Rebuilding After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has ravaged the town of Rockport  Texas.  My Mother, Sister, Brother in law, Eldest Nephew and  his wife and their boys all live in Rockport.

Hello my name is a Rick and I am an expat American and Dual Australian /American  citizen living in Australia whose family lives in Rockport Texas.
Sadly  my Mom's house did not fair so well. Last report was that the additions on each side are gone. We still do not know if what remains is structurally sound.  Seeing as two thirds of her house is gone, I do not have much faith that what remains is liveable. She rode out the Hurricane at my sisters with her three dogs and two cats.( my sister has 4 dogs and a few cats as well ) Her car sadly was crushed by a falling tree with only 4 payments left till it was paid off. Less then 30,000 miles on it as well. Luckily the car is insured, just not sure what the insurance will payout. Unfortunately after Katrina, insurance companies were not required to cover homes of a certain age or structure. My mothers home is an older mobile home with additions (the ones that are now gone ). Which brings me to why I am here. There is no coverage for her home.

Those of you that know me know how difficult it is for me to ask for help. My Mother is no different ( probally where I got it from to be honest). After much soul searching I have decided to put out to the Universe that my mother is going to need all the help she can get. When she finds out I have done this she is going to be embarresed no doubt. My Mother still works at 72, she won't be able to work anytime soon as there will be no power for weeks they are saying.  As I type this, Rockport is being hammered by intense rain which is predicted to last the next 4 days. This will only add to the destruction.

My sisters house has damage, fences are gone, trees down everywhere and she is currently fighting microscopic melanoma.  She gets her treatments in Houston, which she will not have this week as scheduled which is a worry in its self.

My nephew's house is standing but all windows are busted and no idea to the extant of the damage inside or to the structure. He and his wife just had their third child three months ago.

I did not know for 24 hours if the people I love were alive or dead. Something I hope I never have to experience again nor would I wish on anyone.

Those of you that know me know that I will help anyone in need if I can. I am the first to offer help, and the last to ask for it.  This time is different, I need to ask for it. Not for myself, but for the people I love and who really truly are in need of it.

I have set a goal for $50 k Aussie.  Which is roughly $35k USD.  I cannot  do USD as I reside in Australia. This means it will be converted when I transfer the funds over. Any money left over from helping my Mom, I want to use to help my sister and my nephew and his family. If there is any money left after helping them, I will then use that to help people who have no one to help them.

Those of you that know me know I am a man of my word. So if you can spare even just $5.00 it will be very much aporeciated.  I will update as time goes by.  Even if you cannot donate, as many cannot afford to, please share this to help spread the word.

I am hoping that the US Govt helps people like my Mother out.  I am however not holding my breath.

Thanks for taking the time to read this ......

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