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This campaign is launched by Padua Innovators and Affiliates Club on behalf of the School, targeting now  one (1) million  (£1,000,000.00).  The target which was previously one hundred thousand pounds, has now been updated. We comprise Old students (popularly known as "Paduans") and well-wishers who are non-Paduans, working together to uplift her image.  The above are snapshots of the school.  We are thankful for the help we are currently receiving from everybody, in particular the old students body. Thank you. Please continue reading on:

The school is currently rated as one of the best in Ghana, but the environment that these students work in leaves a lot to be desired.  The 1978 group erected a gate, completed in 2019 (displayed above, total cost of £30,000), which has now become an emblem of the school's pathway to success. The current project is the painting of the  scchool; estimated cost of £10.000,  greening of the entire compound and creating as a result boulevards, driveways and carparks;  estimated cost of at least £100,000 and building a food court, creating a healthy eating environment for the students and visitors. The estimated cost of this is £70,000.  We recognise our complimentary  role as old students and effectively stakeholders in the upgrading of this beloved and prominent school of ours. We have already raised about £30, 000 of the total cost which clearly is about £250,000. There is a list of priority goals identified which, once we have raised enough funds through multiple conceivable channels, will put the school in an enviable academic position and a pride for the community and country as whole.

Padua has played and is still playing a valuable role in transforming the lives of individuals and helping educate the future generation who impact on the development and progress of the nation. The school is located in Accra, Ghana, and attracts children from the surrounding economically challenged communities who actually need so much help and support.

Fortunately she is blessed with a significant amount of land, most of which is under-developed and under-utilised. We are conscious that if we raise the standard of the school and also improve the aesthetics (hostels, efficient e-library, sanitation and accesses, to mention a few), this will raise the profile of the school and encourage the surrounding communities to look again at the vital role the school plays in their lives and in Ghana as a whole.

As a group of innovative Old Students and Affiliates, we are setting goals to lift the image of the school to an enviable position; we are therefore reaching out to everyone around the globe, together with the individual contributions the past students and the club are making to raise enough money. Our goal is to completely transform the school into a leading educational institution of which everyone will be proud to send their children to.

We’d value your donation and support as we kick off this fund-raising campaign to support Padua. Please share this appeal with friends and your network if you can and thank you so much for your support.

Update 21 Nov. 2020:
We have so far received a bit more than £15,000.00 donation. Thanks to all the donors to date. As initially indicated we are targetting a minimum of £100,000.00 to help re-vamp the school Padua. These are the projects which we are hoping to have completed:
1) Clearing of dumps and Cleaning of the large field of land belonging to Padua and directional sign postings in and around the school. This   
       estimates around £3,000.00   
2) Painting of the entire school both outwards and inward. This estimates at £10,000.00
3) Construction of carpark, two driveways. This is at an estimated cost of £100,000.00
4) Construction of a Food court to serve as a hall for refreshment and eatery on various occasions including commemoration days in the school, 
      sporting activities and conferences. This is estimated at least £70,000.00.
We are hoping the momentum of donation will garther  pace to enable us increase our donation target to £250,000.00
Once again thank you for your donation and support of this on-going campaign.

Update  01 Dec 2020:
Once we hit the £30,000 mark, we will increase the campaign fundraising target to £250, 000.00.
We have started with the beautification of the School, including clearing of dumps and directional sign postings.
We,  by the end of January 2021,  will have painted the school and  started  further activities including  getting the carparks, driveways and boulevards done.
These are capital-intensive, but we are hopeful to completely re-vamp the school. I will send photos of the recent contribution from a telecommunication company (MTN, Ghana) , who has nearly completed at least a £100,000 worth  ultra-modern library in the school to enhance learning. This will build the confidence of the young students as we hope, adding on to the excellent attainment we are hoping to achieve.
Thanks everyone for the contribution so far. I am conscious the majority of the donors are old students of the school.

Progress, 12th Dec. 2020:
I will be updating on the progress on regular basis. We have however changed the target to 1 million pounds.
We have effectively embarked on programs and drawing attention to the state of the school. I will send photos as appropriate. 
Long live Padua. long-live Ebenezer, our beloved school

Progress and update, November, 2021:
It is a bit more than a year now since we embarked on at least a 5-year campaign to raise the image of our beloved school, Padua. 
Within this period we have managed to raise at least £50,000.00 to uplift the image of the school to a level which is appreciably wholesome to the public, to the old students of the school, to the teaching staff and most importantly to the young students of the school.

Although this achievement has brought us relief in many ways, we know it has by no means propelled us to the standard we expect of a school which has produced incredible numbers of influential people, across the world.

We have a target of £1 million and therefore the need to extend and intensify our call on all to come and help us. This campaign indeed has awakened a good number of the members of the Old Student community, but obviously we need more than that.

We thankfully have managed to get the Parents Association now established. We are hoping to harness the strength of this Association as their interest is paramountly at stake. For the sake of their children in the school, they are prepared to lend a needed hand in the reshaping and re-building of the school. Our campaign expanse is global. We have tried to reach various social media handles, including, Facebook, twitter, YouTube and also set a GoFundMe campaign up to appeal to everybody. We have also established diaspora communities across the globe (Padua The Americas, Padua UK, Euro-Asia and Countries in Africa, minus Ghana). This is a major revival. We still need more hands on deck to help us.

I have uploaded video and photos which give a bird's eye view of all that is happening in the school

We are conscious that the regeneration campaign, currently running under the auspices of Padua Innovators & Affiliates Club (PIAC), has proven promising. PIAC has confirmed  to be the core of the Old Students body, but undoubtedly  we want to have many more on board to help expand the ‘Affiliates’ branch of the Club, set up Business clubs, Foundations and the likes, to reach our Goal

Please donate into the programs set up , including  GoFundme. We have also provided notable members who are ready for contact for further information of the various programs running in the school, including all those listed on this platform. They can guide you to where you can get in-depth knowledge of the school and its current situation.

Help uplift Padua from the current state of desperation. We would like to thank members who have stuck with the school and have demonstrated their supports in varied ways thus far. We will encourage you to track our progress through previous adverts as well
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    • 5 mos
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