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UPDATE 09/27/2018 

We did it!!! With all of your generous and thoughtful support (via donations, kind messages, and spreading awareness) we’ve reached our goal of $4,000!!! This is an incredible feat and we can only thank all of you for getting us here! Because we’ve reached this milestone, we can continue toward replenishing ALL of what was lost, $5,600.

Additionally, please check the updates tab for party details and RSVP!

Dear Friends,

We’re launching this (secret) GoFundMe for Dana who was recently the victim of a financial scam.  Our purpose is twofold: We want to Restore Dana’s faith in humanity AND his funds, while educating you about what happened to protect you from the same consequences.

In the process of trying to help out a friend, Dana lost $5,600. This amounted to all of his life-savings and then some.  On top of having his savings wiped out, he’s now in debt. You can imagine how devastated he feels! His trust in himself and others has been shaken.

We’re coming to ask you to join us in showing Dana how much he is loved, appreciated and valued.  But, he isn’t looking for someone to bail him out. He would never ask us to engage in this effort.


Please say nothing of this to him! We’ll surprise him with the donations at a Restore Dana Party - and you’ll be invited!


From the perspective of the friend he was trying to help, here’s what happened: I was complaining to Dana about a situation in my life, as many of us have done. He listened to my regrets about purchasing a pair of concert tickets and volunteered to sell them for me. Even as I expressed that it wasn’t necessary, he insisted that he take on this effort. We all know how generous Dana is with his time and efforts if it involves helping a friend.

Dana listed the tickets on Craigslist and a buyer responded within two days with more than what we were asking, offering an extra amount just to hold the tickets. This is how the scammers pull people in.

Then the scammers sent Dana a cashier’s check for a surplus amount, along with a text saying “Oops, too much on check, I hope I can trust you to send back the difference.” Preying on Dana’s good nature, he immediately sent back the difference to prove his trustworthiness. This was the first stage of the scam.

The very next morning, the scammer asked for the remainder of the money back, claiming a family medical emergency. At that point, Dana was suspicious but trusted the fact that the credit union had accepted the cashier’s check as cash, so he sent back the remaining monies and thought, “good riddance.” This was the second stage of the scam.

Three days later, Dana was called by the credit union and informed that all his accounts were in the negative because the cashier’s check was a fraud. This is important information for you -- cashier’s checks can no longer be treated as cash! They are the number one instrument for scams and financial fraud.  But, banks and credit unions are required by federal law to treat them as cash up to $5,000. Because the scammers exploited this law, the money Dana believed he was sending back didn’t exist - it was his own personal funds. 


Help us Restore Dana with your love and friendship and a little bit of money!

We’re hoping you’ll make a simple donation of  $20. If you recall all the times Dana cheered you up when you were down, listening to your sad story or hurt feelings, encouraging you, acknowledging your worthiness and his love for you. This is a time to return the love and support! Think of it as buying him two beers, or a lot of Taco Bell!

If 200 of Dana’s friends contribute $20, we will have raised $4,000!! That's why we need all of you to help.

And, for those of you upon whom fortune has smiled, please feel free to make a larger Restore Dana gift because we know there may be some who can only give $10 or who can’t give at all.

In our effort to Restore Dana’s faith as well as his funds, we’re hoping to have broad support from his network of friends.  The gesture of support from ALL of you is more important to Dana than the money. The fact that the money would be coming from so many people will allow Dana to accept the generosity and not refuse it as a bailout.

Raising $4,000 would be uplifting and a huge relief for Dana. If we go beyond it and reach the full amount of $5,600, his savings will be replenished, his debt repaid and his healing will be complete. Let's bring back this smile!


Join us for the Restore Dana Party!!  

Dana’s parents will host everyone who contributes at their home for the big event. We’ll present Dana with a GIANT CHECK made out for the amount raised and signed by everyone who attends with the names of those not able to attend also listed. Do you think he’ll cry?? You bet!!  Be there to see it!

Please check the updates page regarding party info and to RSVP!!!


If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly at our emails. 

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