Rohingya Refugee Relief

This is one of the most undealt with disasters of our time. Over 700,000 people have had to run from military gunfire, across the border into Bangladesh from Myanmar with over 9,000 being killed on the process. Hard to process how huge these numbers are.

Who am I:
I'm William Meara, an adventure traveller and writer from Dublin, Ireland. I often travel to places deamonised by media or eluded from it to show the reality. 

I wanted to discover what was really happening in Bangladesh and just how bad the crisis is. I've travelled through the camps, met the refugees, workers and locals living in the area and the scale is unimaginable. I've met people who have had their family members shot, beated, macheted, lost limbs and all have lost their homes. 

Imagine almost a quarter of Ireland’s population. Now imagine, we all had to live in a single camp, a complete swamp with shortages of everything. To go home would mean facing almost certain death in what the UN is calling Genocide in real time. Images of mass graves filled with victims, violence, families crying from losing loved ones and villages being burnt are everywhere online. Refugees report rape, murder and gun shots from every corner. Now you live in a camp and the monsoon rains are coming which could wipe away the small temporary shelter you now call home, completely out of existence. 

This is every day day for the forseeable
future for these people. I won’t be able to save anyone but at least I can do something while I’m here. Every cent will be utilized, I will be working with activists and organizations on the ground to make sure that those who need support the most, get it!

Every government, media outleta dm aid agency all have different numbers, facts and stances. Regardless of the confusion, people are suffering and I intend to do all I can in the very limited time I have left here. For the price of coffee, you could change a life. If you can’t afford to give, please share this page so that others may do so. 

Min the midst of so much hate and destruction, let’s choose love!

If you need more information, you can find it here :

I’ve identified a few areas that need it most.

1 - Education. These people are going nowhere fast and are likely to be here for the foreseeable future. The youth will turn to crime to make money in a country where they are not officially citizens. As a result, ensuring early education is crucial. There is a group doing this who badly need the funds so I’ll be supporting them.

2 - Disaster management. The monsoon season is coming soon and people are busting trying to reinforce their makeshift shelters to ensure they don’t get washed away. There are groups taking care of emergency planning and they’ll get some support too!

Other areas include making the camp a sustainable living space long term as it’s currently been deforested by the mass immigration of refugees. Some traveling 10km round trip for wood for fuel. The rest will go to those serving the immediate needs medical, food shortage and water supply.

How will the donations be managed:
I'll be withdrawing to my personal account and transferring across to the various groups, (local/international NGOs) and directly to those who need it most on the ground.
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