at the end of the campaign, I will send this replica of the storied iconic but now sorely missed pre-2001 Twin Towers of the World Trade Center by the Highland Mint, complete with a dome glass display and a signed thank you card from yours truly. The Twin Towers were a symbol of America’s industrial might, our world superpower status, but also the good and greatness of what we all see in America.

The rest of the world may not see us this way, but we Americans are good decent people, as a whole. We wish to make the world a better place. I want to make the world a better place. We often need to remind ourselves of this, never mind the rest of the world. I find it interesting when the rest of the world has problems in spite of ours, they come to Washington first for solutions, not Beijing or Moscow, or even Brussels.

This is why my first responder colleagues sacrificed with their lives on September 11. Almost 3,000 people died there; among those, almost 500 were police officers, firefighters and first responders. In short, all heroes. This is a pewter and wood coveted piece that sat at my desk while I was on the job with the police service after September 11, which I was part of the response.

In fact, it sat on several of my police desks across Manhattan in many landmark police buildings, some now considered historic. I give it now to a generous donor. Please take good care of it. It sat in special places NYPD related, and eventually in my homes in New York City and Los Angeles. As it will now find a special generous home out there with someone pro-green and pro-law enforcement.

Gracious Donor Second Prize: Free Online Advertisement

At the end of the campaign when top donors are tabulated first by preference over $1,000, then by who donated most beforehand, my Senior Director in Charge of Marketing and Promotion, acclaimed writer, marketer and poet Patrick P. Stafford, will provide you with a free massive online marketing campaign that will advertise your business, brand, logo and special post to over 1,000,000 online connections!

Top Donor: Classic Landmark Police Replica Station Houses

To the top six donors at the end of the campaign over $500, I give one each of these replicas of historical landmark police stations from across the United States from the Danbury Mint. These station houses are now considered a sacred part of our American history. They are on the National Register of Historic Places in cities like Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Francisco and other big cities. You also get a authentic collector certificate I kept in my police desks across Manhattan, and a signed thank you card from me, Sgt Al, for your extreme generosity.

Special Donor: Replica Taxi and First Responder Vehicles

My regret is that none of these vehicles are electrified in real life, at least not yet! But if I had the say-so, they would be really soon, that’s for sure. So, unfortunately, they’re all gas, LOL. But equally as valuable as replicas or toys. I have about 40 pieces of diecast replica toys and models in either display cases or boxes, all of some decent value, that were part of my first responder collection. The collection grew too large, however. So, I now will give them to the top generous donors over $100 at the end of the campaign to find a home as a thank you for your donation.

If you are having payment issues, concerns or any questions about electric cars or the police, please email me!

Thank you for your consideration and generosity to my campaign. Wish me success! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me!

Sincerely Your Faithful Cyber Civil Servant,

Sgt Al Castro (NYPD Ret.)

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On Facebook: Sgt. Al’s Traffic Ticket Blog Facebook Page 
On Twitter: @SgtAlCastro

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