Sally's Emergency Surgery for IVDD

Dear Members and Friends

We need to help Sally

I am devastated to advise that our beautiful Sally has gone down with IVDD this morning very rapidly.  She went from wobbly legs to not walking within 2 hours.

Sally was transported to Dr Lance Wilson at ARH in a rush 3-hour trip from Gympie to Brisbane.

Sally and her twin brother Skipper are rescues in permanent foster care with Rosalie and Maurie for the past 4 years.

As most of you would know by now that Rosalie’s Max has now had 2 IVDD operations and she is currently caring and re habilitating several dachshunds including Chelsea, Luna, Frank, Clemmie, Indi (double Pes Varus) and is much loved throughout the Dachshund Community for her many years of Rescue, her knowledge and experience, her door is always open and she will take any Dachshund in need of re habilitation; whether IVDD, Pes Varus and any other illnesses which she does free of charge. 

As a trained Registered Nurse with Vet Nurse Training Rosalie is an extremely valuable asset to both D2DR and DISA.

I am now going to ask everyone if they can spare some dollars to help pay for this operation.

We desperately need your help!

Lets Pay It Forward once again.

Thank you to everyone that can help, share and donate.

 “The Story of Sally and Skipper”

Originally Sally and her twin brother Skipper were surrendered to another other rescue group and were then passed over to Rosalie as she had a home waiting to adopt them.

Skip was diagnosed with a luxcating patella when the former rescue’s vet examined him.  The vet’s report stated that surgery was not required. However upon reaching their new home their new owners decided to take Skipper to their vet who insisted Skipper have his luxcating patella operated on, Rosalie was not at all comfortable with Skipper being operated on by a small town surgery with not a lot of this type of surgery being done.  So Skipper and his sister Sally were flown back the Brisbane.

Rosalie then made an appointment to see Dr Lance Wilson Surgeon when he was at Gatton UQ, after extensive x-rays it was discovered that Skip had a condition called pes varus which had been miss diagnosed by 2 vets.

Dr Lance operation on Skipper in March 2014, he did a bone graph from his shoulder blade to lengthen his growth plate so he could walk properly.

This was a long complicated surgical procedure, as it required exact procession to b=get the bones to match on either side.  The bone graph was pinned into position with an external fixation to a ring. This required being left in place and crate rested for 6 weeks and then returned to Gatton to be operated on again to remove the pins and rods.

Skipper was a brave soul and had endured a lot of pain, but the end result was an extremely successful outcome for him to be able run and walk without dislocation his kneecap.

After one very unsuccessful rehome, it was hard to send them off to another home as they both had endured quite a lot coming from not too nice circumstances in the beginning.

This was the best decision Rosalie made because in July 2015 Skipper was struck down with IVDD, after his CT Scan with Dr Lance Wilson, Skipper had many calcified discs, surgery was an option however which disc to start with? So Rosalie took him home and conservatively rehabilitated him, this has been ongoing care over the last 2 ½ years, crate rest, meds, back brace each time he is in pain.

Now his beautiful sister Sally needs an urgent operation.


Thank you all for your ongoing support to so many dachshunds that have succumbed to this dreadful debilitating disease, Rosalie will continue to support and care for all those little ones needing her.
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