Send Ociele and Omi to Ghana

Help two Black Queers get to Ghana!

From Ociele:

I’m so excited to have my 1st trip abroad be to Ghana! It feels like a homecoming. Being the 1st person in my family to travel back to the continent where my ancestors were taken from hundreds of years ago sends chills through my body.

To be completely honest, I could have been going to just about any country in Africa, and be just as humbled. But it's my homecoming to Ghana that excites me. I want to visit what may have been home for my ancestors and mourn the separation and celebrate our survival.

From Omi:

I’ve always desired to know more about the story of my family: who are our ancestors, where did we hail from, and what has led to my family living how and where we do now?  I vaguely remember family members sharing stories about my elders, but the stories shared didn’t include details about our family lineage. As an adult, I’ve been on a path of listening and learning the stories of those before me.

Traveling to and receiving the spirit of my homelands won’t lead to meeting disconnected blood relatives, but will provide an opportunity to connect with stories that have been lost. I will be offered opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of the resiliency, power, and community practices that my people derive from. I am a product of the spoken and unspoken lived experiences of those that came before me. Their spirits flow in the oxygen I breathe and the blood that flows through my body.


We are asking our friends and family to help us get at least $4,000. We started fundraising in January and we've already generated some funds. We've also secured a host to put us up while we're in Accra - we just need your help getting there! Can you help us with a donation to get us there?

Make a donation today! We're also offering incentives:

- Thank you card - Any amount!
-Scrapbook from our journey - $25
- Daniel Hunter's book, "Building a Movement to End The New Jim Crow - An Organizing Guide" - $30
- Ociele's poetry book, "From The Dust We Rose" - $50


Stay tuned for more incentives!

Cost breakdown:

$3,500- Airfare
$100- Daily Transportation  
$150- Food
$400- Housing 
$650-$700 - Immunization costs
$300- Safety Net
TOTAL: $5,500
  • Lee McClenon 
    • 25 $ 
    • 56 mos
  • Lucid Strike 
    • 10 $ 
    • 56 mos
  • Pablo Baeza 
    • 30 $ 
    • 57 mos
  • Mika Hernandez 
    • 10 $ 
    • 57 mos
  • Casey Romanick 
    • 25 $ 
    • 57 mos
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