Serving our Andean Pueblo

This is our Current Update Dec. 5th: I am relieved to say that through a combination of personal loans and donations from dear friends, we are able to barely get through this time and stay in our current location. That being said, we didn't quite reach our goal. We are not yet at a point where we will begin the year without past financial burden, or ability to pay forward into 2020, but the year isn't over yet. We're only around 10k short of being able to fulfill of what I spoke of in all recent updates (in 1st comment of all recent posts). We are going to close our current campaign, and start another one for 10k, so we can end the year is a positive way.

If we could raise this in the next month and a half, by the end of the year, we would be at the point we had hoped: all expenses paid for 2019, and several months into 2020 as well. Giving us the time and space to launch our economic sustainability. Right now we will only be able to barely get into the new year, and will immediately need to continue fund raising to keep afloat from there. So, we are truly hoping to create little better of a situation than that.

The launch of this website  and a series of videos that are being produced (first one is on the site now!), are going to create a whole new level of connectivity for us with the world. The potential positive outcomes from this will be multi fold.

Our intention is to end this year in the best possible position, allowing us the space to enter 2020 to launch entirely new levels of functioning as an organization, as we launch multiple streams of income to finally, after all these years of depending on donations, begin to create financial sustainability for ourselves as an organization. We have a plan forward to do just this.

If you would like to be part of this unfolding vision of love and service in Peru, we could use your help to get in a little better shape as 2020 approaches. Please contact me with any questions or communications.

With much love always,
from a dark cold night in Pisaq,


Emergency Update. Oct. 31st, 2019...This is an Urgent Time Sensitive Update for Amistad Sagrada, Pisaq, Peru.  37619588_1572584963250490_r.jpeg

Dear Friends. This is an Emergency Alert Update for Amistad Sagrada. This is going to all our friends and supporters. If you get this more than once it means you have donated to different campaigns. Pleas read on...

Nov. 7th Update on this Campaign. I want to give you an update as of Thursday Night Nov. 7th.

Firstly I realized I need to clarify a few things. * Our current Go Fund Me Campaign has been going for some months. This urgent time sensitive update below is from just a few days ago. The campaign was already at around 7,000 at that time. This campaign does not reflect what we need to be able to survive, it was just a way for smaller donations to come in while we prayerfully hopefully wait for larger donations/loans which will be necessary if we are to survive.

As of tonight, Nov. 7th, since we made the first post a few days ago, we have received around $1,400 in donations. We have used those to put out dozens of little flames. Before we could focus on getting our back rent, forward rent, and other back expenses completed, we had to take care of a whole bunch of little things, teachers, vendors, workers, supplies etc., that were crucial just to maintain, that has been done. Our entire team are all on the same page, and we have dozens of local friends praying for us.


Unfortunately I have some very sad news. It is with a heavy but hopeful heart I share this with you now. I spoke with our landlord yesterday evening, and he has given us a two week notice to pay our back rent or we are going to be kicked out of our store, school, weaving cooperative and base of operations. This would be a devastating setback for us, if we could survive at all.

On top of that, come Jan. 1st, that 6 month rent would come due. And on top of that, we are behind significantly in payments to our staff and vendors.

We have never been on the edge of losing everything like this before. He was very serious and I knew this was it.

The thought of having ten years of work building the foundation for Amistad Sagrada be lost is too much to bare.

I have just a little time to put this out there and hopefully one or a few people will see it who can help.

The amount we need in order to pay the owner back and forward rent and all our back pay for staff, as well as pay off the last part owed to our weavers for items stolen last year, is $20,000.

10,000 would go to the owner which will have us payed up on rent until July 1st 2020.

The other half would go toward paying our soccer and volleyball coaches, Quechua and Chess teachers, the girl who tends the store Monday through Friday, and our staff of 3 for Sundays, along with our hefty monthly electric bills, school supplies, fruit for the kids, other materials for the soccer and volleyball teams, as well as being able to significantly complete our project in the mountain communities, including past due expenses, before the rain comes. Additionally to pay back the final amount owed our weavers for items stolen last year.

The possibility that we could end this year like this, instead of closing down in mid Nov., is what is giving me hope.

If we have to leave our current location on Nov. 16th our school, weaving coop, ability to function, will come to a screeching halt. Just when after ten years of devoted service here we are so close to the most exciting new levels which will change our destiny forever, and get us out of this debilitating financial quicksand we have been in.

Some of you may know, but maybe not all, that some of the challenges we have had include a major theft of over 20k U.S. of woven items, someone who had scammed me, a major donation that fell through at the last moment and other things that have been huge and painful setbacks.

But each time I learn from the mistakes (be careful who you trust), pick myself up, and with renewed faith and devotion, continue on. We are literally on the verge of a bright new level, but we may get shut down completely just as we are about to begin this new phase.

I am praying and reaching out with all my heart and soul, that a few people can help us chunk this down so we can get through this scary and challenging moment, and burst into our new level of thriving and financial sustainability.

I just know there is someone out there who can help us make this happen, but it will be up to the grace of the universe if that person ends up seeing this message while there is still time.

The first 5k is going to our back rent, so we are not kicked out literally, on Nov. 16th.

So that obviously is the most urgent pressing scary prospect.

But in order for us to be able to end this year in peace and balance and viability into 2020,
20k is our goal. We would barely be able to do everything I mentioned above, but we could do it. And enter 2020 on solid ground, instead of under ground.

I realize there is not much time, but I am not allowing myself to panic or be in fear,
rather staying in trust that this can happen, if I just put it out there with a prayer
and tell the story of what is transpiring right now.

I know people see and love the work we are doing.

Each of you who has been one of our angels up until now,
big or small,
we appreciate you so much!

We will always remember those who stepped forward in our challenging times,
to help us get down the road. We need your help now more than ever,
or all the help we have gotten up until now and the progress it has enabled,
will literally dissolve over night. :(

And needless but important to say,
is that as I have spoken of much recently,
we have a clear plan to multiple streams of income,
while turning our poverty and stress into abundance,
and shifting into entirely new, long over due, well deserved,
and very positive directions.

because it's so much we need in such a short time, chunks of any amount toward the 20k will go a long way, and make reaching our goal much more viable. Though it would be great if one person who was able stepped forward, it is more likely several people chunking it down would be more probable.

Please do be in touch with me if you have any level of response to this. As of today dozens of local children are praying that we can stay open and continue into 2020. I have told them the situation.

We have gotten so much love and financial support from our community and we are so grateful.

We have been working steadily in recent weeks with many positive upgrades and forward motion, especially on our media. Our new website and three unique videos all in production.

It would be heartbreaking to say the least if just as we launch our beautiful website and intro videos we have to close down :( It makes me too sad to think of it.

Please let me know if you have any questions, connections, collaborations, or inspirations, and especially loans or donations.

We are open to mid term loans or anything quite frankly. It's going to take a miracle, but while we still have time, two weeks (really 12 days because of wire time), we are going to remain in faith that someone will read this and reach out to help us get through this difficult time.

Our only fear is that the those who could help won't see this
until it's too late.

Thank you from the depth of my heart.

With so much love and gratitude
for this journey
and all our friends.

I have shared a these recent updates which are still current:

For now, all I can say is I feel like I'm trying to build a sustainable life-raft while drowning under water.

A few key points:

* Our new WordPress website is fully in progress and will be significantly done by the end of this week! (Finally!!). I will make a post when we are ready to share it.

* We are doing an investigation into the stolen items from our store also this week, and we hope to find them being sold in store in another pueblo. (Fingers Crossed). We got a tip from someone, but it's not for sure .

* All of our classes are progressing as if everything is normal (even though we are months behind paying our staff, and have no idea how we are going to continue.) For the 200+ kids and youth participating in our soccer, volleyball and arts and language schools, everything is continuing.

* Aside from our website in full process, we have three unique intro videos being produced.

* We have MULTIPLE streams of income that will begin with the launch of our site.

* We have a MAJOR plan being created to launch an Andean Transformational Healing Spa to serve our 1st world friends and fund our infrastructure projects here in Pisaq and the Mountain Communities.
(More on that SOON!! )

* It is an absolute miracle we have even made it to today, as we are TOTALLY BROKE. Less than broke in fact.

We literally have no funds at all, and are sinking deeper into the negative (cashflow, not attitude :) quickly.

* We are just a couple of months away from ending this year, and I am praying that someone out there drops a significant donation our way, to get us through this time, so we can launch this site and the major financial upgrades it will, slowly, but we believe steadily, bring us to a totally new and thriving place, where our projects in Pisaq can sustain, and our project in the mountain communities can THRIVE.

* On a personal level there are a couple of nights a week, every week, that I am literally up all night processing the stress and pressure of all of this.

* I could beat myself up for mistakes made, people I trusted too much, etc. etc., and while I have learned from these mistakes, I am realizing that taking that moving boldly forward is far more valuable than making myself wrong, which does not lead to our positive future. I won't make those mistakes again, but... it's time to move on! The stress quite frankly is way more than is comfortable or even healthy for me, but I am transmuting that through awareness and forgiveness into the positive action steps we are taking every single day.

* There will come a time when this campaign will close, and you will not see me begging any more for help. I hate having to do this. I can't wait until we are financially sustainable. We have a plan to do it! But I am building out that plan while literally drowning in it all, and it's not easy or fun, and it's definitely taking a toll on me. I have no idea if or who we are going to make it, even as we are SO close to our new levels.

If you might be able to help, in a small, medium or large way, with a donation, or even a longer term loan, I would be forever and eternally grateful.

I know we can get through this, and I have the faith and energy to proceed,
but I honestly don't know how we are going to make it at this point.

Most people would be giving up and calling it quits right around now,
but I'm not most people. :)

I am grateful for the strength and perseverance I am building through this, but I look forward to the day my energy can be used to truly blossom and thrive these projects, creating truly sustainable income through products and services, which is all about to begin.
(Rather than constantly stressing how we are going to get through another week, and trying to explain to everyone that I'm doing the best I can).

If there is someone out there who happens to read this, knows and deeply resonates with our work, and wants to be an angel, on any level, right now, we would be so incredibly grateful.

We will ALWAYS remember our beloved friends who saw this vision when it was still young, and stepped forward to make it happen.

You know who you are. Thank you.

I could go on, but I'll leave it at that.

Thank you for being one of our friends and allies,
we appreciate each and every one of you.

With warmest regards,
from a cold dark night,
deep in the heart of the Peruvian Andes,


PS. The amount we need to get through this year in full: paying our past due rent, rent for first 6 months of 2020, all our past expenses , paying off our weavers for stolen items, completing our school/cultural project in the mountain community, and start the year fresh and ready for our amazing new level to unfold,  is going to be $25,000. With $20,000 we could barely just scrape it by. Thank you from all of us for any way you can help make this happen.



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