Please Join me and many others as we #RiseUp4Humanity

After COVID-19 hit I became Homeless as a direct result people taking advantage of vulnerable people who don't stand up for themselves. After about 2 years of that and losing everything I worked for I have had enough and need your help to restore faith in humanity! 

My mission would come from my own 20 + years of experiences of a broken system continuously failing children, families and individuals everywhere.  After finding myself at the bottom of the totem pole of Florida's reemployment assistance as a result of a technical glitch and about 5 months and just about over $12,000 still owed to me would I begin to experience 1st hand what its like to live in complete poverty and how people have absolutely NO consideration for what people go through. The entire experience has humbled me tremendously and now I want to use my setback to pay it forward to help someone else! I can't do this alone and need your help! 

Will you #RiseUp4Humanity?

I have come up with you an ENTIRE program that I have put in place that would reinvent the wheel of child services, and virtually END poverty, government assistance and free any child wrongfully in the hands of CPS and keep the ones who actually need shelter in the homes of the state while applying a FOOL PROOF technology that will hold each and every person accountable for their actions.  I have realized through my damaging experiences just how non existent you can be in this world as I was looked at like a charity case when in reality, my business would be stolen from me, Child Protective Services was purposely failing children to stroke their ego and my COVID-19 Reemployment claim fell through the cracks at no fault of my own. I was giving up. It seemed like the only option. I was depressed and everyone around me would just begin to add salt to the wound by telling me to get over things and insult me because I didn't have the strength at that time to do so. I had been through one thing after another. I was drowning fast by people around intentionally keeping me there. So instead filing lawsuits I would rather forfeit all of that and challenge the agencies to CHANGE! 

That's when I started coming up with alternatives to correct these simple issues that had such a negative impact on my life! I have started my own non profit after my own tragedy of a failed of 4 generations and the illegal activity these agencies are continuing to  do that are entirely COUNTER PRODUCTIVE and the exact reason there will never be an end to the overwhelming amount of children in foster care. It is an end all be all to child services and the funds that are given to the state to actually be effective for reunification or reestablishing self sufficiency!

I have come up with solutions to our legal system to keep people out of jail and focus on the root cause of their mental health, PTSD, drug dependency that got them their in the first place.  Placing a bandage over harbored wounds will never result in success unless we focus on healing the ROOT CAUSE of a persons trauma. There is no question by taking a much different approach for example. offering  solutions to crimes.

Which brings me to my next topic....

There is a gentleman I would learn about by pure coincidence of a phone call coming through my phone line.

It was a woman, her significant other was arrested on Sept 13, 2020 in Oldsmar F.L.  She seemed to struggle from mental disadvantages herself and found herself lost without her soul mate by her side to guide her.  So she parked her car in the Pinellas county Jail parking lot where she sat and visited him awaiting his release or the ability to come up with $8,000 the bondsman requested to get him out.  even though it was very obvious he would be released as they were holding him in jail but had not filed any formal charges against him for this incident below.

Please click the link!

Full story Here: https://www.fox13news.com/news/north-carolina-man-hospitalized-arrested-after-failed-carjackings-in-oldsmar

Johnson is charged with one count of carjacking, one count of false imprisonment, one count of attempted carjacking and one count of resisting without violence.

The incident is under investigation. 

Please take notice of the last sentence. THE INCIDENT IS UNDER INVESTIGATION

Why? Because THEY know that he actually suffered from a traumatic brain injury. From what his significant other shared he had been hit in the head 3 times with a snow shuffle causing his brain mater to be exposed.  I would say that's a pretty hard hit.  Enough to make sense of his above behavior as I am sure any medical professional could agree.

The point is the man was never under the influence of any drugs. In utter disbelief I cross referenced this with a local firefighter who was absolutely disgusted with the actions taken on behalf of the state. He also stated it was clearly obvious he was NOT under the influence and in fact having a manic moment and by tackling him would have put him at even more risk! I don't feel the police officers involved did anything wrong they did exactly as they should. they responded to the call not the situation.

But everything after that would be why I am raising funds to get him out of jail and restore any damages this couple lost as a result!

He should have never been arrested. As a medical professional, at least the one I spoke with watched the news story and within seconds was able to determine it was neurologic and not even close to what the media made it out to be.

He should be released from jail as we speak and instead TREATED for his ROOT CAUSE. His brain injury-

Instead, they would detain him and harass his significant other who also struggles from her own mental disadvantages. Being from North Carolina, They wouldn't know Florida's protocols or options of  homeless assistance that was within walking distance of the jail property. But they shouldn't have to if the agencies were actively following them and trying to HELP instead the situation instead of make life absolutely impossible. Even worse WRONGFULLY doing so! 

I was at a loss for words. Especially as she explained why she was there in the first place. Even worse knowing there was a homeless shelter within walking distance of the jail, he could have very kindly offered to that poor woman who hadn't eaten, showered or slept in almost a week! Instead he put the fear of god in her and she was shutting down because she didn't know what to do without her significant other always being the decision maker. 

So my sister in law and brother knowing how awful Florida's Judicial system can be offered their own money to get the woman to a hotel, feed her and give her a place to sleep for a few nights. The look on her face, I will never forget... Defeated, exhausted and in disbelief someone would do such a kind thing for a stranger. 

I think the bigger question is why wouldn't PCSO want to offer her the same things?

And this is EXACTLY the drive behind my mission to reinvent the wheel of the government agencies. The entire system is counter productive. There is no way that man will ever get a credible job with those types of charges. Whether they drop them or not is irrelevant as they will continue to haunt his record for 7 yrs until they fall off and after researching this mans history he had a long list of criminal charges that would follow him all the way from North Carolina. Making him fully dependent on the government's funding when he was wrongfully arrested initially. 

But whos going to defend him? NOBODY!

Please donate what you can to this couple to obtain proper counsel and help this couple get back on their feet!

Sign my petition and demand the U.S. Supreme courts change this broken system meant to keep us drowning.

I challenge you to #RiseUp4Humanity and do the right thing! Maybe then we will see an end to all the destruction in our communities. No Justice. No Peace.....After reading this article....Are they really wrong for feeling that way?

You can help this couple!! A signature is just as powerful as a donation and just a click of a button!

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