Help Sabina and Marshal buy a Gym

My name is Marshal. When I was 2 years old, the doctors told my parents that I had a genetic form of pancreatitis, a condition that causes severe abdominal pain. I spent most of my youth in the hospital. I also was told that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life. 

This was me at age 7, after my second surgery. 
I saw some of the best surgeons and gastroenterologists
in the world with hopes of improving my quality of life. I was controlled by the pain, medication, and visiting the pancreatitis clinic on a monthly basis. 

I spent my 18th birthday at the hospital. 

By the time I finished college, I had been on medication for 18 years,  gone through 5 surgeries, and had 20 inches of my intestines removed. My hopes of living a normal life were all but gone with a condition that I was born with. I felt hopeless. 

I was depressed and overweight because of the medicine and overall weakness in my body. 

Well,  it has been 5 years since I stopped taking medicine and I'm in the best shape of my life. 


I met my wife Sabina. She studied exercise science at VCU and customized an exercise and nutrition plan for me. Although the change you see didn't happen overnight.  Working with Sabina gave me hope that I could live a normal life. She gave me the knowledge and strength I needed to help my body recover and heal itself. For the first time in my life, I didn't have to keep track of my medication or schedule my monthly visits to the clinic.  Sabina and I even spent a whole month traveling for our honeymoon, a luxury considering my condition. 

Sabina has a passion for fitness. Her mission is to spread her knowledge of exercise science in a way that appeals to all. We all know that exercising is beneficial. However, do we ever stop to think about how exercise impacts our bodies? How we can control how we look and feel through our movements. My life has changed so much with her guidance and she has helped her clients gain control over their life. 

A marathon runner named Jessica suffered from back pain that caused her to take off from work 2-3 days a week. She was told she would have to stop running. After woking with Sabina, she used exercise and movement to alleviate her back pain. After her training, she was able to live a better life and didn't have to give up running.  

Elizabeth, another client, has Crohn's disease.  She worked with many trainers before Sabina, but they all put her through a rigorous exercise routine.  This stress caused her disease to flare up and inflame her body. During a flare, she would be on bed rest for 4-5 days. She couldn't  drink water or eat food and was becoming very weak. Sabina created a holistic plan for her and few weeks into the training, she noticed she was getting stronger and didn't experience as many flares. In the past when she had a flare, she would cancel her session. However, with Sabina, she started looking forward to completing her sessions.  She learned to manage the flares and reduced her bed rest during an episode. 

Jessica, Elizabeth and I are just some of the few people that Sabina has been able to help in the past decade. Her unique approach to training the body and mind has helped her clients feel more in control over their life. 

Please support our campaign to help people in our community take control of their health. Your donations will help us buy our first gym. This fitness center will serve as a place where people can work out their mind and body. But most importantly, as a place where patients can learn how to control their conditions and get the quality of life they never thought possible. 

Thank you,

Marshal & Sabina
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Marshal Singh 
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