Incorporating the Tru316 Foundation

We're raising money to set up the Tru316 Foundation. The Tru316 Foundation will
(1) support the work of the Tru316 Project and
(2) facilitate giving to like-minded ministries.

can play a major part in pioneering this ministry. As God prompts you make a gift to meet the goal! Give online here!

(1) Tru316 Project ( Have you been helped by The Eden Podcast or by The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3 and the book Beyond Eden, Ephesians 5-6? These have been written and produced by Bruce C. E. Fleming and Dr. Joy Fleming as the work of the Tru316 Project. 

(2) Like-minded ministry organizations. One example is the ministry of Loes Tam, a Danish woman ministering in Asia. She and her organization, named Unleashing Silenced Women, published a book in Pashtun (in Pakistan) that makes extensive use of the Tru316 Message. Through reading her book, Christian women were set free to become involved in leadership for the first time. 300 new house churches sprang up under their leadership! Their denomination asked for Loes Tam to print another 10,000 copies of her book for them but she lacks the funds and ways to raise the funds. Bye the way, she was asked to produce a translation of her book into the language of the Taliban!

It is time to "true" the verse! When many people read the first chapters of the Bible they walk away distrusting the Creator! Why? God's 11 Hebrew words to the woman in Genesis 3:16 are being mistranslated in modern language Bibles, making them read like God basically cursed Eve in the Garden of Eden!
As a result people around the world learn to fear a deity who seems so harsh in dealing with the woman, someone He had just affirmed for denouncing the serpent tempter who deceived her. They are also confused when they read that the God who first told the woman that her offspring would defeat her attacker then apparently went on to curse her with pain-in-childbearing! People begin to suspect that the apparently harshly disciplined woman was in league with the tempter and that all women should be treated with a similar harshness.
Dr. Joy Fleming devoted seven years to researching Genesis 2-3, and especially Genesis 3:16, for her PhD. She discovered that in the originally inspired Hebrew text of these chapters God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way. Most of the people we interviewed back then in Europe, Africa and the U.S. incorrectly thought God cursed both of them. That was because translators were getting these chapters wrong.
Imagine how terrible it would be if translators got that other 3:16 wrong! Getting horribly wrong this other key 3:16, in Genesis 3:16, merits our attention, and our action!
The back story. After Joy defended her dissertation in France they completed their teaching assignment in the seminary in Africa. Upon their return from service in Africa Joy was requested to publish a short version of her findings. In response, she wrote her book Man and Woman in Biblical Unity – Theology from Genesis 2-3. The first printing sold out and they moved on to other things.
Bruce C. E. Fleming went on to work with dozens of private foundations. He and several major donors assembled a team and wrote reports for donors on 200 ministries and nonprofits, like Compassion International and Walk Thru the Bible.

At that time Joy and Bruce also co-founded, with others, Southwest Christian High School which has grown to assets of 30 million dollars and almost 500 students. Joy then earned a second doctorate, a PsyD, and has had a ministry as a licensed psychologist for more than a decade.
In the past two years God turned Bruce' attention once again to Genesis 3:16. In spite of the release of Dr. Joy Fleming’s findings previously not one Bible translation had corrected their errors in the chapters on Eden and related passages. They felt prompted by God to do something more about it.

They are familiar with working on two levels: (1) the technical and scholarly level, as in their doctoral dissertations and (2) the personal and one-on-one level as in their teaching and counseling ministries. Now they are aiming to work on two levels again: (1) interacting with the scholarly community that is responsible for translation policies and decisions and (2) teaching the general public for personal and small group understanding.

Bruce first tackled the second group - teaching the general public. He founded the Tru316 Project and started a website, a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast series and published two books.
There have been tens of thousands of listeners and readers. Bruce and Joy have heard from many people who literally have wept with joy at the good news of the Tru316 whereas previously they had been harmed by the faulty teachings on God’s words in Genesis and considered walking away from the church!
Now it is time to tackle the first group. It is time to team up to incorporate the Tru316 Foundation! Then this organization can mobilize to influence the scholars and publishers.
Here’s how you can help through this GoFundMe Campaign. As God prompts you make a gift to meet the $3.100 goal! You can give online here. You can also give in another way if you prefer.

Will you join with us?
In Christ,
Bruce C. E. Fleming
Co-Founder of the Tru316 Foundation
[email redacted]
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