Scientific Mission Funding

The reason I've put this as a religious mission themed appeal, is that the scientific effort described here is towards achieving an end goal which resonates with all religions. That is towards all people of the world being infinitely rewarded by what to the unaccustomed, might seem like something miraculous, for doing all of the right things.

If nothing else, I hope this account adds value to your world, just to know that things like this are happening.

The Value of Human Information
A baby smiles. We smile back. What just happened? The baby just added a little value to our world, by making us happy. We confirmed that value when we smiled back. We rewarded the baby emotionally and spiritually for adding value to our world.

But in this world as we've made it, we need more than just emotional and spiritual reward for adding value. We need an extra connection between us and our world, which adds our value to it in a meaningful way, whilst measuring that added value in some way, and rewarding us personally for it, in the form of useful economic currency.

In modern life we have increasing numbers of cameras and sensors monitoring our every activity, analysing every movement, and even every facial expression, looking for ill to become us. Yes, really.

Because unfortunately, there is more financial profit to be made when ill becomes us.

All of that capability, with incredible ability to recognise the real human value that each and every one of us humans generates, with every smile, every frown, every expressed thought, every minute, of every day, regardless of location, age, race, gender, religion, or other variation, is abused.

Because it was developed only to make profit. It was not designed to recognise our true value.

Society itself is now driven only by profit. We ourselves are looking for ill to become us, because by this, someone profits. In conventional thinking, each of us hopes it will be them who profits. The result is ever increasing wealth inequality, continuing worldwide human misery, death, and even planetary devastation. We can see this ominously reflected by profits and GDPs in which increasing margins are depending on that trend.

In our hearts we know we were always meant to be the custodians and guardians of this world. We were put here to add value to it, to nurture it, to make it the true jewel of the universe. Doing those things makes us most happy, and happiness itself adds value to the world.

Destroying it, and ourselves, does not make us happy at all.

From that bleak note, onto the solution, beginning with my credentials and motivation to carry out my part in it;

Personal Background
I am a very experienced and accomplished Chartered Systems Engineer. In over twenty years of working in world class Defence and Industry, I have been instrumental in many of the things we now recognise and identify as part of the problem.

For me it is time to apply that expertise and those cutting edge techniques, gained in working for profit, to a better end.

It is time now for a system that turns everything round. Time to take all of the amazing machine intelligence, immersive technologies and worldwide networking technologies we've created and abused to date, to create a system which measures and applies all of our amazing true human value, and adds it to the world, whilst rewarding us directly, in the way that we were always meant to do. Right now, we have an opportunity to do the right thing with our technology, which already networks most of humanity with machine intelligence, for the first time in known history.

The Path to a Different Mindset
I came to this mindset by way of a path including an ongoing PhD, in which much of the research carried out leads to the overwhelming conclusion, including mathematical proofs, that by appropriate re-application of technology, we can all be very wealthy indeed. We were given this awesome ability to wield tools for a reason, and this is it, right here.

We really do live in a world of infinite wealth. But most of us have not realised it yet. The source of that wealth is our continuous human information. Key to unlocking that wealth is the effective application of it to the world. This fact is obvious to me now, due to my path, unique to me. A few others have arrived by other paths. But most people still need to make the full journey to understanding.

System and Project
The system of the solution is in development, in a non-profit program named VRENAR. Much has been done, progress is good. The work will soon be at the stage needed to demonstrate the full system economic concept working sufficiently to convince other potential collaborating and funding non-profit partners who are in negotiation. It is a complex system which I will not try to describe in detail here. Suffice to say it is heavily mathematically driven, and includes elements of artificial intelligence (Ai), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and distributed ledger technology (DLT). All of these are essential, working in our interests, towards achieving our goal.

This system by nature has to be non-profit, firstly to be able to recognise and apply true human value. Secondly, to give all financial rewards to the users of the system, rather than just the owners of the system. The owners of VRENAR are its users. It is a publicly owned open source system. Every individual in the system in concept design has a personal Ai, genuinely looking after their individual interests, rather than looking to profit from them. It will know when the individual is happy, and when they are not so happy, and its sole interest will be to maximise the former. All of the individuals thus empowered are automatically encouraged to work together in consensus by the system, administrated by a further system Ai, as this maximises the value added to the world, and all are automatically paid directly for their valuable human information, applied to the world.

Together that collective of people has incredible buying power, to commission conventional profit based enterprise where necessary to achieve the larger tasks that the community might identify as being important to add value to the world. All individuals can raise projects, and all individuals can evaluate and contribute to projects they think worthwhile, at no financial cost to them personally.

So I have no fear my former employers and colleagues might believe this activity is not in their interests. This activity in fact will result in a far bigger free market than they ever enjoyed previously. Most business people now accept there is not so much profit to be made from a captive market. Here we are providing the alternative.

In non-profits, it is natural to collaborate, as there is no profit to compete for, no-one has anything to lose by collaborating, only everything to gain. So in the end, VRENAR could even be absorbed by another system, but the end result will be the same, and the same solution.

The maths (Metcalfs law) which describes the end result of VRENAR is heavily non-linear, with results akin to those of a theoretical black hole. The system self-perfects in operation, snapping to the same inevitable conclusion. Adoption of this will happen much sooner than we can sensibly predict. Who can turn down the offer of lifelong independent self funding, whilst assuring the future of the planet? There will inevitably be some controversy over that, but again my response to this is: The result is the same. All paths lead to the same conclusion. The proof is already in the pudding.

Finances / Funding
In the meantime, money for me personally is tight. Very, very tight. Thus far I am unpaid to do this. There are also research outlays and tools which I have to self fund.

Money is so tight in fact that my ability to keep putting food on the table, and the roof over my head is now seriously in question.

The sum asked is the amount I need to live on for a further month (around £2000), and to clear my outstanding overdraft (a further £2000), which I need to do now and then to avoid personal bankruptcy. There are many other credit issues, despite being significant components of my overheads, are less urgent, and I have faith project funding when it happens, will cover. I hope to be able to submit the project funding application, and know the outcome within a month or so.

Of course I could just duck out again and go back to a normal paid role for a while, back in profit seeking industry or "Defence", licking my wounds, earning a reasonable crust, but contributing again to the problem. I have tried that several times over the past few years, and each time it happens, the project loses momentum, because I can no longer push it with all of the hours I can muster every day, to the exclusion of all else. It ends up back on the shelf, with much of the valuable work done to get it to the threshold of funding soon becoming superseded and lost.

This time, more work has been done than ever, and we are closer now than ever before to winning funding. I am even tempted to retreat to a caravan that I still have for remote client working, which I have intentionally held onto despite it having ongoing costs, whilst letting go of my usual roof, my rented two bed town flat of the past ten years, as this would drastically reduce outgoings. But hopefully it will not come to that.

And besides, the world can't wait any longer.

The question I think is whether or not you understand enough, and believe enough, to feel my quest is worth contributing to.

Do you believe a system like VRENAR can bring something like Utopia to all?
Can we really make the meek inherit the Earth?
Do you wish to help me in this?

If the answer is yes, please do put all you can towards helping me achieve it.
It is not only for me, it is for you, for us, for our children, and for all of humanity.

As a funder, please also indicate if you wish to remain anonymous, otherwise I will publicly post my grateful thanks and acknowledgement for your funding.

Assuming we are successful, it will be a very good return on your investment. The best ever. Infinity, in fact. Our human information is limitless, and thus far, literally priceless.

For more information on the project, and my mission, see and follow the links from there. Where most things are happening is in the Discord channel, linked to from there. See also the link there to almost 400 related posts in Medium. These comprise many publications and many responses to others. Everything I write in Medium is with VRENAR in mind, though most are not explicitly under the VRENAR banner. People tire of us obviously always banging the same drum, and many mistake my quest as a profit seeking venture. Understandably, they do not know enough to see that it is intrinsically non-profit, and for the good of all.

Note also there is another personal funding campaign in Patreon, also linked to from there. Do feel free to choose whichever means you would like to use to contribute.

Whether or not you can provide funding, your engagement with the project in any form is much appreciated. I look forward to further welcoming you.

Thanks for reading,
Love and happiness to you and yours.

Best Regards,


(Frederick Eric Bott)
BEng MSc CEng


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Frederick Bott 
Bournemouth, South West England, United Kingdom
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