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Just a few short years ago Sarah was following her passion for animals and working in veterinary medicine.  Her love for animals,  her hard work, skill and dedication were seen in the countless animals she helped and the clients she took care of.  But gradually, Sarah was noticing symptoms that were affecting her on a daily basis, affecting her ability to continue living and working as she loved to do. 

Imagine for a moment waking up to the worst flu you have had in your life.  Doing simple tasks makes you feel like you have just finished running a Marathon.   You wake up feeling dizzy, like you are going to pass out- and sometimes when you stand, you actually do.  You have shortness of breath, are in constant pain and walk around in a brain fog that never seems to lift.    You can no longer fully do what you love and you spend your days seeing doctor after doctor who tell you that you have this disease, that disease, or another. 

You live each day in fear that maybe you will never know what is wrong with you.  That maybe it’s all in your head and you will never be the same.   You spend months trying to find out what is wrong, and then finally, FINALLY, you learn you have a rare disorder, and your fight to reclaim your life begins.

In April, 2016 Sarah was diagnosed with a form of Dysautonomia, known as POTS. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) affects between 1 and 3 million people in the United States (U.S.). Around 80 percent of them are female.

Treatment for this disorder is costly and the symptoms make it challenging to work or even concentrate.  Sarah fights this daily and still pushes through with her love for life, with some days significantly better than others.   

I've known Sarah since we were in Middle School, and worked with her at The NOAH Center when she was a Vet Tech. Sarah is known to everyone she meets as being a good natured, outgoing, bubbly person. You can't help but love her.

While dealing with these symptoms Sarah continues on as being one of the most upbeat and cheerful people I've ever known.

Although there is no cure for POTS, there are treatments that can help manage the symptoms and give Sarah back some of the life she has lost.   Sarah has finally had the chance to go and meet with top specialists in the field at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, which is a blessing but also comes with a large cost.   

This Go Fund Me account is set up to support Sarah as she fights this disorder to reclaim her life.     Any help that you provide will go directly to further medical and treatment expenses.  In order for the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to preform further tests this week, Sarah and her family need immediate funds to pay for further testing. Their Insurance won't cover out of state care, and payment plans are not offered at Mayo.

You will be helping to support Sarah and become apart of her story, a story of miracles, triumph and healing.   Every little bit helps and we are so very very grateful. 

Thank you. 

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